Throated 16

1432423-copyAlthough Throated 16 has a couple of well-known pornstars of past and present like Lola Martin and Annette Schwarz, the release comes up short. Despite that, there are surprisingly good performances from Jaelyn Fox and Moxxie Maddron. However, having only four out of the ten scenes being great is not enough to justify purchasing this title.

Running Length: ~1 hour and 23 minutes

Starring: Jaelyn Fox, Annette Schwarz, Laylah, Sasha Sinn, Charley Chase, Lola Martin, Marsha Lord, Moxxie Maddron, Layla Exx, and Taylor Mae

The video is presented in fullscreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 with a bitrate of 5-6 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, the fleshtones are accurate except for Jaelyn Fox’s scene where the contrast and exposure skew the fleshtones and in the beginning of Moxxie’s scene where the fleshtone has an orange hue to it. Other than that, the composition is perfect for a blowjob only title. The audio has no distortions for the most part, but Moxxie Maddron’s spoken introduction was a little difficult to hear. Other than that, all the sex sounds come in clear and crisp.

The extras just include an average photo gallery. I hope that the company improves on the special features at some point.

Jaelyn Fox is a cute blonde wearing a plaid skirt and a bikini top, which is quite an odd combination. Her sultry eyes are definitely the x-factor and enhance the pov blowjob session. She wraps her freshly French manicured nails around his base and tries to suck him balls deep, but obviously she cannot. However, she gets plus points for getting down as deep as she can. Then, the camera captures the throatfucking from the bottom up as she finally manages to get him balls deep at the expense of saliva dropping down her chin. Finally, he jerks off onto her pretty face leaving a jizz streak on her right cheek!

Next up is throatfucking specialist Annette Schwarz. The German import has no trouble deep throating from the get go. He doesn’t really push her limits, but I musy say that Annette gives one excellent and wet blowjob. I would have liked to see a bottom up camera angle, but it’s not to be. Finally, her jerks off and delivers a facial that sprays hher frace from her eyebrows to her chin. She isn’t done yet because she hoovers him to get the extra jizz out of his cock!

Laylah is an average brunette wearing one of those icebreaker t-shirts saying Talking is my best subject. She looks too young in my opinion, especially with the clothes that she wears. Anyway, she doesn’t really have a stripper’s body or ass and I don’t find her particularly attractive, but Laylah know how to suck cock. At one point, she looks like she’s about to tear up from the fellatio, but she holds her composure. Finally, she gets down on her knees and receives a sticky open- mouthed facial that almost gets into her eyes! She also does some post-coital hoovering to end the scene. I think she’s wearing the wrong t-shirt since she should be wearing one that says that sucking is her best subject!

Sasha Sinn is a 19 yo blonde with ponytails and she definitely looks like a newbie stripper type. Anyway, she is wearing a nice top before she dresses into her birthday suit. Her oral skills as well as her vocal skills need to be improved to sell the scene. It was somewhat boring since it felt like Sasha was going through the motions. Anyway, it must have felt good because he blows his load quite easily without having to jerk off.

Charley Chase is a 19 yo average brunette with a great rack and body. She’s wearing a black two-piece conservative top before she takes off her top revealing her pierced nipples. After helping her out of her clothes, he enjoys an energetic blowjob from her. I would have more eye contact with the camera, but I think she’s so focused on swallowing cock that she doesn’t look into the camera that often. In fact, this 19 yo deep throats him without too much difficulty. In the end, she receives a nice facial that plasters her right eye and brow!

Lola Martin has been in a business for many years and this Cuban-American still has the looks as far as blowjobs are concerned. She’s known for her dirty talk, which she puts to good use in this scene. Lola really knows how to sell the scene with her moans and eye contact. Finally, she jerks him off onto her face resulting in several cum salvos!

Next up is red-headed Marsha Lord. Instead of a brief interview, she gets down to sucking cock from the get go. As far as redheads go, she’s not as attractive as Faye Reagan. The scene is rather dull until she’s on her back getting throatfucked! In this position, she’s finally able to swallow him balls deep. In the end, she receives a weak cumshot in her mouth!

Moxxie Maddron talks to the camera that she loves to deep throat. The big-titted brunette is above average, but she makes up for those deficiencies with a great blowjob performance. She forces the cock down her throat until her eyes start to water and her gag reflex kick in. The skullfucking continues in different angles until she receives an open-mouthed cumshot and swallows before performing post-coital deepthroat. This is an excellent scene with a great ending and I must say that she beats out Annette’s scene.

The next scene starts in media res with Layla Exx with cockmeat in her mouth. What a coincidence to have two redheads on one DVD. Anyway Layla Exx is definitely better looking than Marsha Lor or Faye Reagan. Unfortunately, her blowjob skills need to be improved although she does manage to get close on going ball-deep on him. Then, the camera gives a bottom up view where we get to see her concentrating on getting throated. Finally, she jerks him off, but the small popshot unfortunately misses her face.

Last up is Taylor Mae, an attractive brunette with strong eyes like the volleyball player Misty May. She has good fellatio technique, but she needs to vary it up a little bit because she just swallows his cock and makes those sounds. It would have been better for her to change it up a bit. Anyway, in the end she takes an open-mouthed cumshot before sucking him dry!

In summary, Throated 16 is a decent release with some very good performances from Moxxie Maddron, Jaelyn Fox, Lola Martin, and Annette Schwarz. I did expect more out of the German deepthroat Queen, but she’s had better blowjob scenes that this one. Moreover, the other six scenes are at best average. In the end, Throated 16 is a solid rental.

Rating: Rent it

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