Bet Your Ass 6

1000009014_dvdtAlthough the great Jenna Haze is on the front cover of Jonni Darkko’s Bet Your Ass 6, Adriana DeVille certainly should have deserved if the front cover selection were based on scene performance because she rocked out a steamy one! Furthermore, Lana Croft and Bobbi Starr give great performances. What makes this DVD worth it is the great candid interviews in the BTS, which puts it over the top!

Running Length: ~2 hours and 24 minutes

Starring: Adriana DeVille, Jenna Haze, Bobbi Starr, Lana Croft, and Emma Cummings

The video is presented in fullscreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 with a bitrate of 4 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, the lighting could have been better as the majority of the scenes the fleshtones had a orange hue about them. Despite that, the composition of the scenes were excellent capturing the tease and action closely. As far as the audio is concerned, there were no distortions. Also, if you like techno music, then you’ll probably like the music that accompanies all of Jonni Darkko’s productions. But, if you don’t then you’ll probably won’t like the repetitive drum beats, which would probably just cause a slight annoyance.

The extras include a cast list, filmographies, trailers, a nicely presented photo gallery, and a very watchable  ~1 hour and 7 minute BTS. There are great interviews starting with Jenna discussing a myriad of topics from politics to the business, which last around 20 minutes. Then, the Adriana, from Yonkers  NY, gets interviewed for about 14 minutes where she talks about her likes and dislikes and ponders whether she’ll relocate permanently to Cali from Florida.  Another watchable interview is Lana’s, which lasts for about 10 minutes. Judging from the interview, the little Pinay loves her wine and vodka, which means she’s a regular party-goer! It’s too bad that Bobbi Starr didn’t have the time to be interviewed because that would have been interesting. Overall, the BTS is worth watching, but one problem with the BTS is that there is background noise in all the interviews except for Jenna’s and Lana’s.

Adriana DeVille teases the camera wearing only white hotpants that come off in a matter of seconds. She spreads her firm ass cheeks for the camera and fingers her ass before sampling her ass juice. After the tease session, the actual scene begins with her hotpants on while she teases her partner. She begins to unbuckle his belt and stops short of taking his schlong out! What a cock tease! Adriana tells him he has to wait for a little bit longer. Then, she drops her hotpants again and uses a huge ass dildo on herself before another guy enters the scene and begins to worship her ass. It doesn’t take too long until he has his cock all up in her ass. The cameraman/talent is getting antsy because he wants the part of the action. Adriana is quick to notice that and begs him to join in the fun. Soon, she sucks on two cocks and if you haven’t seen Adriana before, then you have been missing her grade A fellatio skills. She makes sure that both cocks receive the wet deep throat treatment. There’s no romance here since the guys double penetrate her after the foreplay. After the thorough and hard DP, she’s back at sucking cock while getting rammed from behind. During this position, one of the guy cums when his cock is still inside her mouth! The last time I saw this was during an Anabolic’s Gangbang Girl 24 starring Inari Vachs where she was none too pleased, but Adriana takes it like a champ. Finally, the guy that was fucking her pussy cums on her face ending this scorching scene!

Next up is Jenna Haze and she’ll have a challenging time to live up to the Adriana’s scene. The seasoned performer wears a pink and black two-piece lingerie complete with white stockings. She teases the camera showing off her naughty bits while prepping her ass first with her fingers and then with an anal probe. Jenna Haze is one of the best in the business at giving the fuck me pose! After the thorough anal prep, the lucky guy enters the scene and quickly digs his face and tongue in her ass. But, he’ll have to wait just a little longer for the anal spelunking. In the mean time, Jenna Haze does her thorough handjob/blowjob combination complete with great eye contact. Although she doesn’t deep throat, she knows how to work it! After the foreplay, he eases his cock slowly inside her pussy until he gets a good rhythm going. Her vaginal lips are literally spread apart from the massive motion. Finally, she takes him inside her ass in several different positions. She does her best to deliver dirty talk, but she doesn’t really look like she’s into it, but rather goes through the motions. Anyway, she still proves that she can still do the nasty performing pussy-to-mouth and ass-to-mouth. In the end, she jerks him off onto her mouth and swallows like the A-list pornstar that she is! This isn’t Jenna’s best scene nor is it her best scene, but it’s a doable and adequate scene nonetheless.

Bobbi Starr keeps up the pink and blue lingerie theme going with her sexy outfit. Although she may not have the great tan as of an Adriana Deville she works her ass well for the camera. Bobbi Starr looks sultry with her long hair and bangs that make her look a little bit like a XXX-version of Selma Blair. Soon, she uses a black dildo on her ass before the guy shows up and starts fucking her pussy then her ass. In between the fucking, she delivers a smokin’ fellatio performance including balls deep deep-throating and for a moment it looks like Jonni Darkko’s Suck It Dry series. Anyway, the scene resumes to the fucking and it ends with Bobbi Starr taking a nice facial! But, it’s not over yet because she performs a devastating post-coital fellatio complete with gobs of saliva hanging from Bobbi’s chin and the tip of her partner’s cock!

Lana Croft mixed it up wearing tight white and red undies. This sexy little brown fucking machine shows off her nice ass for the camera by jiggling it around and slapping it before using her fingers. After the tease, the scene starts with her plaid Japanese school girl uniform. She uses a huge anal probe on herself before her lucky partner helps her with the anal prep. He manages to force almost the entire anal dildo up her ass while she plays with her pussy. This leads to the assfucking and pussyfucking in the doggie position before he pulls out so she can perform fellatio using her DSLs. She shows how nasty she is by performing fellatio in the 69 position before finally taking it up the pussy and then ass again. Finally, he gets off a sizable protein blast that lands on the floor and on her face. It’s not over yet because she uses her suction power during the post-coital segment!

Last up is Emma Cummings who’s wearing a fetish outfit with cowgirl pants exposing her round buttcheeks. After the brief tease, her partner shows up and briefly performs cunnilingus before entering her pussy so it’s a change from the prior scenes. There’s no use of anal probes or dildos and instead her partner just uses his tongue on her ass. Soon, he has his cock inside her ass and pumps away. The fucking switches back and forth again from the pussy to the ass. In the end, he gets off a creamy facial on her face. Unfortunately, she doesn’t do any post-coital sucking. I felt that this was the weakest scene since I didn’t feel the sexual chemistry between the two and it felt like Emma was just going through the motions.

In summary, Jonni Darkko’s Bet Your Ass 6 has its moments. Where this volume shines is with Adriana’s, Lana’s, and Bobbi’s scenes! Jenna Haze had an okay scene, but it was special to write glowing remarks on. Furthermore, Emma Cummings was definitely the weakest of all the talent and it looks like she may have been a quick replacement. This would have been a solid Recommend, but the funny and interesting interviews in the BTS bumped it up enough to receive a HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

RATING: Highly recommended

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