Butt Fleshlight with Ultra Tight Sleeve

emptyblackcase_01Butt Fleshlight with Ultra Tight Sleeve
Manufacturer: Interactive Life Forms (ILF)
Available at: http://www.fleshlight.com


This is the best alternative to anal sex, especially if your girlfriend avoids it like the plague. Like its other models, the Fleshlight is not made out of silicone and is phthalate free, which can put your mind at ease. Also, if you are worried about durability, you shouldn’t be as I’ve been testing this one out for a couple of months. As long as it’s cleaned and maintained properly, the device will provide loads and loads of enjoyment!

For general information about the Fleshlight overview, please click here!

The orifice is modeled after a woman’s butthole and if this taboo is somewhat off-limits with your girlfriend, then this is the next best thing! The Ultra Tight Sleeve has a lumen measuring .25 inches in diameter.  What this means is that plenty of water-based lubricant MUST be used as in the real thing! It may be a little too tight for persons who have excessive girth, but should be okay for the rest. If not enough lubricant is applied to the walls, the sensation may be unpleasant as it creates a slightly painful sensation as if your member has been squeezed too hard! Anyway, it would have been nice for Fleshlight to have included some lubricant, but I guess that’s reserved to its high end Fleshlight Girls Signature Collection.

The tight lumen creates a very tight gripping sensation with every thrust into the device. In fact, this product does its job too well as it doesn’t take too long before the inevitable orgasm. The problem with this product is that it leaves you spent for a long time because of the intense climax and I could only recommend using this product when you are very horny. I don’t recommend using this product on a daily basis since it requires more lubricant than the rest and plus the tight sensation can be painful at times, especially when using it frequently.

In summary, the Butt Fleshlight with Ultra Tight Sleeve delivers the most powerful orgasm out of all the models test, but I cannot recommend this for everyday use. As mentioned earlier, its ultra tight sleeve may be too tight for daily use and the device requires more lubricant than the other types. However, if you feel the need to go anal and your girlfriend wants none of that, then this is like the other woman!


  • Ultra tight sensation
  • Intense Orgasm


  • The tight lumen may be too tight and painful to some
  • Requires lots of lubricant
  • Like other Fleshlight products, this requires vigilant maintenance to decrease mildew and odor accumulation


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