Cum For Cover 3

cum_for_cover_3-dvd-thumb-copyCum For Cover 3 is definitely an improvement overall as compared to the second volume. There were explosive performances from not only the main feature like the scenes of Sofia, Lia Fire, and Ginna Brigitta, but also from the bonus scene of Sidney performing a blowbang on a moving van! Chris Rolie may be a little quarky, but there’s no doubt he films nasty blowbangs.

Running Length: ~3 hours

Starring: Jasmin, Sofia Valentine, Angela Winter, Lia Fire, Ginna Brigitta, and Sandra Parker

The video is presented in widescreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at 4-5 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, the colors are dull and drowned out. However, these issues aren’t too much of a distraction considering it’s hard to find a gonzo blowbang where the composition and lighting are top-notch. However, in terms of audio quality, all the oral sounds are heard crystal clear without any distortion. For example, all of Angela Winters’ glah-glah-glah sounds can be heard!

The extras include a 23 minute bonus blowbang scene starring the 20 yo Sidney from Hungary and a sub par photo gallery. Anyway, the bonus scene is definitely worth watching. Sidney walks on a deserted road wearing only a plaid two piece lingerie number. She follows the camera to a van where there are four guys on top. Sidney should get hazard pay or stuntwoman pay because she gives head while the van is moving along the deserted stretch of road. The bonus scene is more of a spectacle since the director mentions that this is a moving blowjob. There are not so many positions one can do on a moving vehicle, but that changes when the van stops at a mineral excavation site. Soon, the guys circle jerk on the ground before changing the venue to a riskier situation like the mineral elevator/conveyor belt. However, she gets back to earth and she shows off her professional blowjob skills. Now, the four guys form a circle jerk around her and by this time she has saliva running down her chest from all the sucking and throatfucking! They really test her limits, but she just takes the throatfucking like a true professional. As a result of all the throatfucking, her mascara is somewhat smeared. Finally, she takes all their protein milkshakes on her face with her eyes open throughout the facial abuse. She masks her disdain and anger, but somehow it shows through just enough to notice.

Jasmin, a black beauty from London, is about to have her mouth violated! The 24 yo Brit says that many people mistaken her for a 19 yo. I guess this is the first to have imported a non-Eastern European in the Cum for Cover series. Jasmin is wearing a neon yellow two piece and she doesn’t look as skanky as her ghetto counterparts in America. Chris Rolie is up to his old antics getting the opportunity to slap the talent’s ass. Jasmin is a little too over the top especially when she cums while she fucks herself with a dildo. She still has the remnants of moistiness when she gets some dicks to suck. The four guys have themselves pleasured by the skills of the ebony fellatio artist. She is a workhorse and likes to slob on their knobs with excess saliva. Jasmin takes the throatfucking at fullspeed like a pro and she lets up through entire scene. Her antics may be too extreme for viewers since she’s able to fill her mouth with two cocks at once. While she’s the center of attention in the circle jerk, Chris plays funny man and lets her suck and bite a piece of cucumber in POV fasion. In the end, she receives four monster facials with a closed mouth, but she never inches away from feeling the full grunt of the protein blast!

Sandra Parker is a 20 yo skunky blonde Hungarian wearing a rock and roll themed two piece suit. She has a great ass on her, especially for a white lady. The cameraman obsesses about her ass and decides to smack it! She takes off her top revealing her surgically enhanced breasts with the left areola pierced! After more gratuitous shots of her stripper body, she sucks off four guys in assembly line fashion, which would make Henry Ford roll in his grave! Later, the assembly line blowbang turns into the standard circle jerk and she goes to business with some good no hands bj. Her lips certainly do qualify as DSLs! The blowbang gets more extreme when she’s on her back getting throatfucked! Despite the throatfucking, her makeup still stays in place without any smearing. Finally, she takes the jizz with a closed mouth resulting in her face plastered with cum!

Next up is a 25 yo tattooed brunette, Sofia, from The Netherlands. The brief interview was funny because Sofia misunderstands the question when she first sucked cock, which was at 12 yo with a stranger who came on her face and instead answers when the first time she had sex, which was at 15 yo. After the niceties, she lets the saliva drip to her enhanced breasts. The director literally becomes hands on with Sophia by fingering her in a POV manner. While the talent arrive, she masturbates by herslef. But, as soon as the six guys enter the scene, the blowbang starts off in assembly line fashion. Soon, it turns into a circle jerk where she pays more time looking into the camera showing her lovely eyes while sucking cock. Things get more extreme when she’s on the floor in the supine position where she gets briefly throatfucked hard! The throatfucking is done in different positions including when the guys lift her up as a battering ram and slam her mouth into the guy’s cock! I haven’t seen this happen before, but I would say this is the pinnacle of objectifying women as sex objects. Things get harder with some choking until she asks to give her their presents on her face. By scene ends, her face is a disaster site with cum covering her entire face until the director helps her smear the jizz, which makes her fake eyelashes covered in cum!

Angela Winter is a 23 yo blonde wearing slutty gear composed of pink fishnet stockings and a matching pink and white two piece top and bikini. She exposes her breasts from her skimpy top and starts to play with her exposed pussy. The solo scene continues inside where there is less environmental noise so all ears are on her aural sounds. Soon, four guys appear in the background waiting to be sucked. The guys find imaginative waves to fuck her thighs and feet while she either performs fellatio or gets throatfucked. Angela is very vocal with the glah-glah-glah sound. She takes it harder in her mouth while she’s lying on her back. The director is up to more antics by spraying her with water while she sucks the assembly line of cock. At this point, her excessive vocals become too annoying! Things get more acrobatic with her being a battering ram for cock like in the prior scene. Finally, her face gets plastered literally with cum making her look like a glazed donut before he spreads the jizz all over her face.

Lia Fire is yet another Hungarian who is in the scene for the hardest throatfucking she’s probably encountered. But, before then, the scene follows the same formula as the rest with the lady groping and playing with herself. Soon, she walks over to the four guys and gets down on her knees to suck cock. The brunette has great deepthroat skills but they may be overrated since she has a semi-limp dick to work on. It’s apparent that she doesn’t have the stamina or the skills to take a fast throatfuck, but she definitely tries her best. While she’s getting throatfucked from above, one of the guys makes her squirt. After more sucking in the assembly line formation, they dump their loads all over her face, especially her nose and forehead! She’s trying not to breathe by the nose because the camera shows some cum movement with every inspiration. So far, that is the nastiest facial cumbath on the DVD. What was different at the end is the director doesn’t smear the jizz all over her face!

Finally, the DVD ends with a 25 yo Hungarian blonde airhead named Ginna Brigitta, which the director has to comment on her stupidity. After showing off her assets wearing a matching white top and panties, she undresses and starts to play with her pussy. The director insults her again before she has five guys to suck. They encircle her in a circle jerk and she takes time to suck them off while another guy has fun fingering her pussy. Unlike Lia Fire, the blonde bimbo has no problem taking the fast and furious throatfucking on her back. She shows her multitasking skills by giving two guys handjobs while she gets throatfucked, heel fucked, finger fucked! The blowbang continues until they unleash their monster loads all over her pretty face resulting in a tie for nastiest cumbath on the DVD. The director is not so nice this time and decides to smear the semen all over her face!

In summary, Cum For Cover 3, is an extreme blowbang and it may not appeal to everyone since viewers may be turned off by the ultra-aggressive throatfucking. If you are a fan of blowbang videos filled with European babes, then this is definitely in your ballpark. Don’t miss Sofia’s, Lia’s, and Ginna’s scenes! Furthermore, the moving blowjob scene is a spectacle that’s not to be missed! In fact, this bonus scene moved the video’s rating from a Recommended to the low end of Highly Recommended.

RATING: Highly Recommended

For a detailed scene breakdown, click here!

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