Young Harlots: Dirty Secrets

It’s hard to believe that the Scotsman, Gazzman, once worked on Private videos, but now he’s made his mark with Harmony Films. If you haven’t known by now, Gazzman is one of those directors that can film hot and sweaty hardcore sex with class. Young Harlots: Dirty Secrets has an international cast with the likes of Carmen McCarthy, Carmel Moore, and the Spannish hottie Susana Abril. The hardcore sex counterbalanced with the Victorian environment makes this video unique and worth watching. Although, the sex may be too hard for the common viewer, it may just satisfy the gonzo viewer in all of us!

Running Length: ~2 hours and 43 minutes

Starring: Carmel Moore, Sandy Cage, Poppy Morgan, Carmen McCarthy, Robyn Truelove, Susana Abril, and Eve Angel

The video is presented widescreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at a bitrate of 4-5 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 224 Kbps. Visually speaking, the lighting was adequate for the most except for Poppy Morgan’s scene where it seemed a little less than optimum. Similarly, the fleshtones were accurate except for Poppy Morgan’s scene where it was a bit overexposed. There were no audio distortions regarding the sex sounds. Despite the clarity of the sex sounds, the dialogue was somewhat low than the sex sounds. Also, there are German and French subtitles.

The extras include four trailers, outtakes, photo gallery, cumshot recaps, three starlet interviews (Carmen, Robyn, and Sandy), two solo scenes (Carmen and Eve) and a ~5 minute BTS. Harmony definitely improved their extras as compared to the other releases I’ve reviewed. In this DVD, the extras that caught my attention would be the Carmen’s interview and her solo. The other two interviews weren’t as interesting but they are worthy of a look. Perhaps the funniest part is in the outtakes where the guy who’s fucking Carmel and Carmen breaks one of the antique green chairs! That was hilarious because it was unexpected.

It’s croquet time for the ladies at this school of higher institution. They take a break from the lessons and one of the harlots, Robyn, spies on one of the croquet instructors in the WC. Then, she walks down the corridors of the house and encounters her fellow harlot, Carmen. The blonde Carmel Moore steals a kiss from Carmen, the pig-tailed harlot before she licks her tits. Soon, Carmen returns the favor.

Meanwhile, the other harlots Sandy and Eve have their own sapphic lovemaking session in the dning area. Sandy’s a pro at licking clam as this scene shows. The scene progresses with the addition of a black dildo and Sandy jams it in her.

The camera returns to the Carmen and Carmel all veggie session where they go hot and heavy and start lapping each other’s juices up before the croquet instructor shows up to get his rocks off. The two ladies are very accommodating giving their mouths up for his cock. Then, he sticks his rod into Carmen and slams away. In between the fucking, Carmel gives great head and taste her partner’s pussy juices. At one point the ladies are stacked onto each other and he alternates fucking them. The rest of the scene has Carmel taking it up the ass including some gape sequences. In the end, he spooges mostly on the Carmen. What I didn’t expect next is when Carmen slaps Carmel with her cum-covered tits!

Now, the camera focuses on the vegetarian session that was taking place at the dining room. After the dildo play, the Eve and Sandy go into the 69 position and lap each other’s juice’s simultaneously before they are interrupted by one of their instructors.

He’s going to discipline Sandy the only way he can. He shoves her onto the bed and what to see for himself of how of a bitch she is. He performs some ass worship before getting his tongue all up her pussy. After both vaginal and anal digital manipulation, she’s primed to receive his hot sausage injection. He fucks her hard first in the pussy and then in the ass. One of the other male instructors jumps into the fray making it a threesome. Remarkably, she takes the extra pounding and keeps on like the energizer bunny. Although there’s no DP, her ass gets really fucked, which means she’ll be walking funny the next day. Anyway, she takes a cumshot to her pussy and the other to her chest and neck. This is a pretty hard scene with plenty of anal, which is a little too rough and too much to my liking.

Before Robyn Truelove’s scene, the video cuts to the croquet instructors getting touchy and feely with the the sexy brunette Susana Abril. However, the attention rotates to the Brit blonde Robyn who managed to hit the croquet balls out of bounds. The instructor uses this opportunity to have sex with her behind the bushes. It doesn’t take too long before he shoves her mouth onto his cock. In between the great head, she lets him fuck her tits. The nice foreplay leads to good old fashioned hard vaginal fucking. This is a nice break from Sandy’s anal scene. In the end, he splooges a nice in her open mouth. Needless to say, Robyn was a great shag!

The lady on the front cover, Susana Abril, is an upcoming Spanish starlet. In this scene, she really takes it hard and fast in all her holes! Before the acrobatic fucking session, the scene starts as a one-on-one scene with her male partner using sex toys on her asshole before using his fingers on her pussy. After both holes are primed and wet, another instructor makes it a threesome. Soon, she has one cock in her mouth and one in her pussy. Things heat up with scorching anal, double penetration, double anal penetration, and double vaginal penetration! Susana does it all! In the end, she takes two creamy shots that land on her pubic region! It’s hard to believe that such an innocent looking face can be as nasty as this!

The trio of croquet instructors are talking about the next British slut Poppy Morgan that they are going to fuck. The seasoned Brit isn’t that great-looking, but she makes it up with her energetic performance. She gets double penetrated hard and fast, but she doesn’t let up throughout out the scene. This leads to her being airtight with all her orifices filled with cock. Like Susana, she has her vagina stretched to its fullest with the double vaginal. The remainder of the scene has Poppy taking it very hard until the guys plaster her face, literally with cum! This is another good scene!

The last lesson stars the big breasted Carmen McCarthy taking a relaxing bath until she’s surprised by the presence of cock near her face. Like the good harlot she is, she starts sucking the cock and even performs deepthroat. Carmen’s a pro at fellatio since she has no problem being throatfucked! If you are into wet and sloppy blowjobs, then you will definitely like watching this scene. In between the sloppy blowjob, she lets him titfuck. This leads to the fast and furious fucking, especially when she’s being fucked in the reverse cowgirl position. Finally, he launches a huge jizzload all over her face. This nasty tart makes the scene even better with great post-coital head!

In summary, Young Harlots: Dirty Secrets is full of hot, sweaty, and nasty sex. So, be warned that this isn’t for the casual viewer, but probably geared for the raincoater. Specifically, Susana Abril’s and Poppy Morgan’s may be too hardcore for most. However, this shouldn’t detract the normal viewer from watching this great video because there’ a great final scene with Carmen McCarthy that includes some devastating fellatio! The Gazzman directed video deserves a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

RATING: Highly Recommended

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