Zero Tolerance Video’s Blow Me Sandwich 12 (Blu-ray)

306008-copyZero Tolerance brings their venerable tag-team blowjob series, Blow Me Sandwich, to Blu-ray and it’s a succesful release. The frontcover ladies, Aubrey Adams and Tori Black, definitely deserve the cover since their performance was excellent. Renae Cruz and Ricki White’s scene came in a close second while Nautica Thorn and Anne Marie Rios’s scene takes third. As far as I know this is the only blowjob Blu-ray on the market as of now and it’s not to be missed! This is worthy of the upgrade to High Definition!

Running Length: ~2 hours

Starring: Aubrey Adams, Tori Black, Whitney Stevens, Rachel Solari, Nautica Thorn, Anne Marie Rios, Adrianna Nicole, Carolyn Reese, Renae Cruz, Ricki White, Carmen McCarthy, Brooke Belle, Brooke Scott, and Holly Wellin

The video is presented in widescreen 1080 HD and is encoded in VC-1 at 15-16 Mbps with a lower/upper limit of 12/20 while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Since this is my first Zero Tolerance Blu-ray I reviewed, I was impressed with the accuracy of the fleshtones. Except for the last scene, the fleshtones were depicted well. As far as the composition is concerned, there were times when the camera zoomed a little too close for comfort, but at least that was for at most in five-second bursts. Now, the audio was clear and crisp without any distortions. Zero Tolerance also gives the option to either watch the movie in English/Spanish audio.

The extras include a photo gallery that uses the entire widescreen, some trailers, a cumshot loop, and a very watchable ~21 minute BTS. The highlight of the BTS was definitely when Tori mentioned that she was told if you have a pussy, you’ll never be broke! There are other candid moments with Nautica, Anne Marie, Ricki White, Renae Cruz, and company. The interplay between Ricki White and Renae Cruz in the BTS seemed genuine and I may have to recant how I mentioned that their performance in the beginning was over-the-top. Although I am not a fan of Ricki White, I cannot help but to say that she looks like a younger August Knight except with a helium voice!

Aubrey Adams and Tori Black start things off right. The blonde New Jersey native Aubrey Addams gets cozy with her costar by french-kissing. After the lengthy groping and moaning session, they crawl their way to the lucky meat puppet. There’s good chemistry between the ladies as they perform a tagteam blowjob with lots of dirty talk. Tori admires Aubrey’s technique before they take turns. Aubrey has better blowjob skills, but Tori isn’t too far behind. Aubrey’s eyes water as she tries to take him balls deep into her mouth. Things get kinkier when Aubrey rubs her ass cheeks on his cock while Tori rims her and sucks the guy’s cock. The titfucking doesn’t go as planned as both ladies are on the small side with Aubrey having the smaller set of tits. Finally, Tori jerks him off onto their faces with Aubrey getting a thick jizz load that drips down her nose to her lips! Like the nasty lady that she is, Tori licks the cum from Aubrey’s face.

The second scene takes a slight nose-dive in beauty with Whitney Stevens and Rachel Solari. Unlike the first scene, these ladies have nice pair of racks, which they aren’t ashamed to show off. They get more acquainted with each other by sucking and groping each other’s tits. I am not a fan of Whitney Stevens, but at least she looks better than Rachel. Soon, the two make their way to cock and they start sucking away. For some reason, Whitney looks much better when locking her DSLs on the fuck stick. The guy makes good use of their tits with brief titfucking! The ending has Whitney avoiding the initial burst of jizz for fear of it getting all over her hair, but at least she goes back to the war zone and receives a cumshot to her chin! It was an okay scene, but nothing spectacular.

Next up is veteran Nautica Thorn sharing the scene with Anne Marie Rios. This is a great pairing between the Hawaiian beauty and the recent newcomer. Apparently, Nautica won their game of pool and she wins some intimate time with Anne Marie. The action starts on top of the pool table with passionate kissing and groping. The two ladies share notes about how to suck cock, which make them hornier. Soon, they exit the recreation room and walk seductively to the lucky meat puppet. Nautica attacks his ball sac while Anne Marie goes for his shaft. There’s good chemistry between the ladies, which translates into a volcanic tag team blowjob. Although Nautica may not have the oral skills as a Bobbi Starr, she does a great job as does Anne Marie. The lucky guy even manages to titfuck Nautica in between receiving head. The excellent scene ends with Anne Marie finishing him off with her mouth until he gets off a thick load almost making it an internal cumshot, which is something you don’t see very often!

The blonde bombshells of Adrianna Nicole and Carolyn Reese star in the next scene. This is an interesting combination as both ladies have proven their oral expertise in a number of blowjob-only videos. Carolyn Reese doesn’t look as good as she did in Praise the Load 2. Meanwhile the mature looking Adrianna looks as fuckable as ever despite having that unsightly tattoo on her right thigh. Her wealth of experience makes Adrianna the aggressor between the ladies, especially when she rims Carolyn’s ass. The girl-on-girl action continues until they have a cock to suck. The ladies both suck cock well, but Adrianna is more of the pro! Finally, sucks and jerks him off and receive an internal cumshot to her mouth, which she subsequently swaps with Adrianna over and over again! Adrianna really made this scene worth watching again and again!

Renae Cruz and Ricki White go at it with each other as soon as the cameras start to roll. They aren’t the most attractive pairing on the Blu-ray, but they aren’t the least attractive either. The ladies take more time posing for the camera and delivering fake moans instead of really getting into the scene, which is slightly annoying. After the ladies take turns eating each other out, they use their oral skills on cock. At least their feigned enthusiasm translates to energetic fellatio! Both ladies have great skills and at one point they are working like a well-oiled machine with one sucking cock and the other literally sucking on ball sac! In the end, he cums onto them until Renae gives some post-coital deep throat! I was amazed at how much I enjoyed the rest of the scene considering it started rather badly!

The penultimate stars Brooke Belle and Carmen McCarthy! Carmen, the brunette, starts things right with some great dirty talk while Brooke samples her body including her tits. The ladies get out of their matching pink and black lingerie before heading to a flaccid cock. It doesn’t take too long for the two to get it hard and wet. The camera takes a nice view of Carmen’s ass while she helps with the oral session! Brooke Belle does her best to keep up with Carmen, but it’s apparent that this Carmen dominates the scene! Things get slightly acrobatic with Brooke standing up and bending and reaching over Carmen’s back to suck cock! Finally, he gets off a meager load inside Brooke’s mouth, which she shares with Carmen as the two kiss until the scene ends!

Last up is veteran blonde Holly Wellin starring with fellow Blonde Brooke Scott. I don’t find either of them particularly attractive, but at least they have great chemistry with each other. Brooke Scott’s body looks plus-sized when next to Holly’s stature. After the girl-on-girl groping, they display their cocksucking skills. Both ladies are adept at playing the flute, but I would have to give the edge to Holly. In the end, the ladies jerk him off until he gets off a load on Brooke’s face. Holly gives him a post-coital suck before Brooke swaps the cum with Holly! I would say that this is a nice scene.

In summary, Blow Me Sandwich 12 is a good Blu-ray release and I’m glad that this volume was the first in the series to be available on Blu-ray. There are a number of exceptional scenes like scenes one, three, and five. I would have given this a Highly Recommended if it weren’t for scenes like two and seven, which were at best average. This is a solid RECOMMEND!

RATING: Recommended

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