The Nikki Jayne Experiment (Blu-ray)

B. Skow is one lucky director having the opportunity to direct the hottest starlets in the world of adult including Sunny Leone, Meggan Mallone, and Nikki Jayne among others. For those who think that the current Vivid is like the old 1990s Vivid, get ready for a rude awakening. The Nikki Jayne Experiment has a lot of hot and sweaty sex captured in the gonzo style!There’s no doubt that The Nikki Jayne Experiment on Blu-ray is worth the extra money!

Running Length: ~3 hours and 53 minutes

Starring: Nikki Jayne, Veronique Vega, Meggan Mallone, and Allyssa Hall

The video is presented in widescreen 1080 HD and is encoded in VC-1 at around 10 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, the fleshtones were not as optimal since the indoor scenes made the skin look orange-yellow while the outdoor scenes suffered from light flooding making the entire image overexposed. However, there were no noticeable irregularities like pixelation or visual noise. As far as the sound is concerned, the dialogue as well as the sex sounds came in clear and distinct except for Nikki and Meggan’s scene where the sound was a bit muffled.

The extras, which are all in HD, include six edited bonus scenes across the Brand New Faces spectrum (BNF 1 with Courtney James, BNF 1 with Ruby Ryder, BNF 2 with Phoenix Marie, BNF 7 with Jean LaConia, and BNF 7 with Sasha Sin), a ~23 minute BTS, trailers, and a nice photo gallery using the Ken Burns effect. The biggest pet peeve for the bonus scenes is that they are shortened and that’s too bad because I would have liked to see the scene buildup rather than the in media res fucking. The bonus scene that stood out was Jean LaConia’s as well as Ruby Ryder’s scene that ends with a well placed facial! The BTS was not really as interesting as I thought it would be and is somewhat kind of disappointing since I was expecting more interview footage from both Nikki and Meggan since they are contract stars!

The Blu-ray gets off to a steamy start as expected with front cover UK blonde chick, Nikki Jayne. Her bikini babe looks could have easily landed her a front cover on Maxim magazine or FHM, but Nikki has decided to use her looks and body for sportier and carnal pursuits for us viewers. In this scene, she’s wearing a matching yellow two piece lingerie, but it doesn’t take too long for them to come off. It looks as if it would be a solo affair, but thankfully that impression falls through when her partner enters the scene and provides some digital manipulation on her before she returns the favor by locking her lips on his fuck stick. After the foreplay, she rides him like a pro that she is. She turns up the nastiness factor with pussy-to-mouth, but that’s nothing compared to the anal penetration to come. She takes him in her poop chute like a good sport and even gets to taste her own ass juices via ass-to-mouth. The lengthy and thorough sex scene ends with him lobbing a cumshot into her open mouth! So far, the Blu-ray is off to a good start!

Veronique Vega, who once admitted that she wanted to take the LSAT to become a lawyer, still hasn’t achieved that goal yet. Anyway, this cute Latina, reminds me of Jasmine Byrne as well as newcomer Mia Lina. Only time will tell if Veronique will become as nasty as Jasmine was in her prime! In this scene, Veronique plays to the camera, which is move obvious than usual. After the masturbation, her partner enters the scene and soon he has his fingers all up in her before letting her taste her juices. This leads to a nice handjob/blowjob combination. After the foreplay, Veronique does her thing, but she just doesn’t seem into it as much as I have seen in her other scenes. In the end, he jerks off onto her pretty face! This was a decent scene, but it could have been much more had the chemistry been up to par.

The next scene has Vivid’s most recent contract stars, Meggan Mallone and Nikki Jayne, pairing up with a meat puppet making it a threesome. Prior the full-on threesome occurs, the ladies acquaint themselves with each other in the tub using their female touch. However, even before the veggie session, Nikki Jayne admits she likes to masturbate before a scene. She definitely practices what she preaches since she uses a silver vibrator! Anyway, their male costar appears at the right time because their juices are flowing because of the groping, sucking, and fingering. The ladies take turns devouring his cock using different fellatio styles. The threesome kicks into gear moving from the bathrrom to the dining room. The Brit from Wigan rides him first and she has no trouble taking him hard and deep. Soon, Meggan has her opportunity riding the pony, so to speak. The sex is in the standard positions, but at one point the ladies configure themselves in a 69 where the lucky guy would jam his rod into their wet love boxes. After the heated threesome, he finally cannot resist cumming on their lovely faces. This was a good scene although there could have been better chemistry between the latest contract starlets. It’s apparent that Nikki Jayne has a wider repertoire than Meggan and that shouldn’t be a surprise since she starred in a hot release from Harmony Films before she signed up with Vivid.

Next up is a young and attractive brunette named Allyssa Hall. After the masturbation sequence, a lucky guy appears at the right time. It doesn’t take long before he is all up in her pussy lapping her juices up. She returns the favor by sucking his cock until he shoves up it inside her. The chemistry seems to be lacking since either she’s dazed throughout the scene or she is disinterested with her partner. Despite that, there are good segments throughout like when she gets throatfucked while laying on her back. In the end, she does her best to keep the pop shot interesting taking it with an open mouth and revealing her tongue piercing. The scene is decent since it’s neither great nor terrible.

The penultimate scene is a torrid threesome with Nikki Jayne as the center of the world. Before then, she treats the camera to another nice tease sequence leading to the solo masturbation, but this time without the use of toys. Soon, two guys appear out of nowhere and it doesn’t take too long before the groping leads to the oral foreplay. This Brit is a pro at fellatio among other skills! The threesome turns up several notches when they oil up her ass and start double penetrating her. Unlike other DPs where one guy is tasked with all the thrusting, both men thrust with a fierce determination literally splitting both her bottom holes! She performs ass-to-mouth in between the fast and furious fucking. The scorching threesome ends with a heavy dose of protein jizz all over her lovely face.

Finally, Nikki Jayne, ends this supercharged Vivid production with a fellatio scene shot in POV fashion. She shows off her myriad of oral styles from the deep throating to the handjob/blowjob combination. At one point while she gives deepthroat, the sensation must have been too much for the lucky guy as he wriggles his legs near her head. In the end, she jerks him off until he cums on her hands. This was a decent although it would have been best if it had been included as a bonus scene.

In summary, the B. Skow’s The Nikki Jayne Experiment is an exceptional piece of adult entertainment. Furthermore, Nikki Jayne gives Vivid a lot of versatility regarding her sexual limit is concerned as her FIRST Vivid production illustrates! In fact, I would say that The Nikki Jayne Experiment is the best production among the three recently signed starlets, Hanna Hilton, Meggan Mallone, and Nikki Jayne. She’s not afraid to get nasty as the scorching DP suggests. This deserves a HIGHLY RECOMMEND although The Other Side of Sunny is slightly better!

RATING: Highly recommended

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