Tera Goes Gonzo (Blu-ray)

The Spyder Jonez directed video, Tera Goes Gonzo, is a great vehicle to showcase the sexuality of the company’s namesake. Speaking of Tera, she performs in four out of the six scenes, which is a great ratio considering she hasn’t been in many scenes lately. Although the video was produced in 2006, Teravision was wise to release both formats just at the right time when Blu-ray became more pervasive. Furthermore, this is a good title for viewers who want to watch a well produced anal-free production! Plus, it doesn’t hurt to have Roxy DeVille in it!

Running Length: ~1 hour and 43 minutes

Starring: Tera Patrick, Stefani Morgan, Kelle Marie, Daisy Marie, and Roxy DeVille

The video is presented in widesceen 1080 HD and is encoded in MPEG-4 AVC at 10 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 224 Kbps. Visually speaking, the fleshtones in this production were accurate. The composition in terms of lighting and angles were optimal throughout. The only glitch I encountered was during the last scene at  timecode 1 hour 26 minutes and 13 seconds where the picture became garbled up. In terms of the sound, the dialogue as well as the sex sounds came in a little tinny. In other worlds the sound was more on the treble side than bass resulting in a not so robust sound.

The extras include a ~33 minutes BTS, a ~10 minute interview with Ron Jeremy, a ~9 minute interview with Evan Stone, trailers, and an average photo gallery.  The BTS is somewhat watchable, but most of the time is spent on scene two’s preparation. But, needless to say Tera fans will like the extra camera time starring her. The Ron Jeremy and Evan Stone interviews that start off with their definition of gonzo are not as interesting because I don’t think anyone who buys this Blu-ray cares what they think since neither of them produce/direct pornography. I’d rather watch Ron Jeremy being interviewed by Nightline’s Martin Bashir or Evan Stone doing his BTS antics with Digital Playground. Anyway, the photo gallery needs some work since it doesn’t use the entire screen real estate.

The Blu-ray starts off with Tera Patrick dressed in a racy schoolgirl outfit walking where she is approached by notorious/legendary pornographer Ed Powers who has bagged several nice catches in his lifetime like Inari Vachs and Lela Star. I didn’t really like the setup mainly because of the creepiness factor brought in by Ed Powers. The scene switches back and forth from the Hi8 amateur camera style to the normal professional style. Fortunately for us, Ed Powers stays BEHIND the camera and not in front of it. After Tera is relaxed, she masturbates using her hands as well as a dildo until she’s done with her business.

The next scene stars former Vivid star Stefani Morgan with veterans Kelle Marie and Tera Patrick. Before the action starts, the legendary Hedgehog Ron Jeremy introduces the scene. Soon afterwards, Ed Powers is at it again with his pre-game interview with the talent until the all-veggie scene occurs. This is a good-looking cast, but unfortunately they don’t seem to have solid chemistry between each other. There’s an emphasis of sex toy action and I would have rather preferred that the ladies were lapping each other up. It’s a decent scene, but it could have been much better.

Former Video Team contract lady Daisy Marie gives the video Latina flava with her petite slender body and booty-full ass. There’s a bit of editing magic here as the director shows off his power by snapping his fingers in progression resulting in Daisy’s complete and barren nakedness. She delivers some very nasty talk during the foreplay in her native Spanish , which probably should be done more often by Spanish-speaking pornstars. She then receives a healthy dose of cockmeat up her love box! After the thorough fucking, he gets off a nice load inside her mouth, but unfortunately she lets it dribble down to her chest. Although I don’t think highly of Daisy Marie, I appreciate her energy and performance in this scene.

Before the actual scene starts, Ron Jeremy, in documentary style, discusses how people usually fast forward the spoken dialogue in porn! Anyway, after the introduction, the camera focuses in on lovely bathing beauty Tera Patrick wearing a blazing blue bikini that wraps around her chest with like a ribbon. She looks hot just standing in the pool! After giving the camera several moments of R-rated eye candy, Tera goes x-rated by exiting the pool and planting her lips on cock and sucking away. This is a nice blowjob scene! It doesn’t take too long until he cums! If you are a Tera Patrick fan, then this will definitely get your blood flowing to other parts of your body besides your brain!

Evan Stone introduces the scene using his quarky sense of humor. Anyway, Roxy DeVille is a very sexy brunette, who is a better version of Taylor Rain. She’s all glammed up even wearing some sensible fishnet stockings. The femme fatale is one of the most underrated performers in the industry and that’s too bad because she has exceptional fellatio skills as this scene as well as her scenes from Suck It Dry 2 and 5 suggests! The composition of the scene is good since the camera makes use of the mirror giving us viewers of Roxy’s back side and her long tresses while she plays the flute. After the great oral including deepthroat, he fucks her hard in several positions including doggie and cowgirl! In the end, she blows him until he jerks off onto her face even managing to land a gob of jizz right under her eye. She’s not done yet because she performs mind-blowing post-coital head!

The last scene starring Tera Patrick has a nice scenario where she answers the door wearing nothing but a tight pink bikini. Apparently, the faux police officer notices that she’s shooting an adult production there so Tera has to put on her PR hat on. She invites him to the bedroom where he cannot keep his hands off her body. Tera helps him out of his uniform and it doesn’t take too long before she’s performing fellatio. She uses a nice handjob/blowjob combination until the main intercourse. She gets rough and ready taking his thrusts like a professional. Finally, he cannot hold on any longer and cums in her mouth. This was a good scene not just because it starred Tera Patrick, but because it had a nice plot.

In summary, Tera Goes Gonzo is a good release, especially if you are a major Tera Patrick fan. It may not satisfy the extreme raincoater who expects to watch almost every woman taking it up the arse. However, it’s a nice break from the all-anal videos that have been flooding the market. It’s nice to watch a well-done video that is anal-free! Despite a number of issues such as the first scene with Tera wearing a questionable schoolgirl outfit while being videotaped by the notorious Ed Powers as well as technical issues regarding the sound and visual quality, the Blu-ray has enough going for it to reach a rating of RECOMMENDED!

RATING: Recommended

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