Couples Seduce Teens 10 (Blu-ray)

cst-10_front-copyPink Visual releases their third Blu-ray with Couples Seduce Teens Volume 10 and overall it’s definitely an improvement from the other two. Although the theme of the video may turn people off, it’s all done in a candid and humorous style. The ladies did a good job both with their acting and sex roles. If you like “reality-based gonzos,” then buying this on Blu-ray is a no-brainer!

Running Length: ~2 hours and 17 minutes

Starring: Devon, Lexi, Tori Black, Tatiana Kush, Nikki Flame, Marie McCray, and Natasha Nice

The video is presented in widescreen 1080 HD and is encoded in VC-1 at around 13 Mbps with a lower/upper limit of 11/17 while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, the composition is good for the most part except for Natasha’s scene where it’s a little shaky as you can hear the camera adjustments. The fleshtones were not as accurate as I’ve seen in other Blu-ray productions since the skin takes on a slightly orange-yellow hue. I’m sure that this can be corrected adjusting the settings as the cameraman did on-the-fly during Natasha’s scene. In addition, some scenes had very noticeable hard edits. In terms of audio, the sex sounds and dialogue was without any distortion. The only thing that was somewhat annoying is when you can hear the camera’s movement as the cameraman adjusts his grip or shot.

The special features include ~30 minutes of SD trailers, ~4 minute SD media/press junket of Pink Visual women from AVN 2008, a skippable ~9 minute HD BTS, an average ~8 minute tease with Summer and Kayla, and an excellent ~16 minute bonus scene starring Bree Olsen. One standard feature that was noticeably absent was a photo gallery. From the prior Pink Visual releases, I would have to say that the company is improving with each release although I don’t understand why they include a strip tease scene from another production. They should at least have teases done by the women from the main feature for the sake of consistency. The highlight was the Bree Olsen scene from Before They Were Stars 3 where she does anal. I am not really a fan of the cornfed blonde, but I was impressed by her energy and enthusiasm in the scene. By the scene’s end, her chest and belly are covered with thich loads of population pudding.

Tori Black is doing some fundraising and knocking on people’s doors. Fortunately for us, she knocks on the door on a couple who’s filming a “reality-based” show. The couple is willing to buy the fundraising tickets, but first the husbands asks the 19 yo Tori to shoot some baskets. I am impressed that Tori has shooting skills because she was probably a basketball player before. The couple loses the bet and they try to sweeten the deal when he asks if she would consider having sex with a married couple while Devon gropes her shirt. Tori gives into the couple’s suggestions and before she’s kissing Devon and her husband. Soon, the threesome starts with Devon getting jammed up the pussy while she goes down on Tori. The moaning, especially from Tori is somewhat annoying when she just calls out “yeah, yeah.” Anyway, Tori has her turn with the meat puppet in the cowgirl position. Tori’s best performance is when she’s getting throatfucked when performing pussy-to-other-girl’s-mouth. The sex resumes until he jizzes all over the Tori’s face!

Another couple, Lexi and Ethan, are looking for another unsuspecting lady to seduce. They approach Tatiana Kush and informs her that they are looking for a leading lady for their documentary. Being the naive woman that she is, Tatiana agrees to accompany them to their house for the casting call. The couple pushes her comfort zone by asking her if she can undress for them and the camera, but at the same time not guaranteeing her the part. Before she knows it, Tatiana is watching Lexi sucking her hubby’s cock while they are trying to convince Tatiana to get in on the fun. It doesn’t take too long until she’s kissing Lexi and sucking cock. Soon, Tatiana’s riding his fuck stick until Lexi wants in on the ride. But, then he resumes fucking Tatiana until she looks like she’s actually having an orgasm right before the guy pulls out and launches a monster load all over her chest and belly. Tatiana is average looking, but her performance seemed genuine, which made watching the scene better.

Lexi picks up a pretty Nikki Flame at the local Walmart to assist in checking over her rose garden. After the horticulture consultation, Nikki offers to use her employee discount to buy the material, but Lexi ups the ante admitting that the couple has an additional modus operandi. Nikki is game for the seduction and soon Lexi helps her out of her bra. The foreplay begins with Nikki locking her lips on his fuck stick. To her credit, she gives a very thorough blowjob before she lets Lexi in on the fun. He takes turns fucking the ladies, but he looks lke he favors fucking Nikki’s box until he pulls out and dumps a thick load all over her belly! Nikki enjoyed the seduction so much that she offers to give them a year’s supply of garden material!

Lexi’s freaking out that one of her dog’s is missing. Ethan and the cameraman try to comfort her. Fortunately for them, the redheaded Marie McCray, knocks on their door with Lexi’s dog. Marie didn’t expect to stay too long, but Lexi convinces her to stay for awhile. After some small talk, Lexi makes her move by posing the question while untying Marie’s spaghetti straps. Marie’s excuses prove to be too weak, but she proves not to be stupid as she looks when she asks if the cameraman is filming. The cameraman weasels his way out saying that the camera is off since the camera light is not on. After the ladies are down to their birthday suits, the ladies take turns on sucking cock. Marie looks especially when riding cock in the reverse cowgirl position. The natural redhead really has a nice body and face! After fucking Lexi, he returns fucking Marie in the doggie position until he unleashes a giant load of population pudding all over chest!

The busty Natasha Nice approaches Devon and her hubby at the gas station asking if she can hitch a ride to Pasadena because her best friend ditched her at a club. Before then, they bring her back to their house. Natasha is anxious to leave for Pasadena, but she has to endure personal questions asked by Devon. She resists Devon’s charms and advances well until she finally gives in. Soon, the ladies are taking turns sucking cock. Although Devon gets to hop on the fuck stick, he seems more interested in fucking Natasha. In the end, she receives a pearl necklace!

In summary, Couples Seduce Teens Volume 10 has its moments. Although the premise is somewhat racy or strange, each vignette is done in a humorous manner. The funniest vignette had to be the missing dog with Marie McCray. None of the sexual performances stood out in either an exceptional or poor manner except for Maria’s, which was great. However, I do see that Pink Visual is improving on the Blu-ray aspects regarding the special features. This deserves a RECOMMEND.

RATING: Recommended

  1. Where can I get it? How much does it cost?

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