Elegant Angel’s Sporty Girls 1

Sporty Girls 1 picks up where Celebusluts left off in terms of porn with a plot and meaningful dialogue. If you liked that release, you will probably like this release even better. Also, it doesn’t hurt to have some of the same cast from Celebusluts like Jenna Haze and Rebeca Linares. It’s ashame that Rebeca Linares has to be beaten out again on the box cover by Jenna Haze as she has happened to her for Celebusluts and Massive Facials 1. The only casting disappointment was Jessica Lynn, who just compete with the other starlets. This is an excellent release from Elegant Angel and I look forward to the next volume!

Running Length: ~2 hours and 34 minutes

Starring: Jenna Haze, Rebeca Linares, Dakoda Brookes, Jessica Lynn, Phoenix Marie, and Kristina Rose

The video is presented in fullscreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at a bitrate of 4-5 Mbps with a lower limit of 2 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, the fleshtones were a little off since in some segments the skin looked orange-yellow due to how the camera perceived the lighting. The scene that minimized these issues the most is Jessica’s scene. As far as the audio is concerned, the dialogue came in clear as well as the sex sounds with no audio distortion recognized. There is only one issue regarding dialogue clarity after Dakoda gets spooges on, but anyway that’s just a minor issue. The music that accompanied the sports activities was amusing and it was different than the electronic music that usually is used.

The extras include a brief ~5 minute BTS, a ~21 minute bonus scene from Brianna Love is Buttwoman, a cum shot recap, photo gallery, and trailers. The BTS is one of the briefest ones with segments of Jenna and her partner delivering dialogue and goofing off while the remaining BTS features Phoenix Marie dismounting from the swing set and performing a split. The bonus scene is a blowbang starring Brianna Love and it’s good in a raunchy kind of way because it’s set in a strip club. At the end, both her face and buttcheeks are plastered with cum. The photogallery is somewhat subpar because it looks like they are images from video and not actual photo stills. Either that or the photos have been reduced in resolution. 

Jenna Haze plays a tennis instructor who’s having trouble with her one her spoiled trust fund pupils. After he bitches and complains how hot it it to play tennis and how he won’t put his $700 dollar designer sweater on the ground, Jenna scolds at him and he finally gives in. Jenna Haze looks hot as always in her two piece tennis suit and while she swings her tennis racket, the camera catches glimpses of her her naked ass since she’s not wearing any underwear. I have to say that Jenna knows how to stroke it unlike her partner James who’s swinging the racket like a bat. After a few rallies, James has a major tantrum and slams his racket down to the ground. So, they go inside the house for a breather, but this turns out into a full hardcore fuckfest. Jenna plays the innocent type saying that she’s there to teach him tennis because his father paid her a lot. Then, he accuses her of also wanting to get her rocks off because he points out that she’s not wearing any underwear. This leads to passionate kissing and fingering despite her calls to continue tennis outside. But, he really knows how to push her buttons, which results in his face all up in her pussy before she performs inspired head. Although she doesn’t go down all the way, she gives good head. This leads to the standard fucking in several positions until he rams his cock in her ass. Although she doesn’t let him go balls deep, it’s still a scorching scene. In the end, the scene almost ends perfectly, but his super soaker salvo misses her face by several centimeters and instead she takes only a little on her face. Despite that, this is a great scene and the setup was much better than in Celebusluts!

Next up is Spanish hottie Rebeca Linares who is getting bored while her personal trainer arrives late. She wears tight exercise apparel that accentuates her natural curves as well as showing off her very nice camel toe. Her trainer puts her through the motions from situps to pushups with the use of the exercise ball. He cannot help salivate over her nice ass while the camera captures her bone-inducing breast cleavage. After the outside session, the scene goes indoors. Now it’s her turn to teach him a lesson. She tells him to hold the ball to cover her face while she puts her succulent lips on his cock.  At first, she gives great suction to his head, but tries to get him down her throat, but it’s obvious even a pro like Rebeca cannot. Soon, she takes it up her pussy in the doggie position where he goes all in! The vaginal sex occurs in several positions including missionary where he puts all his weight into her. There’s great intensity displayed by Rebeca and it’s just a great scene so far. This leads to the sizzling anal in sizzling positions like doggie and reverse cowgirl. In the end, she receives a very nice facial all over her very beautiful face before finishing off with post-coital head. I liked how the scene put emphasis on the story and minimizing the seconds for ass-to-mouth. Anyway, I’d say this is in the top 3 of all her scenes she’s done.

Dakoda Brookes has been making her mark in other videos like Bring ‘Um Young 27, but this is probably the most acting that she’s done. She’s a cute blonde, but she’s marred by tattoos on her iliac region. Anyway, her trainer is making sure that she improves her soccer skills for the big game. Dakoda proves that she must have been a soccer player at one point in her life making solid passes. After the practice, Dakoda becomes the sexual aggressor even at the feigned discouragement of her coach. By the time she has her lips around his cock, his refusals or concern about their acts stop. The outdoor blowjob moves indoors when they go insider her house. This leads to standard fucking on the couch, but she really gets into in the reverse cowgirl position. Finally, the scene ends with him jerking off into her open mouth. This was a nice scene, but just couldn’t compare with Rebeca’s.

The next scene stars Jessica Lynn. But, the scene starts with Jessica punching a bag before she spars with her male boxing trainer. For a young lady, Jessica sure has a lot of cellulite and it’s too bad she has nice standard porn/stripper appearance. She’s complaining how her wrist hurts from all the punching and she needs to take a break to suck his cock. The energetic blowjob progresses to a pretty standard scene that’s shot in a pretty interesting location, a boxing ring! The okay scene ends with a facial. I’m not terribly into her and she’s doesn’t bring anything new to the table.

Phoenix Marie shares the scene with her costar Kristina Rose in a great scenario. The two ladies are at the beach having fun from swinging on a swing set to playing beach volleyball wearing nothing but butt-floss bikinis! When they are swinging Phoenix Marie dismounts in the air and then performs a split for the camera. Other notable moments is when they volleyball where the camera focus on Phoenix’s big white booty! After the beach fun, the ladies are going to get shitfaced before they order room service. Finally, room service comes and instead of focusing on the food, the ladies have fun with the room service worker. After the clever porn dialogue, the ladies take turn sucking his cock before taking turns riding him. At one point, Kristina sits on Phoenix’s face while the guy rails Phoenix missionary style. In the end, he shoots off a nice wad resulting in cum on both of their faces. Even Phoenix’s hair gets some spunk on it, which would make Cameron Diaz from There’s Something About Mary proud!

In summary, Sporty Girls 1, directed by William H., is an excellent Elegant Angel release. The acting and the sex is much better than their past series Celebusluts, which is another release heavy on a scenario and dialogue. I really cannot fault any aspect of this video except for Jessica Lynn, who was the weakest link so to speak. She didn’t really bring anything to the table and her performance was just okay or average. The performances that stood out were the first three followed by the last scene. This release deserves a HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

RATING: Highly recommended

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