Elegance X (Blu-ray)

bd-85314frontDirector J.F. Romagnoli has been directing for countless number of years for the major European studios like Private and Magma Films. This time he enhances his experience with Nils Molitor at the helm of the camera. Although the plot could be tweaked and presented in a less convoluted manner, it still does the job. Furthermore, the sex scenes are captured with a fine balance of eroticism and hardcore gonzo elements. Don’t miss out on Sai Tai Tiger’s scene or the orgy scene!

Running Length: ~1 hour and 53 minutes

Starring: Simony Diamond, Linda Brown, Black Angelika, Donna Bell, Sai Tai Tiger, Judith Fox, Lauryn May, Zafira, Hannah Hunter, Lucy Belle, Crystal Crown, Yasmine Gold, and Winnie

The movie is presented in widescreen 1080p and is encoded in MPEG-4 AVC at 20 Mbps with a lower/upper limit of 11 and 24 while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 224 Kbps. Visually speaking, the lighting and composition is excellent with accurate fleshtones even during technical demanding conditions like filming in a limo and other non-optimal conditions. However, there seems to have been very subtle irregularities with motion like at around 45 minutes and 14 seconds and in the beginning of the last scene. However, there are no audio distortions of any kind as far as the English track is concerned. Furthermore, the audio came in clear and crisp.

The extras include several HD trailers, an average photo gallery, and a ~31 minute BTS presented in HD widescreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at 20-25 Mbps while the English/German audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. The movie was a multinational effort and without the help of multilingual talent, the feature would have been more difficult. Everyone had to work overtime in order to film the fashion show as he intended. But, when it came for the actual sex scenes, it was like clockwork. During a scene shot on location at a construction site, the production crew actually had to wear hard hats as standard procedure. Furthermore, an entire parking garage level had to be shut down to accommodate a sex scene. Another difficult scene was filming in a stretched limo where the big HD camera had to maneuver around to capture the sex. Elegance X overcame the production problems that stemmed from language barriers, directing extras, and long days of shooting, resulting in a memorable feature!

The movie starts off with a slick fashion show complete with sixty extras while the pornstars live it up as high fashion models strutting their stuff on the catwalk. The movie cuts to a business room where high powered perfume executives interview Simony Diamond gets the job as assistant manager. There’s no time to celebrate because the next day her female boss asks her to do several tasks including observing the perfume R&D department as well as meeting an important client named Michael.

Simony introduces herself to the chief chemist who produces fragrances. While she observes the technicians at work, a businessman with his girlfriend shows up when the chief chemist hands over his latest creation to him. Simony Diamond follows the couple to the parking garage where the skeptical businessman sprays the top secret formula on himself and his girlfriend, Donna Bell. It seems not to work, but soon she kisses him passionately. Simony leaves them alone so they can finish what they started. After the passionate kissing and groping, he goes down on her and she’s feeling very horny. She assumes the position and has her head pinned to the wall while he licks her bottom holes. She squats down and returns the favor with a wet blowjob complete with deep throat. After the foreplay, he fucks her pussy before fucking her ass! The action is all standing until she takes it in the ass in the reverse cowgirl position even performing ass-to-mouth in between. In the end, she takes a nice facial before continuing to suck him off.

Simony meets the business client, Michael, at the bar. The innocent conversation takes a perverted twist when he asks Simony about how the sad couple next to them met. She’s willing to play the game briefly, but she considers that it’s getting too creepy for her tastes. The client and her leave the bar and enter a masquerade party that would make Stanley Kubrick proud. There’s a whole lot of nudity and sexual innuendo in the scene, but there’s no actual sex. Anyway, Black Angelika who played the other half of the sullen couple works Simony’s client up until her man interrupts the sensual dance. Things aren’t over because the client invites the sullen couple with them on a ride inside the stretched SUV limousine. The business client urges the couple to go at it with each other. The couple is loving the role-playing, but Simony Diamond has enough of it and leaves the SUV and the creepy client leaves as well leaving the horny couple to finish the deed. After the foreplay, Black Angelika rides him in the cowgirl position while the SUV drives throughout the city. Although she doesn’t do anal, she is extremely fuckable. In the end, Black Angelika receives a pearl necklace before tasting some of the jizz!

The next day Simony receives a call from her boss that she has to do a couple of business chores. Michael apologizes for his actions the other night and grovels for a second chance. Soon afterwards, the movie launches into a softcore vignette with Simony Diamond dressing up in elegant clothes before she finds herself masquerading around at the bar where she denies a pick-up artist.

In the background, the scene focuses on the Thai lady Sai Tai Tiger with her lover talking about how they missed each other. She suggests that they go somewhere nice and quiet. It doesn’t take too long before she uses her dick-sucking-lips (DSLs) to good use. Her blowjob technique is methodical as she even takes time to suck on the balls. She gets out of her black dress so he can get a taste of her spicy Thai pussy. However, all this affectionate gestures soon make way to the hard vaginal sex, which leads to the anal in the reverse cowgirl position. In the end, she jerks him off onto her pretty face and performs post-coital head!

Simony Diamond and Linda Brown negotiate the deal to buy a company, but the deal goes sour real fast. Linda suspects that Michael is behind the fragrance company takeover.

Meanwhile, Linda’s coworker is busy crunching the numbers for a business presentation, but his secretary, Judith Fox urges him to take a break. They quickly help each other undress and in the process they grope and kiss each other. Then, her lips are locked on his fuck-stick and she hoovers with reckless abandon. They are locked in a horizontal mambo with Judith only giving up her pussy. After the heated vaginal sex, he unloads a nice cumshot that hits her face and grazes her shoulder! It was a good scene, but I expected Judith Fox to get phreakier as she has done in 21Sextury productions.

Simony and Linda regroup and continue raising capital in other investment opportunities during a soiree. After Simony reels in some investors in another project, Linda Brown slips out of the party and gets acquainted with a male suitor who’s been watching her from just outside her room. Linda has been making rounds in adult both in gonzo and in features. She definitely has the looks, the body, and the skills, but she has an extremely noticeable birthmark on her ass. Thankfully, the director and the camera avoids lingering on it. Anyway, Linda is at her nastiest doing anal and finishing it off with an anal creampie. She even performs post-coital head!

During the next meeting, Linda and Simony Diamond have been informed that Michael was relinquishing the fragrance deal paving the way for Linda and Simony to own it. At this point, everyone is happy and so the company launches the fragrance with another fashion show. The fashion show turns into an all-out orgy when they release the fragrance into the air! There’s a whole lot of action going on, but Moli does a great job capturing the scene. Linda does anal again, but Simony Diamond steals the scene with an intense double penetration. Also, the other ladies participate either in fellatio or vaginal sex or both. In the end, ladies like Sai Sai Tiger and Simony receive a healthy dose of population pudding.

Despite the businessman Michael’s quarkiness and double dealing, Simony Diamond falls in love with him so everyone wins in the movie!

In summary, veteran director J.F. Romagnoli has made an excellent production worthy of being presented in 1080p! I haven’t seen Simony Diamond as stunning as she is in this feature with her elegant look. In fact, I could probably ignore the retched American Eagle tattoo on her upper arm because she just looks that good! The storyline could have been tightened up and simplified, but it still does the job. Anyway, this is a great production with great scenes performed by all, especially Sai Tai Tiger and Simony Diamond! Even with the visual hiccups that was discussed earlier, Elegance X still deserves a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

RATING: Highly Recommended

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