Pinup Perversions With Krystal Steal

If you are looking for a break from the hardcore gonzo that makes up most of the releases nowadays, then look no further than Pinup Perversions with Krystal Steal, which is directed by Laurent Sky. This vaginal only video has some great scenes put in by Krystal Steal, Maya Gates, and company. The 1950s noir and its accompanying music definitely enhanced each scene’s mood. Although I have not yet seen the prior two Pinup Perversions videos, I can say that this one is definitely worth the time and money to watch!

Running Length: ~1 hour and 28 minutes

Starring: Krystal Steal, Maya Gates, Riley Evans, and Taylor Chanel

The video is presented in widescreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at a bitrate of 6-7 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, the fleshtones were surprisingly accurate even during low-light conditions such as in the first scene. Of course in some of the scenes, the fleshtones weren’t accurate as in Krystal’s second scene and Maya’s scene but that’s to be expected due to stylistic purposes. In addition, the audio came in clear and crisp without any distortion. I just have to comment how good the music is and it’s definitely a breath of fresh air because we all know how porn music can be unimaginative and boring.

The extras include previews, a mediocre 4 minute BTS, solo masturbations with Krystal Steal, Maya Gates, and Riley Evans, Taylor Chanel, and a photogallery. The BTS is not worth watching since it’s just a bunch of photo segments and sex accompanied by music meaning that there’s not even any candid banter from the stars. As far as the masturbation sequences are concerned, the Taylor Chanel scene was the best, especially with the choice lingerie. It’s too bad the solo scenes are only fullscreen. The photogallery is definitely the gem of the extras since the photos fill up the entire widescreen and stylistically the slideshow is nice with the Ken Burns effect employed for effect.

Krystal Steal performs a second-rate soliloquoy even by porn acting standards about how she wanted to thank the director for making her a star. It starts in a rather comedic tone, which definitely worked in my opinion. After some time watching the porn cliched film, the scene makes no attempt at delineating whether the scene is happening in front of us or whether it’s the scene that’s being projected by the projector. Anyway, let’s shy away from the stylistic aspects and focus on the nitty-gritty sex. Now, although I am not a fan of Krystal Steal just because she’s the token Barbie blonde with surgically enhanced breasts, she does prove her mettle in the scene. One thing I didn’t like is she is too overtop in the vocal department. She gets railed in several different positions before taking a nice creamy load on her face. 

The next scene also stars Krystal Steal who’s trying to get the attention of the male attendant at the hair salon. Krystal definitely looks hotter in this scene than the prior one. She’s wearing a sexy corset to match up with 1950s fishnet stockings. Finally, she does get the guy’s attention and it doesn’t take too long before the two are getting quite cozy with each other. One thing I particularly liked about the scene is the Sugar Cubes type music at the beginning that turns into a French beatnik with a bit of a Serge Gainsbourg influence. Soon, she works her way down to his cock and sucks away like a professional. After the wet blowjob, she sits on his cock in the reverse cowgirl position and gets a major pounding. After several different positions including doggie, he jerks off onto her open-mouth and appears to swallow at least some of it. Next, she uses her saliva on the tip of his cock and lets the spit slide down, which is definitely hot.  Needless to say, it’s definitely a nice ending to a great scene. 

Riley Evans walks into an apothecary and is interested in purchasing product from the old-fashioned shopkeeper. She’s looking over the other products by climbing a ladder. At this point, the shopkeeper cannot help but get turned on by her legs and feet. Soon, he’s worshipping her lower extremities until he works his way to her ass. By this time, the scene heads x-rated with the cunnilingus, which she returns with an energetic blowjob. By this time, she’s off the ladder and on her knees trying to take every inch of him in her mouth. This leads to the hard fucking in several positions before she takes his load on her tongue. Unlike Taylor, Riley coyly spits it out and plays with it before ending the scene.

Maya Gates is all decked out as a 1950s glamour singer who would be entertaining the troops. She’s just finished her performance along with her lover/piano man, but they are going to have one more performance to show the invisible crowd. It doesn’t take too long for him to unzip his pants so the pretty Maya Gates can start playing the skin flute. One of her tits comes out of her glamour dress and this is followed by the other. In the meantime, her partner tells her to use more saliva and so she does. After the nice oral session, she sits on his cock in the reverse cowgirl position and rides him like there’s no tomorrow. There is definitely chemistry between the two and the sex vocals don’t seem over the top as they were with Krystal Steal’s scene. This leads to more fast and furious fucking until he gets off an adequate jizz load on Maya’s face.

Last up is Taylor Chanel enjoying champagne with her male suitor while big band music plays. She looks like Helen Hunt except without the overly pronounced forehead and trademark eyes of hers. Anyway, the alcohol must have loosened their sexual inhibitions because he gets at her breasts, then her feet, and finally works his way back up by performing some nimble cunnilingus on her pink pussy. Once she’s all moist from the sucking and fingering, she returns the favor by locking her lips on his fuck-stick. Finally, he gets to fuck that moist pussy of hers in several positions. He teases her with several short thrusts before pulling out and reinserting. I was slightly disappointed that she didn’t get fucked in the doggie position. In the end, he paints her face with a monster load that covers her forehead, nose, lower lip full of cum, and also lands inside her mouth. I’m pretty sure that she didn’t know that it would be that much, but she’s a good sport since she sucks away until the scene fades.  

In summary, Club Jenna’s Pinup Perversions with Krystal Steal is definitely a change of pace as compared to the gonzo videos flooding the market. I do like this change of pace because the scenes have a nice set-up with interesting locations. I do like the 1950s glamour and style that the director used at his own discretion. I can think of several ways that this could have not gone as planned, but the director did a good job balancing style with substance. The scene’s style enhanced the sexual intensity as well as the star’s performance. Although I don’t really think Krystal Steal is all that, I do appreciate that she had two nice scenes with the second one being the better of the two. Maya Gates and Riley Evans have notable performances. Furthermore, the ending from Taylor Chanel’s scene is icing on the cake because she gets a super-soaker of a facial! This video deserves a solid RECOMMEND!

RATING: Recommended

  1. September 28th, 2008

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