Vivid’s Perverse (Blu-ray)

308602-copyPerverse is definitely a well-directed plot-driven movie. Although the cast didn’t really interest me, I was pleasantly surprised at how well the plot enhanced the sex scenes. The movie has something for everyone. For example, there’s enough hardcore gonzo elements in Ashley Blue’s scene to satisfy the raincoaters. This film is definitely worth the extra money to buy in Blu-ray!

Running Length: ~2 hours and 1 minute

Starring: Sunrise Adams, Kimberly Kane, and Ashley Blue

The feature is presented in widescreen 1080 HD and is encoded in VC-1 at around 17 Mbps with an upper/lower limit of 20/11 while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, the fleshtones were a mixed bags with the banana scene, the first Kimberly Kane scene, and the last scene all having an orange hue to the skin. Other than that, the fleshtones and color were accurate. The audio came in clear and crisp withou any distortions.

The extras include two HD trailers, a nice photo gallery using the Ken Burns effect, two bonus scenes, and an entertaining ~19 minute HD BTS. The first bonus scene stars Kimberly Kane in Miles from Needles. During the scene, she gives a wet blowjob while continuing to smoke on the cigarette. After the foreplay, she takes it hard in the pussy and receives a messy facial. It’s definitely watchable scene unlike the next one starring Sunrise Adams and Ashley Blue from Pay or Play. This one is a g/g scene complete with sex toys like a strap-on. Ashley Blue demonstrates her deep throating skills on the strap-on before getting fucked in the pussy and ass by Sunrise Adams. It’s a little hard for me as a g/g scene. Although the BTS is in HD, it doesn’t have the same sharpness as the film nor the HD trailers since the video seems to be dull and somewhat blurry. The BTS is entertaining, especially with Nick Manning blabbering about things. Also, there are candid moments with Sunrise and Kimberly Kane. The BTS ends with Ashley Blue admitting that she doesn’t bleach her ass anymore because her boyfriend doesn’t like that.

The feature starts with Sunrise Adams slobbering on cock. Things get kinky quickly when she tries to massage his prostate. Automatically, he objects at the situation and complains the only person that can do that is his doctor and even then it’s only slightly acceptable. Sunrise Adams is annoyed by her on-screen husband’s insecurities.

Meanwhile, one of their housemates steals her husband’s porno and starts jerking off to it. Fortunately for us, it’s all simulated. Sunrise Adams hears the jerking off from outside and comments at least some is getting their jollies in the house.

Since her husband isn’t giving into her perverse thoughts and actions and since she just heard her housemate masturbating, she decides to use a banana to pleasure herself. She imagines it as a real cock as she teases her breasts and mouth with it before sticking it inside her pussy. She gets fast and thorough strokes into herself before she cums. In the meantime, her husband hears the commotion and watches until she cums. At this moment, he’s probably thinking to himself that he married a sex addict. Although she notices that he’s there, it doesn’t bother her that her husband watched with disgust since she got her jollies off.

The next scene has Kimberly Kane masturbating until her on-screen boyfriend interrupts the session. For all those that don’t know Kimberly Kane, she’s a sleek bleach blonde with a natural look to her. Soon, the two are wrapped in a horizontal mambo after she blows him. The sex continues for several minutes and she gets fucked hard until he cums right near her pubic area.

Ashley Blue makes a rare appearance in the following scene where she plays a hired hooker. A couple of years ago, Ashley Blue, was an A-list pornstar making most of her memorable scenes with Red Light District and Evil Angel. Specifically, she’s known for her deepthroating skills and anal fucking, which she puts to good use in this scene. The scene is very hardcore and I’m surprised that I was watching a Vivid flick. Anyway, Ashley is nasty as usual doing a very wet deep throat and some hard anal including the notorious gape shot! In the end, she takes a great cumshot, which she definitely deserves.

Sunrise Adams admits to her best friend, Kimberly Kane, that she and her husband are having marital problems. Kimberly suggests visiting her tonight and so Sunrise agrees to the meeting. Meanwhile, her husband is getting to play poker with his friends.

Sunrise Adams meets her friend, but is surprise to meet Ashley Blue there. Somehow, the two prostitutes convince her to give it a shot. So, immediately, she takes her first client. Surprisingly, Sunrise’s acting skills are solid for a pornstar as she tries to act coy/shy with the client. Soon, she’s sucking and fucking him! Finally, she takes the cumshot with an open mouth and then rubs it over her tits. After her first encounter, she’s sold being a call girl and signs the contract.

Her husband seems suspicious about her evening activities, but tries to suppress his thoughts.

It doesn’t take too long before Kimberly calls her up with another gig. The two call girls go to the client, but Kimberly Kane is passive in this scene. Sunrise wears a hot number while Kimberly has the Alt look going with her. While Sunrise plays with herself, Kimberly dances away in the background. Soon, Sunrise has her lips locked on his fuck stick before giving up her pussy for a hard fuck. Meanwhile, Kimberly looks dazed as the fucking continues. Finally, he jerks off onto Sunrise’s implants when Kimberly subsequently tastes some of it.

All this time, their significant others don’t know that they are prostituting themselves on the side until Kimberly Kane’s boyfriends becomes proactive and follows them on their client. Soon, he’s calling Sunshine’s husband for the final confrontation.

But, before that happens the two ladies have yet another gig. After freshening themselves up and changing clothes, they are off to the next client. Unlike the prior scene, Kimberly Kane returns to a more active role by sucking and fucking cock. The two share the duties of fellatio before Sunrise hops onto his cock. Then, Kimberly performs pussy-to-other-girl’s-mouth before having her fair share of the fucking in the reverse cowgirl position. Things get a little freaky with some foot fetish action. In the end, he cums on Kimberly and she finishes him off with some post-coital head. She’s not done yet because she swaps the cum with Sunrise.

After the sex, the hubbies burst into the room and Sunrise’s husband punches the John. This further enrages the ladies enough for them to break their relationships up. Before she leaves her husband, she tells him that the reason why she had to go this route is because he couldn’t fuck her good enough! That must have been an ego-buster to him!

In summary, Sinclair’s Perverse is a good plot-driven movie with notable scenes. For those that still think Vivid is still light on the hardcore, then think again. Watching Ashley Blue’s scene will definitely change your opinion about Vivid. This Blu-ray deserves a rating of RECOMMENDED!

RATING: Recommended

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