CyberSkin CyberStroker Ass

CyberSkin CyberStroker Ass
Manufacturer: Topco Sales
Available at:

Unlike the woefully forgettable CyberSkin Ice-Action brand, this product is much better. Although the skin feels real, the petroleum-based product will make your hands smell like burnt petroleum. So, it’s advisable to use a scented water-based lubricant to counter it.

The description of the product says it’s hand sculpted with realistic hand painted detail and I have to agree with that. Where it excels is the sensation because it has that authentic feeling of penetration. The sensation is robust for a non-suction type device like a Fleshlight. However, suction can be provided by covering the end with your hand while using the device. Like other open-ended devices, this is easy to clean although you might want to stretch it inside out slightly.

In summary, the CyberStroker Ass is a nice toy, but with some shortcomings. It would have been nice to have something like a Fleshlight plastic container to avoid having fingers smell like petroleum. Other than that, this is a solid toy, which is durable having tested it out for several months. Surprisingly, the toy works well when used with the CyberSkin Ice Action-View Pussy Stroker!


  • Open-ended design
  • Easy to Clean
  • Robust Sensation


  • Petroleum smell

Rating: 3/5

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