Joanna Angel Rubber Ankle Cuffs

w1458-6_mdJoanna Angel Rubber Ankle Cuffs, Punk Ass Pink
Manufacturer: Topco Sales
Available at:

Joanna Angel has been burning it up giving her brand of alt to hardcore. She’s known to be kinkier than most and it wasn’t surprising that she would have the entrepreneurial spirit to go into novelty toys.

My girlfriend and I were feeling kinky so what better way to get kinked out with these pair of ankle cuffs. Depending if your girlfriend is skinny throughout, then these ankle cuffs can be used as hand cuffs as well.

The handcuffs are made out of synthetic rubber with the chains made out of fake metal. However, the novelty cuffs do the job. She wore them on her ankles as well as her wrists without any discomfort at all. Of course after several minutes of wearing them, it leaves a mark in the form of the cuff on the skin. Since it’s made out of rubber, it may not be appropriate for people who are allergic to rubber.

Anyway, we had fun using these cuffs. They are especially useful while receiving head while your significant other is on her belly with her wrists or ankles cuffed up together. It makes for a slightly kinky lovemaking session!

In summary, if you are looking to spice things up with your long-term girlfriend or be that as it may short-term, then these ankle cuffs will do the job. But, be warned your girlfriend may love it too much that these cuffs may be used regularly. After several months stress-testing this product, my girlfriend and I can vouch for its durability!


  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Spices up love-life


  • Addicting!

Rating: 4/5

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