Bottoms Up Finger Rimmers, Beginner Size

Bottoms Up Finger Rimmers

Vendor: Topco Sales,


Contributing Writer: Miss Vicky

This is for all you adventurous women out there that want to surprise your special someone with. Sex authors have maintained that engaging in anal sex is the most intense personal and most intimate act that a woman can do with her partner. And others think that anal sex is nasty and disgusting. What this sex toy allows you to do is make that decision for yourself. The bottoms up finger rimmer can be likened as a “training wheel” for anal sex. 

In my case, I just like to fucked hard in my  pussy, but I am curious about this taboo act. Now, the finger rimmer is very flexible and rubbery. The tip is thing until it widens to stretch your butthole. My French-manicured nails are slightly long and I had trouble fitting my index finger on there. I just wished they had made the ring a little less flexible. 

For me, I found it best to use non-scented water soluble lubricant on the butt plug. Let me just say I’m a newbie when it comes to anal sex and I was a little apprehensive sticking any object in my out-hole. I needed to drink a couple of glasses of red wine to ease my worries. Once all lubed up, I went on all knees and SLOWLY inserted the transparent finger rimmer up my butt. The first few centimeters weren’t that bad, but when the rimmer widened, I had to take it a little slower and by this time I felt like I wanted to defecate. I had to stop after this and had to get in the mood again.

After a couple more days, I gave it a go and slowly but surely I was able to put the entire butt plug in my ass. It felt a little uncomfortable when the plug was fully in. At this point, I am thinking to myself if I am having trouble for this beginner size buttplug, how am I going to take the real thing considering it is more than 4x the girth of this beginner finger rimmer. It only takes a couple of more tries before I overcome the uncomfortable sensation.

This experience with the beginner “training wheel” has been mixed and I am not quite sure if I could take it up in my ass even if it’s considered the most intimate act a couple can do. 

Now, let’s get back to the quality of the product. Since I have no experience with butt plugs, I will say that I had difficulty with the finger sleeve. Other than that, it does its job slowly stretching out the asshole. 

Overall: 2/5 

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