Foreign Policy

3173271Foreign Policy has a catchy title and a great-looking cast spearheaded by Rebeca Linares and company. Despite this, the video doesn’t take advantage of integrating the title to the scenes. Rather, it just uses the Foreign Policy bannerhead because all of the ladies are ethnically different. The introduction sequences were a wasted opportunity and the production crew could have used these sequences to better use and incorporating them directly into the scene. Jennifer Dark singlehandedly saves this DVD from being a rental.

Running Length: ~1 hour and 50 minutes

Starring: Priya Rai, Rebeca Linares, Jennifer Dark, Maya Gates, and Isabella Cruz

The video is presented in widescreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at 2-3 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, the lighting was somewhat off in some of the scenes, but the composition was excellent throughout. There were no noticeable visual glitches like pixelation or visual noise issues. Similarly, the sex sounds came in clear and crisp, but it was accompanied by horrible sounding music. Although there’s an option to watch the sex scenes without the brief interview, I would have also liked an option to toggle the music on/off.

The extras include a fullscreen ~24 minute BTS, a subpar photo gallery, five trailers, and cumshot recap. The BTS starts with Jennifer Dark in the shower talking about what she’s put inside in her pussy like an empty bottle. Another thing is that in her personal life she doesn’t like her clit stimulated, but she loves being fucked in the ass. Also, she admits that talking dirty in English sounds better than when she talks dirty in Czech, but I beg to differ because when she delivers several lines of Czech, it sounds hot. Jennifer Dark is such a total sex freak and shows her battle scars like her tender right breast recovering from all the tit-slapping and grabbing experienced! During Priya’s impromtu interview, she admits that she loved going to sex orgies at 18 yo in Phoenix, Arizona where she could engage in drinking and other activities in the privacy of a home. I was disappointed that Rebeca didn’t do a BTS interview, but it’s probably because her English isn’t up to par even though it’s getting better. Finally, Isabella has some BTS time, but that’s not very interesting. As far as the BTS is concerned, it is worth watching, especially because of Jennifer Dark’s comments.

First up is the Spaniard tart Rebeca Linares. Throughout the years, her English is getting better than when she started. After the very brief interview, Rebeca’s wearing a dark two piece swimsuit while she begins to diddle herself. The solo is brief since her very lucky partner comes into the scene and soon she helps him out of his jeans. Rebeca is an energetic fellatio artist, but unfortunately we get an annotated version here. The blowjob continue while she’s on her back where she’s a glutton for cock-slapping. He returns the favor with cunnilingues before he attacks her pussy. A lot of the powerfucking occurs in the reverse cowgirl position, but at some moments he gives way to her gyrations. Things get a little kinkly when she wraps her feets around his base while blowing him before the intercourse resumes. There’s a whole lot of slapping involved between the two. Finally, he cums on her pretty face with the majority going into her open mouth. She gives a couple of post-coital licks for good measure!

Next up is Priya Rai who doesn’t really give a brief interview other than introducing herself after the slideshow of Indian landmarks. This goes directly into the scene where she’s wearing a revealing red dress. The scene begins with passionate kissing before he helps her out of her skirt revealing her huge tits. She spreads her thighs for the thorough carpet-licking session. He’s feeling more adventurous by having her sit on his face for more rug-eating. Soon, he has cock up her pussy in spoon position on the sofa. The force of the fucking is so hard that she has to support her body with her arm touching the floor. There’s some light choking and slapping involved. In between the sex, Priya finally gets to use her DSLs and she wastes no time with that. The drilling continues on more stable ground as he pounds away in the reverse cowgirl position. But, alas the sex returns on the sofa where she gets lightly choked again. At one point, he teases his finger in her ass while he rams his dick in her in the cowgirl position. After an extended titfucking, he coats her tit implants with jizz! It’s an okay scene, but not one of her best!

Jennifer Dark is originally from the Czech Republic and during the introduction she has a sentence or two talking about the Czech Republic while a quick slideshow appears. Anyway, Jennifer Dark is a decent-looking Czech lady. Her scene begins with groping until she gets on her knees and locks her lips on his fuck stick. She’s almost as aggressive as Rebeca regarding the blowjob and even takes a dick slap or two before continuing with the energetic blowjob. Her dirty talk is quite amusing since English isn’t her first language, but she’s apparently mastered the art of dirty talk. However, the dirty talk can slightly be annoying at some moments. After he fucks her pussy hard, he jams his cock right up her ass. Soon, he takes his time fucking her bottom holes one at a time! By scene’s end, she takes an adequate cumshot and swallows it whole in one sitting. Anyway, I’m pretty sure that her butt was sore the next day. This is definitely the most energetic fuck in the video so far albeit with an over-the-top dirty talk performance from Jennifer.

The penultimate scene stars the Romanian Maya Gates who mentions that porn pays more in the US than in Europe. After the brief interview, the scene begins without much tease because her partner gets in all the fun by groping and licking her. She spreads her thighs wide open and he goes to work using his tongue and fingers simultaneously. Then, she goes down on him giving an average skin flute presentation, but she’s done better in her past performances. He jams his rod into her pussy in the missionary position and fucks away. In between the fucking, she tastes her own juices by performing pussy-to-mouth. Finally, he ulnleashes a load of population budding on her chest. It’s a rather tame scene for this Romanian sex freak.

Last up is Isabella Cruz from Honduras who admits that in her Catholic home country, porn and pre-marital sex is a taboo. After the very brief introduction like the rest, the scene begins with her partner helping hoer out of her colorful top to get at her body including her tits. Then, he feels around her meaty, but not so firm ass and gives it a spank or two. Isabella goes down on him and gives an average blowjob. Things get more interesting when she’s on her back getting throatfucked in a mild manner. It’s apparent she’s not an Inari Vachs or an Annette Schwarz! Although she’s average-looking, she puts in the best performance on the video beating out Jennifer Dark, especially when she takes it doggie style where she’s clenching at the bedsheets! In the end, she’s rewarded with a healthy dose of jizz protein on her face!

In summary, Foreign Policy, is an interesting concept that could have been implemented better. The very brief interviews consisting of 4-5 sentences on the high end was really a wasted opportunity. Furthermore, the vignettes could have been put to better use with some sort of plot or some kind of angle emphasizing the title Foreign Policy. Despite these issues, some of the performances were good, especially Jennifer Dark’s and Isabella Cruz’s scenes. They both kept up the intensity, but Jennifer’s performance was slightly over-the-top with all the dirty talk. The other ladies like Priya, Rebeca, and Maya had average-below average scenes and it’s ashame. If it weren’t for the entertaining BTS, the video would have been a SOLID RENTAL. So, if the BTS is considered, the DVD barely passes the threshold of RECOMMENDED.

RATING: Recommended

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