Annina’s Sex Talk

The Moli-directed Annina’s Sex Talk is definitely for fans of Annina Ucatis. The big-titted beauty even performs her first on-screen double penetration, which should make fans of hers salivating for her to take it to the next level. The ladies are attractive except for the Adenauer look-alike Sabrina Rose and Jenna Jane!

Running Length: ~1 hour and 48 minutes

Starring: Annina, Sidney Love, Regina Moon, Jenna Jane, Sabrina Rose, and Lulu Martinez

The video is presented in widescreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at 4-5 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, the composition of the scenes were nicely presented. Furthermore, the fleshtones as well as the lighting were accurate throughout. Now, regarding the audio, there were no distortions during both the spoken dialogue and the sex sounds.

Unlike Magma’s Blu-ray offerings, this DVD has sparse special features with only a weakly presented photo gallery and several trailers.

Annina, the head of a famous modeling agency is on a rampage having fired one of her agents. If you don’t know German, then that’s too bad because the acting is more than decent throughout the video. The recently fired agent packs his belonging and it looks like his day is off to a bad start, but one of his gal pals, Sidney Love calls him over for a one-on-one stress relieving booty call. She encourages him to set up a rival agency. After the words of encouragement, he gropes the punk lady’s tits, which leads to a brief blowjob. The foreplay advances to the actual sex when she hops on his cock. Sidney not only takes it in the pussy, but she takes hard in the ass reverse cowgirl style. While going balls deep in her ass, he spreads her pussy for the camera. Finally, he rewards her for her efforts with a nicely placed facial!

Meanwhile, Annina has an assignment for one of her minions to spy on the recently fired modeling agent. Annina is quite stressed out from the entire situation and her assistant gives her a neck rub when she cannot close a modeling shoot session with a famous photographer who’s about to fuck Regina Moon. I cannot blame him from not answering the phone singe the sexy brunette Regina Moon has a great ass and is definitely high quality. After the very nice foreplay including a brief 69, he fucks her raw in several different positions. The good scene ends with cum on Regina’s face!

Jenna Jane, a skunky blonde, has the typical stripper body with horribly placed tattoos that ruin her otherwise hot body. I’m not surre why she’s wearing her stilettos in the shower other than for effect. She finishes up in the shower and is about to get ready for her casting call, but her boyfriend wants to have a quickie in the shower. The quickie ends with a cumshot to her average-looking face. Soon after, he accompanies Jenna Jane to the Annina’s recently fired agent. Apparently, Jenna Jane does not have what it takes to be a model since he critiques her very unfavorably. Later on in the day, the agent thinks he has a potential model in the making when a turn-stopping brunette drops by his office, but unfortunately it’s a ruse to repossess his laptop!

Annina has a fetish with men in uniform as the next scene suggests. One of her assistants is in a German Navy uniform and it does not take too long before she has her Dick Sucking Lips (DSLs) on his cock. After the oral lovin’, he pumps her full of information, so to speak in different positions. The scene appears to be a one-on-one, but another guy enters the fray making it a threesome. This leads to her first on-screen double penetration. The guy really hammers her ass going balls deep while the other guy does nothing. In the end, they cream-coat her huge tits. I would have liked her to have taken facials, but it’s all good!

Next, Annina is there at the photoshoot introducing her models to a famous photographer, but soon leaves once her models are relaxed with their surroundings. One of the Eastern European ladies, Sabrina Rose, is unattractive since she looks like Konrad Audenauer while the brunette is much better looking. The photo shoot went well and the models want to thank the photographer with a threesome. The ladies share responsibility sucking cock, but the sexy brunette, Lulu Martinez, is a pro at sucking cock. Specifically, she gives deepthroat with lots of saliva. He sticks his saliva covered cock into the Sabrina’s pussy and ass. Next, Lulu gets some anal lovin’ as well. In between, he tastes the Lulu’s sweet vaginal lips. Finally, the great scene ends with the two ladies sharing his load with each other. It’s not done because Lulu gives great post-coital head before the ladies French kiss each other’s cum-laden tongues.

The recently fired agent just cannot get a break, but his luck is about to change because Annina informs him that she has a suprise for him. Despite getting having his laptop repossessed and his car getting ticketed, he finds the courage to meet Annina. The surprise is that she is so horny for him. They help each other of their business attire. Soon she’s on her knees and sucking his cock. He returns the favor with brief cunnilingus before shoving his cock with all his weight in a modified missionary position. Annina shows who’s control when she’s on top of him controlling the rhythm. After several more minutes, she spooges his load all over her bare pussy!

In summary, Annina’s Sex Talk is a delight for Annina fans since she performs her first on-screen double penetration. It’s impressive that with each video she performs, she turns up the sexual notch starting with vaginal, to anal, and now to double penetration. I guess she’s true to her word as her interview in Annina Superstar suggests. The DVD is a solid release with great looking ladies with the exception of Sabrina Rose and Jenna Jane. It deserves a solid RECOMMEND!

RATING: Recommended

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