Alexis Texas is Buttwoman (Blu-ray)

314838new-copyAlexis Texas is Buttwoman is Elegant Angel’s flaghship Blu-ray title. In case you didn’t know, a few years ago Elegant Angel was at a crossroads with declining sales and stale product releases, but that’s changed due to the efforts of rebranding the Elegant Angel image by targeting specific genres. For example, the company found success with the Big Wet Asses series. I would have thought they would have released their first Blu-ray for the BWA, but I was wrong since Elegant Angel likes to stick with tradition in the long-run as this selection suggests. Critics may question Alexis Texas as the new Buttwoman and I can empathize with them since she wouldn’t be my first choice. However, to her credit she performs well throughout the video saving the best for last with her very first on-screen anal! One thing’s for sure is that the front boxcover is total hotness with Alexis’s curvacious booty! Elegant Angel spared no expense with this two-disc Blu-ray production and I’m pretty sure they were gunning for an 2009 AVN award of some sort.

Running Length: Disc 1: ~3 hours and 41 minutes; Disc 2: ~4 hours and 9 minutes excluding trailers

Starring: Alexis Texas, Kristina Rose, Gianna, and Jenna Haze

The video is presented in widescreen 1080 HD and is encoded in VC1 at a range of 12-14 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, the fleshtones were sometimes accurates and sometimes not. The real culprit in this issue is the contrast issues, which do affect the skin tones. This is neither the worst nor the best Adult Blu-ray image quality, especially if you take into account that this is Elegant Angel’s first Blu-ray that is considerably much better than Vivid’s first outing. Now, in terms of audio, there were no noticeable distortions and both the dialogue and sex sounds came in clearly. Furthermore, I have to applaud how the production team with the soundtrack!

Besides the standard special features like the cum shot recap and trailers, the Blu-ray is chalk full of extras including the following: The Making of Buttwoman BTS (HD-~29 min), Extra Footage (HD-~11 min), Bloopers (HD-~3 min), Hanging on the Set with Buttwoman (SD-~21 min), “Updated” History of Buttwoman Documentary (SD-56 min), Director Interview (22 min), and bonus scenes. There are five bonus scenes all in SD, which include the following: Alexis Texas in Performers of the Year (~33 min), Alexis Texas in Massive Asses 1 (~24 min), Strip club/bar scene from Brianna Love is Buttwoman (~21 min), Tianna is Buttwoman (~15 min) and a lesbian orgy from Tiffany Is Buttwoman (~23 min). The audio interview with the director is worth listening to since they discuss about the technical difficulties shooting the storyline that begins the video. Also, they discussed how the weather was not cooperating regarding Alexis’s rollerksating at Santa Monica. Despite all these difficulties and in-fighting they were able to stick through it and finish the production. The Making of Buttwoman, Hanging on the Set with Buttwoman, Extra Footage, and Bloopers all contain candid moments with the ladies. There’s one segment in Hanging on the Set with Buttwoman where William H. dances with Kristina and Alexis to the techno, which is entertaining to say the least. Also in the HD BTS, there’s a funny conversation between Jenna and Alexis where Jenna recounts that when she was contracted with defunct Jill Kelly Productions, she would do many lesbian scenes and it was funny how she could sense which ladies were into the munching and kissing and which ones were not! The extra footage is nice for all you fans that love more gratuitous shots of the women, especially Alexis Texas! All in all, the special features are enjoyable to watch except for the outdated documentary and the latter two bonus scenes.

Sam No and William H. try a different spin with the long-running genre by giving the introduction a 1950s flare to it. Alexis Texas is caught in a dead-end job somewhere in the shanty towns of Southern California. At work as a waitress, she’s stuck serving alchoholics who spout out sexual slurs to her. Finally, she snaps and decides to steal a bar customer’s car so she can escape her life and move to Hollywood. Though, the video soon turns X-rated.

Alexis Texas gets this Blu-ray started right with the help of the brunette cutie-pie Kristina Rose. But, before then, Alexis Texas shows off her bombastic booty to the camera and even shakes her thang like a sista’. She’s got a lot of junk in the trunk that is intensely scrutinized in 1080 HD. Then, the lovely Kristina Rose gives her version of the booty quake. The booty dancing competition goes back and forth between the ladies until they get more intereactive with each other. Kristina feels the need to pour a liberal dosing of oil on Alexis’s meaty ass. Then, Kristina has her covered with oil! Soon, the ladies assume the doggie position where the ladies are bumping asses with each other. After the great tease play, the ladies go indoors where they taste each other’s juices. Their lucky onscreen male partner gets into the action and gets his tongue all up Kristina’s lovebox! Things get somewhat kinky when he puts his between their asses that all piled up on top of each other. Then, the camera captures the tagteam blowjob from the bottom down as well in third person perspective where we see Alexis’s ass while she gives head. He is having a field day fucking the big-assed ladies. Kristina shows how nasty she can be by performing pussy-to-other-girl’s-mouth. At one point, Alexis is very active bouncing up and down his rod in the cowgirl position. The threesome goes round and round with Kristina coming up to bat while she eats out Alexis. There is one-on-one carpetmunching before the guy returns to the scene. In the end, Alexis receives a monster load all over ass before rubbing ass cheeks with Kristina.

Alexis Texas is paired up with A-list pornstar Gianna. Although I can appreciate Gianna’s talents, she just doesn’t do anything for me. Anyway, the naturally breasted Gianna drops down to her knees and licks Alexis Texas’s ass, which is only thinly covered by a fishnet stockings and butt floss. The ass worships changes locations when the ladies crawl over next to a grand piano! The ladies become more acquainted with each other as the all-veggie session picks up pace. Alexis kisses Gianna natural rack with a balance of care and ferocity. At one point, Gianna fingers Alexis’s tight ass in a rapid manner as the blonde moans away with every motion. There’s also the use of a Japanese branded massager. which comes into play. Furthermore, Gianna gets nasty with a clear dildo and shows off her deepthroat skills while Alexis delivers encouraging words with dirty talk. After the ladies are all wet from the one-on-one festivities, their lucky meat puppet walks down the stairs. Soon, the ladies demonstrate their blowjob skills and I must say Gianna excels, especially if you like wet ones. After he gives the ladies are thorough boning, he cums on Alexis’s ass cheeks. The sexual intensity definitely exceeded the first scene where I thought Kristina Rose came up a bit short as compared to Gianna.

The third scene starts with Alexis Texas rollerskating in her sexy pink bikini while wearing sunglasses. If you thought that this suit was hot, she puts on a monokini made famous by Borat. These are one of those times it must be lucky to be the string tethering the butt floss to the rest of the monokini! For those butt-lovers out there, you will have your fill of gratuitous ass shots! After sprawling on the beach, she heads up to her hotel room where she gets down and dirty with the meat puppet. The couple have lust both in their mind and eyes as they get to know each other better, especially when he worships her ass before she sits on his face. Soon, she returns the favor with brief head. This progresses into the actual sex where he gets to fuck her in several different positions, but she just poses and gyrates well in the cowgirl position. However, there are times when he drills her pussy like how the government wants to drill offshore! There’s plenty of run and gun sex here, there are times when he takes it slow and romantic with Alexis. But, he returns to his old ways and powerfucks her until he shoots a huge thick load all over her face!

Jenna Haze and Alexis together in a scene? Who would have thought, but Elegant Angel has managed to get the A-lister to play second fiddle to Alexis. But, it’s all good and it’s all in the name of high-quality smut! When the two stand side-by-side, it’s apparent that Jenna Haze’s firm ass is not match for the Alexis’s ba-dunka bounce. In fact, Jenna Haze oils Alexis’s ass before the festivities go indoors. The two go at with each other with plenty of tit worship and passionate kissing, If you like an all-veggie session and even if you don’t, who wouldn’t appreciate the site of two sexy ladies going at it with each other with dirty talk and all! They are just getting because when a meat puppet enters the scene, they are down with that. Before he’s treated with a great blowjob with the better skill level given to Alexis, he just has to get up close and personal with Alexis’s ass! After the foreplay, the threesome starts with him banging the ladies in several positions. The threesome never gets boring since either someone is being banged while the other is licking the one that’s being fucked! Jenna ups the ante giving all access to anal fucking, but Alexis increases her game by performing ass-to-other-girl’s-mouth! The Alexis Texas nastiness level has increased up by one level, which is a sign to come! There’s plenty of action throughout the threesome. Finally, he fucks Alexis in the spoon position until he launches a popshot on her buttcrack. The veteran Jenna laps up the cum like the true professional that she is!

All this buildup reminds me how Japanese adult videos start with introducing a starlet where each scene become progressively harder. This is also the case in this production with the end scene resulting in Alexis taking it in the ass for the first time on-screen! Alexis peers out the deck overlooking Los Angeles while she’s wearing an aquamarine two piece. When she takes off her bottom and crawls on the table, she reveals that she has a butt plug, which foreshadows what is about to transpire. Soon, she’s met by her beau who is more than willing to replace the ruby colored butt plug with a bigger butt plug. Then, he takes his swollen remember and fucks Alexis’s mouth with vigor! For a moment, I thought she was Annette Schwarz with all the no-hands sloppy fellatio. In between the fellatio, he manages her to suck her ass-juices from the buttplug! Before the anal plundering takes place, he fucks her well-seasoned pussy thoroughly. When he’s fucking her pussy in the spoon position, he decides to stick into her primed ass! She urges him to fuck her ass hard and she squeals with both pain and delight. He gets a good and fast rhythm before mixing things up with missionary anal. She tries to modulate the pain/pleasure by playing with her pussy. Things get hotter in the reverse cowgirl anal position! She gets nastier by performing ass-to-mouth! Her ass fills up the widescreen while she’s getting fucked in the ass in the cowgirl position. There’s some unnecessary slapping,choking, and foot worhipping, but it shouldn’t detract from the quality of the scene. The great scene ends with him splooging his load on Alexis’s face! The post-coital cleanup could have been better, but I’d have to say not too shabby at all!

In summary, the Blu-ray version of Alexis Texas is Buttwoman has all the makings of a shoe-in for the highest rating. However, the visual quality was a mixed bag with the overexposure by the flooding of light skewed the fleshtones through some segments of some scenes. I’m sure that there is a remedy to this situation as it has plagued other Blu-ray productions. Although the special features impressed me, I was somewhat puzzled why Belladonna or a better Tiffany Mynx scene was not included. There’s a not a whole to complain about since the scenes were great throughout and this is probably the most complete Buttwoman volume since the age of Belladonna. After watching this Blu-ray, Alexis naysayers will probably change their opinions about her! Despite the issues discussed, I have no qualms giving this the highest rating!

RATING: What are you waiting for! Go out and buy it already!

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