Monique’s Been Blackmaled (Blu-ray)

Monique’s Been Blackmaled just doesn’t deliver and it’s shameful since this contract star definitely has got the looks and personality to carry a Paul Thomas film on her own as she did with Cry Wolf. This is definitely not one of Monique’s best performances, but at least she had a nice threesome from the third scene. I was disappointed since could have been much better than it turned out to be had they casted other talent besides Sandy Jackman and Claudia Downs.

Running Length:  ~1 hour and 51 minutes

Starring: Monique Alexander, Claire Downs, Sandy Jackman, and Jada Fire

The video is presented in widescreen Full 1080 HD and is encoded in VC-1 with an average bitrate of 12 Mbps although at times it hovered much lower than that  while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, the lighting was on spot, but the very few times it wasn’t the image quality became slightly saturated. Despite that, the fleshtones were accurate for the most part. Now, regarding the audio quality, there were no major irregularities heard meaning that the audio did its job capturing the sex sounds. Also like most porn productions, the music is an afterthought and so the score is at best average.

The extras include a ~16 minute uneventful BTS, a photogallery, trailers, and two Monique Alexander bonus HD scenes from Call Girl Confidential (~11 minutes) and Please Me (~10 minutes). The bonus scenes were on the average side and it’s too bad that her interracial scene with Mr. Marcus from Cry Wolf was not included, which would have made more sense to include.

Contract starlet Monique Alexander shares the scene with Missy Monroe’s reincarnation, Claire Downs. Needless to say, I don’t really favor Claudia since she is just plain trashy. Anyway, the ladies go at it with each other before they go their separate ways on sucking cock. For those who care, Monique Alexander goes all condom while Claire doesn’t. The scene doesn’t progress to an orgy as one would expect. Furthermore, I would have liked the intensity to be better. In the end, Monique gets a load on her chest, but at least Claire takes a facial.

The next scene stars an ebony colored high forehead pornstar named  Sandy Jackman.  She doesn’t have the same star power as a Jada Fire or experience and it does show when she shares the scene with Monique Alexander. It looks as if the pair is going to have fun with Marcus, but he leaves right after he gets decent head from Sandy leaving the ladies to their own devices. Soon, sex toys show up, but even these enhancements don’t liven up the chemistry between them.

If you didn’t know by the cover and the title, Monique is the center of attention in the video. Finally, Monique has the full attention from the ebony skinned guys. She’s no stranger at sucking cock as she gives fellatio to the two. Soon, this leads to a torrid threesome showing that the cast had good chemistry with each other. In the end, she takes a cumshot to her belly and one in her sexy mouth. Although this may very well be the best scene, that doesn’t say much as I’ve seen Monique in better productions like in Cry Wolf, which is NOT included as a bonus scene.

The last scene stars Jada Fire paired with the trashy looking Claire Downs. The ladies spend time rationing cock between each other. Specifically, the guy takes turns on fucking their elastic vaginas. The scene is a little strange as it seems their are people watching the sex from afar. Claire was no match for Jada Fire in terms of intensity, but to Claire’s credit she takes the cumshot in her mouth.

In summary, Monique’s Been Blackmaled isn’t Monique Alexander’s best work. I thought that the Hello-Kitty tattooed contract star could have done much better in this Paul Thomas-directed Vivid project. The ultra sexy Monique deserves a thorough railing as she did in Cry Wolf. Plus, the cast list could have been stronger if other ladies substituted both Sandy Jackman and Claudia Downs. This Blu-ray video is at best a rental.

RATING: Rent it

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