Anabolic’s Initiations 23 (Blu-ray)

316259-copyAnabolic’s Initiations 23 is a little different than the prior volume since Ivan has help in the directing department. There are some stunners here like Kiki Vidis who 100% deserves to be on the front cover! Also, Beau Marie is another beauty, especially with her hypnotizing bedroom eyes. However, not all of the talent live up to this standard such as Cayden Moore or Taylor Thomas. Despite that, this is a great release and it’s worth buying on Blu-ray!

Running Length: ~2 hours and 49 minutes

Starring: Nikki Anne, Brittany Angel, Cayden Moore, Beau Marie, Hydie Waters, Chayse Evans, Taylor Thomas, and Kiki Vidis

The video is presented in widescreen in 1080 HD and is encoded in MPEG-4 AVC at around 15 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 224 Kbps. Visually speaking, the fleshtones in most scenes were inaccurate with the skin appearing yellow-orange while all the scenes contained excessive overexposure. I hope that these issues will be fixed soon. As always with Anabolic releases, there is an option to toggle on/off the music.

The extras include a cumshot recap, an interesting ~20 minute BTS, and a weakly done photo gallery since the pictures do not make use of the screen’s real estate. In the BTS, the Brittany Angel interview is informative because she worked at the infamous/famous Bunny Ranch in Nevada where she entertained all sorts of men and their fetishes. Kiki Vidis also has a good chunk of BTS time where she recalls the differences in culture between her native Australia and the United States. I must say that Kiki Vidis is extremely photogenic and seems to have a bubbly and likable personality! Definitely, she was the jewel of the BTS!

Nikki Anne is a natural beauty and it’s allegedly her first scene. After placing the blindfold on, she’s asked cursory questions about where she’s from and what she thinks is gong to happen. Although the 21 year old Arizonian answers correctly that she’s going to take on two guys, she doesn’t actually know what she’s getting into! Her anxious energy makes her grow tired of the interview and soon she sucks on the two cocks. The men don’t waste time of getting her out of her plaid two-piecewearing a plaid two-piece and taking off her blindfold. After the foreplay, which included brief throatfucking and tiffucking, she lets them fuck her pussy. Although the actual sex starts with a dick in her mouth and the other in her pussy, the intensity is too much for her resulting in the scene resorting into a one-on-one scene. At this point, one of the guys goes crazy fingering her until she orgasms. In the end, she takes two facials in succession, but the second guy facefucks after he cums until she gags. Nikki Anne has just been initiated!

The 21 yo former Bunny Ranch employee, Brittany Angel, has the stereotypical blonde stripper look with the addition of a great pair of dick-sucking-lips (DSLs). Before the scene starts, she opens up about her past having been a hotel auditor before her Bunny Ranch and porn days! Brittany admits she likes it a little rough favoring hair pulling and spanking. Soon, she’s blindfolded and it doesn’t take too long before she’s sucking on cock-meat. The blonde has good oral skills that just get better when her blindfolds come off and we get to see her nice eyes! Her partner gets the best out of her since he fucks her hard in the doggie position with her ass up and face down! Since she likes it rough, he chokes her while fucking her hard. She finishes him off riding him in the cowgirl position before she takes a messy facial on her pretty face. It’s hard to believe that she says that this is her first facial ever! That’s hard to believe, especially since she worked at the Bunny Ranch!

Cayden Moore’s scene starts with her already blindfolded. The below average bleach blonde Latina with cake-on makeup makes her look like the late Tammy Faye Baker to go along with her golddigger mentality. One thing or actually two things that she’s got going for her is her great toned body with nice breasts! Anyway, the brief foreplay leads to the fast and furious fucking and sucking. At one point one of the guys fucks her in the reverse cowgirl position but exits to let his partner fuck her in missionary. In between she tastes her own juices by performing pussy-to-mouth. In the end, she takes two weak facials. Although I don’t particularly like her looks, I appreciate that she has great energy throughout the scene.

The pretty-eyed 19 yo Beau Marie is originally from Germany, but that’s hard to believe since I cannot here the accent. She looks like a better and thinner version of a Sarah Shine with great big eyes like a Melissa Lauren. During the interview, she reveals that her boyfriend supports what she’s doing. But, we all know that’s a trainwreck going to happen! The so-called newbie plays naive since she doesn’t even know what kind of scene she’ll be in. But, it doesn’t take too long for her to get on the same wavelength when she places her lips on his human flute. Beau Marie’s skin flute skills aren’t that great, but at least she mixes it up well during the sex. Specifically, she’s in an interesting cowgirl position with her knees extended and supported by each fuck thrust. Despite these nuances, she’s too passive for my tastes! In the end, he jerks off onto her face. It was a lukewarm scene and I had high expectations for her. I’m sure if she continues, she’ll be a pro in no time!

Hydie Waters is an ebony chick who just doesn’t have the looks as a Jayla Starr. In fact, she looks too skanky. Unlike the other scene, Hydie gets interactive with a two-pronged vibrator before putting her blindfold on. There’s not much of an interview here since she just goes all in with a very sloppy and wet blowjob including nice deepthroat. Soon, she takes the blindfold off and has to endure having human salami jammed up her snatch. Finally, the scene ends with a messy facial! Despite not having the looks, she makes up with a skilled sexual performance.

Next up is the 21 yo Chayse evans who sort of looks like a thinner and younger version of Jewel De’ Nyle complete with a nasty looking shoulder tattoo. The interview was interesting indeed since she claims to be a former marine turned stripper turned pornstar! Soon, she has blindfolds while getting facefucked. I guess the years she spent in the marine corps really helped her future occupation. When it comes to the intercourse, her partner starts off slow, but soon as her vaginal juices start to flow, he fucks at her at full speed. She likes it a little rough because there’s choking involved. By scene’s end, her mascara smeared face becomes cum-laden. She is a good performer, but her perky personality may be a turn-off for some.

The next scene is an all blowjob scene starring an average-looking Taylor Thomas, a 21 yo from Wisconsin. She says that she’s a mix of French, German, and Puerto Rican, but honestly I can only see the Puerto Rican in her. Anyway, the scene is a POV blowjob scene, which ends with him cumming in to her open mouth. I really don’t know why this was included because it just felt like filler material.

The video saves the best for last with the super sexy Aussie, Kiki Vidis. I’m not sure why the interesting interview from the BTS was not included in the scene, but anyway that’s a moot point. Like all the other scenes, Kiki starts with the blindfold on while sucking cock. She has a nice rhythm going while she pleasures him. Soon, she takes off the blindfold and the camera captures her beautiful eyes while she gives oh so good head. In several compromising positions, the camera captures her perfectly-sized breasts while she gets a thorough boning. Finally, he fucks her in the doggie position until he launches a monster load. Unfortunately, only some land in her mouth while the majority lands on the couch! Well, at least Kiki has the manners to apologize for the mess! Despite the botched facial, this is a great scene and I am looking forward to watching Kiki in more scenes!

In summary, Anabolic’s Initiations 23 has a great-looking cast for the most part headlined by the Aussie Kiki Vidis with supporting roles by Beau Marie, Brittany Angel, and Nikki Anne. The other ladies just don’t do it for me. Despite that, this Blu-ray has more positive things going then negative ones. Specifically, it’s worth watching the extended Kiki Vidis interview in the BTS. This Blu-ray squeaks by with a HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

RATING: Highly recommended

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