Magic Grafitti (PAL)

319423The director, Kovi, who is best known for his prior works distributed by Private tries his hands with Daring Media Group. In the past, I’ve always been a fan of his work, mainly because Michelle Wild were in a good number of his productions. Sadly, Magic Grafitti is a disappointment.

Running Length: ~1 hour and 40 minutes

Starring: Mya Diamond, Roxy, Leana Sweet, Nesty, Virginee, Sandra, Sidney, Bonny Bo, Misty, and Missy

The video is presented in widescreen and is encoded in MPEG 2 at a bitrate of 4 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, the fleshtones are on the yellow-orange side.  At least the audio comes in clear and crisp without distortion. Furthermore, the audio is available in English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian while the subtitles are available in Dutch, Portuguese, and Greek. The music is a mixed bag and I guess it’s okay if you are into late 1990s house music.

The extras include a competent photo gallery, four trailers, and a mediocre ~21 minute BTS. The BTS basically shows Kovi directing and watching his production through his directing seat. There are times when specific stars are interviewed, but these segments are unwatchable because the camera’s motion is disorienting and the audio doesn’t capture their responses all that well. This is definitely not one of Daring Media Group’s finest moments.

Sandra is an average blonde who’s minding her own business bathing is interrupted by two graffitti artists. Her tight body turns them on and it doesn’t take too long until she’s sucking on live salami. She takes a good throatfucking complete with gagging. She literally grabs them by their cocks in a ski-pole fashion taking turns getting throatfucked. Soon, it becomes a full blown threesome when she has cock in her mouth and one in her pussy. This leads to the anal and the thorough double penetration before they dump their average loads onto her average face. It’s a decent scene, but nothing to sneeze at.

Next up is an attractive brunette, Roxy, who’s wearing clothes from the 1950s period as if she were going to be a passenger in the yellow Audi roadster that she’s leaning on. Soon, she’s joined by a grafitti artist who’s about to get his rocks off. She sucks a mean cock even getting all of him down on her throat. This leads to the vaginal sex, which subsequently leads to the hard anal sex. He saves the best for last as he titfucks until he spooges his average load on her! This is yet another decent scene, but lets say Roxy is no Michelle Wild, who was one of Kovi’s favorite pornstars.

The brunette Virginee gets transported into the imminent threesome. The couple helps her out of her jumpers before the ladies take turns sucking cock or should I say they take turns being throatfucked. He makes good use of Virginee’s tits between the balls deep throat fucking. Although he fucks both in the pussy, he takes more time fucking Virginee in either bottom holes while she performs cunnilingus on Missy. Finally, he jerks off onto Missy’s face until she finishes him off with post-coital head.

This all-girl threesome starts with Leana Sweet joining the other ladies, Nesty and Leana Sweet. None of the ladies are that attractive, but at least they enjoy each other’s company. The ladies make the grafitti artist, Leana, the center of attraction. They start to grope one another and it doesn’t take too long before they are licking each others private parts. Not one but two pink dildos are used to pleasure their mouths and pussies. There’s one particular precarious position where Misty uses her mouth as the base for the dildo while Leana hops on top of it! Another interesting configuration is when Misty and Leana lock legs together using the double edged dildo with each other. All this fucking finally comes to an end since they are all spent!

The lucky graffiti artists finds himself next to the exotic looking Hungarian, Mya Diamond, who looks a bit like Jayna Oso. She doesn’t look all that attractive in this scene and I don’t know why. Anyway, I don’t find this performance in her top ten but needless to say she does anal. In the end, she takes an adequate cumshot to the face. For some reason, I expected more from this scene, but it just wasn’t there.

The last scene stars Bonny Bo and Sidney who are not exactly the best looking of the bunch. The mood created by the motorcycle background and their bikerwoman outfits didn’t really vibe with me. Despite that, I’ll give Bonny Bo some credit because she attacks the two cocks with tenacity. Sidney gets a small share of the oral and intercourse, while Bonny Bo takes the brunt of the guy’s sexual fury with anal and double penetration. But, in the end, the ladies pair up with their respective partners to take their facials before swapping the jizz with each other.

In summary, Kovi seems to have lost his magic touch as compared to his PRIVATE days where almost all of his films were a joy to watch, especially the ones with Michelle Wild. Plus, the Magic Grafitti plot is so ridiculous even for porn standards. I understand he was trying to do hardcore art, but it just ended up badly, especially with the pigeon English narration. This barely worth a RENTAL thanks to Roxy’s scene, which is worth watching.

RATING: Rent it

  1. Michelle Wild is the best porn star

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