Vivid’s Sugar (Blu-ray)

316246new-copyThe Chuck Lords-directed vignette structured video is a good breakout movie for Hanna Hilton and much better than her performance in Meggan and Hanna Love Manuel. This is probably the case since Hanna is front and center with this production instead of sharing the spotlight as in her previous release. I must say that Hanna is a real stunner from her bedroom gray-blue eyes, to her sexy cropped hair, and to her huge NATURAL rack. Although the supporting cast may not be as attractive as Hanna except for Lorena, they make that up delivering good scenes.

Running Length: ~1 hour and 40 minutes

Starring: Hanna Hilton, Lorena Sanchez, Kelly Wells, Whitney Stevens, and Marsha Lord

The video is presented in widescreen 1080 HD and is encoded in VC-1 at around 15 Mbps with a lower/upper limit of 10/17 while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, the director handled the lighting extremely well albeit with some scenes like scenes three and four that gave the fleshtones a slight orange hue. At times the composition was claustrophobic with extreme closeups of Lorena and Kelly Wells sucking cock. Also, there are times especially in scene three where the editor looks like he spliced softcore cable-version angles with the hardcore shots. Despite, that it was a good all-around effort by the Vivid team. As far as sound is concerned, the sex sounds and the somewhat cheesy dialogue came in clear. Furthermore, I have to commend Vivid about including a soundtrack that isn’t awful. In fact, I liked the opening credits music.

The extras include a good Ken Burns style photo gallery, trailers, two ~10 minute average bonus scenes in HD from Meggan and Hanna Love Manuel (Scenes 1 and 5), and a ~6 minute HD BTS. Although the BTS is short, it has its moments particularly when we get to see more of Hanna Hilton’s natural tits, her gray-blue eyes, and her best Baywatch impression while frolicking on the beach!

The Blu-ray starts with a montage of Hanna Hilton strolling around on the beach while the opening credits roll. After the beach romp, she goes back to the photographer’s pad where she poses seductively for the camera. Almost seamlessly the montage goes directly into the scene when the photographer talks his way into sex in the guise of a revealing pictorial session. The photographer notices that she’s game for anything when she starts touching herself down there and this gives him the opportunity to ask if she needs a sex toy! The unsuspecting Hanna Hilton believes what the photographer tells her that there’s more money in hardcore shoots! Soon, she’s jamming the vibrating dildo into her while showing off her natural rack. She urges him to get more interactive and asks if he wants to jam the dildo in her. This turns into a hardcore suck-and-fuckfest starting with a spirited blowjob. The camera takes a good angle during the fellatio where we get to see her jugs moving. The photographer seizes the opportunity to snap a few shots of the sultry-eyed Hilton sucking cock! He returns the favor by licking her love box as well as fingering it. If you are a big tit fan, you will especially like it when she’s being plowed in the reverse cowgirl and doggie positions. Finally, the scene results in Hanna receiving a pearl necklace if you get my drift.

A bar owner is in debt complaining that his strategy of hiring bands for live music isn’t helping sales. One of his workers, Kelly Wells, has another proven strategy to increase sales while she gets her kicks. The discussion ends when they hear a bar customer upstairs and so Kelly and Lorena Sanchez set up their restructuring plan, so to speak. The ladies engage in small talk with the male customer with several sexual innuendos mixed in. The customer likes what he hears and hands Kelly his ATM card and whispers the code into her ear. Soon, Kelly gives him a tease show in front of the ATM while he’s watching from the bar stool. Meanwhile, the sexy brunette Lorena approaches him and goes down on him. The camera captures a great angle showing her bobbing up and down with her ass to the camera. Lorena gives a thorough and seductive blowjob. After a few minutes of this, Kelly wants her fair share of cocksucking duties and shows her wet blowjob technique. It doesn’t take too long until they are performing a tag-team blowjob on him. After the great fellatio, he fucks each of them well, but seems to enjoy Lorena better. Finally, he unleashes a load on both ladies with the majority landing on Lorena’s chin. There’s some light kissing between the ladies before the scene completely ends.

Next up is Kelly Wells, but this time she has an argument with her boyfriend and wants to see his lady-on-the-side. After having misgivings, he gives into her demands and promises to be back with his mistress. But, apparently the mistress played by Marsha Lord is already at the apartment. While Kelly’s boyfriend is out and about, the two ladies have a civil discussion and exchange sex notes with each other. Soon, Kelly knows why his boyfriend is attracted to the red-headed European with long legs. It doesn’t take too long until they are engaging in a sapphic lovemaking session. Her beau calls him from his cell and at this time Kelly begs for him to come back so they can suck and fuck his cock. He comes there and admires the spectacle and joins. The ladies perform and wet and nasty blowjob before the anal! Again, Soon, he fucks both their asses. both perform ass-to-other-girl’s-mouth. This nasty anal-only scene including ass-to-other-girl’s-mouth is what one would expect from Red Light District Video or Jules Jordan Video, but it’s almost mind-blowing that this scene is from Vivid! Anwyay, in the scene ends with the ladies giving him a handjob until he cums.

The last of the four scene starts with the short-haired nymphette Hanna Hilton riding on back of a motorcycle enjoying the scenic and not-so-scenic views of SoCal. After enjoying the backseat ride, her partner pulls the motorcyle into the garage. Hanna feels so hot and horny and tries to distract her partner from tweaking his cycle. She finally accomplishes this task when she finds him peeking a stare when she’s bent over on the motorcyle. He stops what he’s doing and goes to her to get in on the action. While he’s working over with his fingers, Whitney here’s the commotion from upstairs and peeks downstairs into the garage. She get all hot and horny from the scene unfolding meters away from her and diddles herself with her fingers and a dildo, which she happens to carry to work that day! He notices Whitney pleasuring herself and offers his rod to suck on. The camerawork is a bit shaky during the POV Whitney Stevens blowjob. While this is going on, Hanna touches herself while she waits for his return so she can suck his cock. After the foreplay, he fucks both ladies hard and fast. Although they both have huge tits, Hanna’s tits are hypnotic with all the motion from the hard pussy-fucking. For all you Whitney Stevens fans, she doesn’t take it up the pooper this time. Finally, after fucking Hanna in the missionary position, he covers her tits with an adequate dosing of cum.

In summary, Sugar is a good Blu-ray release. It may not have A-listers like a Jenna Haze, Roxy DeVille, or a Sunny Leone, but the release makes up with great sexual chemistry by the cast. This is especially the case with Lorena and Kelly’s scene! Also, I appreciated that the vignettes were actually enjoyable to watch, especially scene two! There’s something for everyone, especially the raincoaters. Furthermore, Hanna Hilton pulls off much better performances in this release then her scenes from Meggan and Hanna Love Manuel. This is worthy of a SOLID RECOMMEND!

RATING: Recommended

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