Bring ‘Um Young 28 (Blu-ray)

319409-12Anabolic releases a Blu-ray winner with Bring ‘Um Young 28. Ivan and company have toned down the questionable themes as seen in the last volume. Except for Amai Liu, the cast list is great spearheaded by Dakoda Brookes, Kiki Vidis, and company. While some may question Dakoda’s choice of already doing anal, double vaginal, bukkake in such a short time span as a bad career move, it may just prove the opposite! This video is definitely worth the upgrade to Blu-ray!  

Running Length: ~2 hours and 52 minutes

Starring: Amai Liu, Eden Adams, Natalie Norton, Tanner Mayes, Jordan Star, Kiki Vidis, Lilly Lovely, and Dakoda Brookes

The video is presented in widescreen 1080 HD and is encoded in MPEG-4 AVC with a bitrate of 13 Mbps with a lower/upper limit of 10/15 while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 224 Kbps. Visually speaking, the fleshtones are accurately depicted as compared to most Anabolic Blu-ray releases. Although, there is overexposure present, especially when the camera captures the light coming from the window resulting in the drowning out of light (i.e. cannot see outside the window like a tree). Despite that, the visual quality is excellent as compared from other releases like Cougars 2 or Ass Cream Pies 11. As for the audio, the spoken dialogue and sex sounds come in clear and crisp without any distortion. As always, Anabolic gives an option to toggle on/off the audio.

The extras include a cumshot recap, a subpar photo gallery, and an average ~12 minute BTS. The BTS is composed of candid moments with the starlets, but most of it can be skipped although there are some good moments like Dakoda being interviewed while she has a cock up her ass! It’s not one of the more entertaining BTS, but that’s okay since the main feature is great. Also, I hope that Anabolic uses the entire screen real estate for the photo gallery as well as employing the Ken Burns effect on the photos.

The blonde Natalie Norton and brunette Tanner Mayes start things right with their spunky attitude. Ivan interviews them and finds out that Tanner used to cheerlead and wrestle while Natalie used to bowl. After the candid interview, Natalie giggles at the start when she kisses Tanner. She stops giggling when they have a wiener to suck and fuck. The ladies split responsibilities with the fellatio and throatfucking. At one point, the lucky guy gets overzealous at facefucking Tanner, but she’s up to the task. Apparently, he takes a liking to Tanner since he fucks her hard in the doggie position. For ass addicts out there, Tanner has a great ass, especially for a white girl. While Tanner gets fucked, Natalie receives a brief carpetlicking from her. Then, he services Natalie in a modified spoon position before transitioning to reverse cowgirl. He returns fucking Tanner but this time in a standing fuck position. Natalie shows how nasty she is by performing pussy-to-other-girl’s-mouth. The blonde continues her freaky streak by getting nailed in the spoon position while he lightly chokes her neck. Meanwhile, Tanner gets some quality kisses with Natalie. The sex becomes more interactive when Tanner sits on Natalie’s face while the blonde gets fucked. They reverse positions and this time Tanner is getting fucked in the doggie position while she is 69’ed with Natalie. After the powerfucking, he jerks off a sizable load all over their faces. There was obvious onscreen chemistry between the ladies and it showed throughout the scene.

Next up is 19 yo Eden Adams is a gold-digger in training as her interview suggests since she likes 30+ guys who have money. But, apparently she’s smart since she graduated high school when she was 16 and partied for several years until she joined the industry. The interview gets shortened when her partner shoves his cock down her throat. For a 19 yo, her fellatio skills are far beyond her years as she’s able to deepthroat and get throatfucked. The great head makes him so horny that he cannot wait to fuck her in the cowgirl position. In between the fucking she performs hot fellatio before riding him in the reverse cowgirl position. She’s very active in this position and it looks like she’s enjoying every thrust! There’s a brief moment when he uses a dildo to stimulate her clitoris while he power-fucks her. In the end, she lets him cum in her open mouth and subsequently swallows it whole! So far, so good!

Unfortunately, the video returns to earth with an unattractive Chinese girl with braces named Amai Liu who looks severely anorexic. Ivan tries to interview her and asks if she can show off her karate moves before the sex scene, but she refuses. Instead, she cuts to the chase and sucks cock. She is so skinny that she literally looks like she will be split into two with the hardfucking. I’m not really keen on this scene because to say the least. Anyway, in the end she closes her mouth and takes a huge facial. This is probably the only bad scene in the video.

Fortunately, the lovely Russian Lilly Lovely saves the day. The busty 36DD former Moscovite has traded the endless Russian winters for the California sun. She admits that this will be her first blowjob scene! After the interview, she shows off her blowjob skills. Although not as good as her fellow Russian pornstars like Vicca, there’s no doubt that she will improve if she chooses to stay in the industry for the time being. It’s just too bad that he doesn’t titfuck her huge breasts. In the end, her jerks off in her open mouth. She gets in several post-coital sucks before she says thanks in Russian and waves good-bye to the camera. 

The 19 yo big-breasted midwestern chick from Indiana, Jordan Star, is back for her second scene. The Presley Maddox look-a-like did her first scene in Anabolic’s Initiations 22. Jordan is still nervous, but at least she knows what to expect. Ivan notices that she’s an organ when she flashes her driver’s license. Ivan stalls for some time until Jordan’s partner shows up. Soon afterwards, Jordan busies her mouth with his cock and gets the show on the road. Although this is her second scene, she takes a light throatfucking as if she had been in the business much longer. After the fellatio, he fucks her hard in several positions. She’s not as loud a moaner as an Eden Adams, but perhaps that’s a good thing. The docile Jordan Star takes the cumshot with an open mouth and so ends her second scene! This is a good scene, especially if you like the Presley Maddox type!

The country of Australia is best known for Nicole Kidman, marmite, and other things, but porn doesn’t come into mind although there have been others like Monica Mayhem and Selena Silver. However, that is about to change with this cute number, 19 yo Kiki Vidis. She’s a spunky lady and the only thing I would change is that she needs braces to correct her slight overbite. Anyway, although she may be selective with her onscreen partners as in she doesn’t do interracial, that shouldn’t detract from her hotness. I’m not sure how she got an Arizona license, but who cares. She is nervous, yet excited that this will be her first b/b/g. After the informative interview, she’s surround by two cocks and grabs a hold of them like ski poles before giving each cock some throat lovin’. This leads to the hardcore threesome where the guys take turns fucking her mouth and pussy. Despite being in her first b/b/g, she does an exceptional job sucking on cock while being railed hard from behind. In some moments, the scene reverts to a one-on-one before it resumes being a threesome. In the end, she takes an open-mouthed facial and gives several post-coital sucks before she takes a massive facefucking by the other guy. He fucks her face for quite a long time resulting in excess saliva coming from her mouth. Soon, he thrusts one more time into her mouth until he unleashes a nice load all over face! Not only did she do her first b/b/g, but it was her first time to be facefucked. This is a better scene than her scene in Initiations 23! I definitely see a bright future for this Aussie!

Last up is Dakoda Brookes and as advertised in the front cover this is her first ANAL! Dakoda Brookes, in less than a year or so, has added to her porn repertoire from blowbang bukkake, creampie, double vaginal, and in this video anal! The only acts that she has to add are DP and gangbang! Anyway, the scene begins where she admits that she’s a little bit nervous doing her first anal! After the brief interview, Dakoda Brookes uses her nervous energy to good use with a thorough blowjob. The very lucky meat puppet moistens her ass with saliva before fucking her ass in the doggie position. He starts off slow, but when Dakoda relaxes, he’s able to go at full speed balls deep. She gets fucked in the ass in several other positions including spoon and missionary, but oddly enough reverse cowgirl and cowgirl have been left out. I don’t know why her partner has a hard time getting off, especially with a face like Dakoda’s. Anyway, they should have edited or shortened the amount of the chokin’-the-chicken time or at least have Dakoda suck him off. Despite this minor drawback, the excellent scene ends with a monster cumshot right in her open-mouth. The amount is so massive that Dakoda has time to blow cum bubbles before letting it dribble down her body instead of swallowing it! I am definitely looking forward to her future scenes as well! 

In summary, Bring ‘Um Young 28 is an exceptional video and I am glad that Ivan has decided not to exploit this genre as in volume 27 with the ring-pops and hula-hoops. The only downside was Amai Liu, which was just an awful casting choice. Despite that, I can safely say that this is one of the best Anabolic Blu-ray release not just because of the great sex scenes, but because the visual quality is superb. Hopefully, Anabolic continues the same type of quality in their future Blu-rays. This Blu-ray deserves a rating of HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! 

RATING: Highly recommended

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