Harmony UK’s Bobbi Starr: Nymphomaniac

29849p-copyBobbi Starr is one of those unsung starlets that perform exceptional scenes on a consistent basis. Fortunately, she has received several nominations for 2009 like for Female Performer of the Year. Although, she has fierce competition in this category, it’s just too bad that she won’t be judged by her scorching performances in Harmony’s Bobbi Starr: Nymphomaniac. This is an exceptional production without cookie-cutter edited scenes. It’s just hot and sweaty sex captured by the Scottish pornographer, Gazzman! I hope they release this on Blu-ray next year!

Running Length: ~2 hours and 55 minutes

Starring: Bobbi Starr, Stracy, Daria Glover, Dunia, Tina Gabriel, and Cindy Dollar

The video is presented in widescreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 with a bitrate of 5-6 Mbps although it ranges from 3 all the way to 7 while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, the fleshtones are not accurate. Furthermore, there are situations in low-light where there is slight blockiness or pixellation for several seconds in a scene. The composition and lighting are a mixed bag, but if you like your gonzo with extreme close-ups, especially as seen in scene four, then you’ll like the style, which is a good break from cookie-cutter scenes. In terms of audio, all the dialogue and sex sounds are captured well without any noticeable distortion. The music is varied, but with most of the tracks have that sinister mood to them although there are some songs that have that Anabolic R&B vibe going. Lastly, there is an option for subtitles in French or in German.

The special features include four trailers, cumshot recap, a subpar photogallery, three teases (Dunia, Tina & Cindy, and Daria), three Bobbi Starr segments ( ~4 minute Bobbi Starr interview, ~6 minutes of Bobbi talking about sex toys, and ~3 minutes of her talking about tongue fucking), and an average ~7 minute BTS. The grade A extras include the Tina & Cindy tease sequence and the three Bobbi Starr segments. The last minute of so in the interview is interesting how she loves fucking while she’s on her period! Also, the other two sequences are enjoyable to listen just because she’s very knowledgeable in the sexual arts! I have to say that this title has the most comprehensive extras from any Harmony release I have ever seen!

Bobbi Starr narrates the feeling of being double penetrated while Daria Glower is the center of the guy’s attention for the ensuing DP. Bobbi’s narration is steamy and it doesn’t sound like she’s reading from cue cards, especially when she describes how it’s hard for her mind to concentrate when she’s being fucked in her bottom holes. Anyway, let’s get back to the scene. The veteran bleach blonde Europorn starlet Daria Glover enters a room where two guys sit. She gets down on all fours and starts to suck cock while the other guy penetrates her from behind. He teases her ass with his fingers before jamming his cock in her still tight ass. There’s a too much male groaning involved, but thankfully you can mute the sound. The audio captures all the sounds including the ass farts and the sounds of pounding pussy. In between the fucking, she takes the time to do ass-to-mouth. The scene turns up a notch when she finally gets double penetrated! The two guys never let up on her! Things get heated when she’s on her back getting throatfucked balls deep while she takes it up the ass! They resume with the double penetration where she really gets it hard and fast in both holes! This is a very lengthy scene complete with extreme shots of her dilated pussy and ass. It’s fair to say that she’ll be sore for a couple of days! One of the men cannot hold out any longer and cums on her hairy snatch before taking a couple of post-coital thrusts in both her pussy and ass! She receives a creamy facial on her sexy face from the other lucky participant! This was a very good scene, especially for the raincoater!

The busty brunette Stracy performs a little striptease while Bobbi Starr narrates how she loves different body types, but she especially likes to feel natural breasts! Anyway, Stracy is a hot brunette but she may have an extra nipple on her left breast or it may just be an inflammed areola. Bobbi narrates that Stracy hasn’t been around with a whole lot of men, but she’s in for an education, to say the least. Her partner oils her natural rack and worships them for a couple of seconds before he heads south. After she’s oiled up, she helps him out of his pants so she can get down on her knees and suck cock! Although it is a vaginal-only scene, it is ripe with steamy positions including doggie where we get to see her tits flutter in the air with every hurried thrust. In between the intercourse, she doesn’t think twice tasting her own juices by performing pussy-to-mouth! In the end, her partner cannot resist the urge to come on her trimmed bush! It’s not over yet because he scoops up some from cum and feeds it to her!

The brunette Tina and the blonde Cindy get it on with each other until Bobbi Starr walks in with her male sex slave. During the narration, Bobbi admits that she likes to be in control when she’s watching the guy fuck two women. Also, she’s never scared to intervene in the threesome and if there’s something that’s not to her liking, she’ll go in and change it. Well, at least, in the beginning of the scene, Bobbi Starr likes what she sees because she’s stroking herself! Meanwhile, the ladies share duties sucking the lucky guy’s cock. Cindy seems the more experienced one at giving head since she goes balls deep. Both ladies take it up the pussy and ass, but Cindy seems to get more of the fuck time with Tina tasting Cindy’s juices by performing pussy-to-other-girl’s-mouth and ass-to-other-girl’s mouth. Needless to say Tina’s mouth gets a good workout! In the end, Tina and Cindy are in the 69 position while he fucks Cindy’s ass doggie-style until he unleashes a torrent of jizz, with the help of Bobbi’s hand, all over her Tina’s face and Cindy’s butt cheeks! This is yet another hot and nasty scene!

Bobbi Starr admits being a hopeless romantic, but that doesn’t necessarily she can turn on her dirty and nasty, yet romantic side on. Furthermore, she admits she likes to push her sexual limits using extreme sex toys like a monster dildo so she can stretch all her holes, including her mouth. After having seen Bobbi Starr sucking a huge dildo, I have to say that she can hold her own against an Annette Schwarz. So, if you like to see ladies sucking cock using an exorbitant amount of saliva, then this scene is not to be missed. After she’s exercised her throat and mouth muscles with the dildo, she has the real thing to work with when the extremely lucky guy enters the scene. She not only takes him balls deep, but in several occasions her mouth even accommodates his testicles! After the mind-blowing fellatio, he gives both her bottom holes a good workout in several different positions. Things get extremely kinky when he’s fucking her ass in the doggie position while pouring real hot candle wax on her breasts and buttcheeks! Ouch, I’m sure her whole body was sore from that! It get kinkier when he gives her an empty blue perfume bottle so she can fill it up with the saliva that gets generated by the aggressive throatfucking. It doesn’t take long before he pours the contents into her ass and starts fucking her ass really hard! In the end, she takes an adequate jizzload in her open mouth and face! This is pretty much one of the most intense, yet extremely watchable performances by Bobbi Starr.

Bobbi Starr comments on how when a sense like sight is lost, other senses like touch are heightened, which result in an extremely sensual and sexual experience. The penultimate scene stars Dunia, a light colored Brazilian. At the beginning Bobbi teases Dunia before there are two men to work her over while she’s blindfolded. Soon, one guy performs cunnilingus while the other guy feeds his cock to her. Once she’s primed, they take off her blindfold so they can double penetrate her. Dunia takes the DP without too much resistance, but it sounds like she’s having a hard time taking both of them at the same time. The scene resorts to a good old fashioned threesome with a cock in her mouth and one in her ass! They take turns fucking her holes before they rotate. Things get a little weird when one of the guys puts his foot on her head while she deepthroats the other guy. Then, the scene returns to the thorough double penetration and by this time her ass is well dilated to take the pounding! She even performs ass-to-mouth in between the anal and double penetration sequences. Dunia says some sexy Portuguese phrases before they fuck her ass in acrobatic positions like piledriver. Finally, she takes a creamy cumshot on her pussy and a sizable amount of population pudding on her face! This is yet another great scene!

Last up is Bobbi Starr who tells that she can do a lot of things with two hands and three orifices. For her. having multiple partners simultaneously makes her mind nimble enough to process the feelings and emotions. This is a standard mini-gangbang, which starts with her sucking off the three very luck guys in succession. There’s some slapping involved, but not too excessive. After the great head, she gets manhandled resulting in her being air-tight. However, the intensity from all the thrusting makes it difficult to maintain this feat and so she’s more effective taking two at a time. The three men take turns fucking her in every imaginable way until she gets double penetrated one last time. In the end, they form a circle jerk and launch their cum salvos on her mascara-smeared face! She’s not done yet since she takes several post-coital sucks before the scenes fades into black. This is a great scene, but not as superior as the prior two!

In summary. Bobbi Starr: Nymphomaniac is perhaps Bobbi Starr’s finest video. She delivers her sensual dialogue convincingly and spontaneously without having the vibe that she was just reading cue cards. This is a very solid masterpiece not only because of Bobbi Starr’s scenes, but because there is not even one bad scene in the entire video. I would say that this is one of Harmony’s and one of Gazzman’s finest releases. Although I had issues regarding the visual quality that should have been better, I have no qualms of giving this video my highest rating.

RATING: This is a must-have! What are you waiting for? Go out and get it!

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