Slutty and Sluttier 8

mf-ss8_dvdtManuel Ferrara launches his eighth installment of the series. Unlike prior releases, this volume doesn’t really have a knock out pornstars to lead the way like a Jenna Haze or a Sandra Romain. Furthermore, with the exception of the exotic beauties, Jandi Lin and Loona Luxx, the other ladies are at best average. This is definitely not in the top three in the series.

Running Length: Disc One: ~2 hours and 55 minutes; Disc Two: ~35 minutes

Starring: Jandi Lin, Kelly Devine, Nikki Sexx, Francesca Le, Loona Luxx, Chayse Evans, Jada Fire, and Katie Cummings

The video is presented in widescreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at 5-6 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, the lighting and composition was a mixed bag. For example, the sunlight flooded the scene giving fleshtones an orange-yellow color especially for scenes two and five. Now, regarding the audio, there’s no audio distortion noticed since the sex sounds and dialogue were crisp.

The extras include trailers, a photo gallery, cumshot recap, and a ~1 hour 47 minute BTS. The BTS is somewhat watchable, especially the candid scenes with Jandi Lin and the gratuitous photo shoot of Loona Luxx’s body! Other than that, the rest of the BTS felt like filler material.

A couple of Frenchmen are driving on a dark and deserted highway when suddenly they see a naked Jandi Lin hailing their car for help. She gets in the backseat where she’s recalling what happened to her. Apparently, she was hitchhiking home when Manuel stopped to offer a ride in return for sex. But, at first he’s clever saying that he just wants to see her strip in front of the car, but then this turns to touching, and finally to sucking and fucking. Aside from Jandi Lin’s good acting, she is quite the trooper, especially when Manuel shoves his cock balls deep into her throat for several seconds! Then, this leads to the hard fucking until he cums all over her face. There’s great scene chemistry between the two, but I just question the iffy scenario. It’s too controversial for my tastes. Anyway, the scene returns after the flashback and the two Frenchmen demand to fuck her for giving a ride. The naked Jandi Lin has no choice and the camera captures a few seconds of a threesome before the guys leave her on the deserted road. The scene reminded me of the saying “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.”

Manuel meets his friend David and his personal assistant played by Nikki Sexx. The blonde haired assistant leads them into the house where the brunette Kelly Devine is laying on a couch gagged and with a probe up her ass. David mentions to Manuel that she’s been naughty. In the mean time, he orders his assistant upstairs to wait. Soon, David goes upstairs to check on his assistant while Manuel has some fun with Kelly first letting her taste her ass juice from the probe before feeding his cock to her. The scene splits into two scenes with David fucking Nikki while Manuel fucks Kelly. But, soon Kelly and Manuel join them upstairs where they swap partners. Only Kelly takes it in the ass, but Nikki shows her nasty side by tasting Kelly’s ass juice on cock! Finally, the scene ends with the ladies sharing the facials!

Veteran pornstar Francesca Le known for her wild scenes for Anabolic is back in the saddle so to speak sharing screen time with Frenchie Loona Lux. The scene starts with Francesca enjoying a smoke overlooking the strip. She’s wearing light dominatrix gear with her fishnet stockings and lycra bra. After the smoke break, she gets back to domineering when she goes to the parking lot where Loona Lux is bound and gagged sitting on a cheap chair. Francesca shows off her dominatrix skills on the submissive Loona, especially in the loft elevator. The lesbian action becomes more intense when Loona is free from the bondage. Soon, Francesca orders Loona to lick her pussy and ass. The lesbian scene is in full swing before Francesca is hot and ready for cock action. She exits the elevator and enters the loft where the lucky guy gets pleasured by the veteran Francesca. She still has the skills regarding moving her ass and sucking cock, but she’ll leave the real anal fucking to Loona Luxx. Soon, Loona Luxx crawls to them making it a threesome. Loona has a big and firm ass that’s built for speed. He exploits this factor and fucks her ass in the standing position as well as other positions. The camera takes a nice view of her buttcheeks being stretched by the anal fucking. In the end, the ladies share the load like the true professionals that they are.

The scene starts with camera lingering on Chayse Evans’s full ass before she stops in front of a mini cart. Manuel asks her if she knows where Jada Fire is and she fires back with attitude. He’s tired of her being uncooperative and he decides to go into the house of ill-repute and call out for Jada. The ebony lady is a full-thickness pornstar if you get my drift with half-dollar sized areolas. It doesn’t take too long before she has her mouth sucking on his cock. What makes the scene strong is not actually the sex, but the scene’s setup, especially when Jada gets all up in Chayse’s face telling her that she’s going to do whatever Jada says whether if it’s to “suck a tit or suck a dick!” The threesome commences and it’s all hot and nasty. Chayse exactly does what Jada wants her to do. They both have an ample time of fucking and sucking, but only Jada takes it up the ass. This would have been the time for Chayse to do an anal, but it wasn’t meant to be. Finally, he blasts his protein jizz all over their faces with Jada taking the brunt of the abuse!

Last up is Katie Cummings who bares a slight resemblance to Gia Paloma. Needless to say, I don’t think highly of her although she does have a great rack and ass. The camera focuses on her ass while she’s walking or in the water. There’s no scenario like in the others since she walks into the house where she starts to fuck and suck. The sex is wall-to-wall as the location changes from the stairs to the couch and back and forth before she has two cocks to suck and fuck on making it a threesome. The sex even occurs on a bar seat as well as the floor before returning to another couch. There’s no doubt that Katie Cummings is a good fuck, but she doesn’t do anything for me. The men reward her efforts with two sticky loads of population pudding all over her face.

In summary, Manuel Ferrara’s Slutty and Sluttier 8, is filled with lots of hot and sweaty sex in compromising situations. For example, Jandi’s scene may be considered too risque for most and the scenario actually did a disservice to an excellent sexual performance from Jandi. Another issue I had is that the majority of the ladies weren’t attractive, except for Jandi and Loona Luxx who are classified as exotic beauties. For these reasons explained above, this video is a solid RENTAL.

Rating: Rent it

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