Adam & Eve’s Eden Tropical Paradise Massager

Adam & Eve’s Eden Tropical Paradise Massager

Vendor: Topco Sales,


Contributing Writer: Miss Vicky

Adam & Eve have expanded their vibrator line with this new addition for their Eden line.

The packaging projects a sense of paradise with white sands and crystal blue water behind the picture of then contract star Ava Rose and beau to go along with the blue vibrator and its tropical design. I just question whether the tropical design will last through routine use.

The vibrator itself looks durable and has a very smooth surface including the tip. The controls are easy to use by turning the bottom dial clockwise to increase the intensity. Personally, I felt that the medium setting got me off comfortably. The maximum level may be a little too strong for others as it was for me. 

Although it states that it is waterproof, I never tried because I find it difficult to get off in the shower. The way it stays waterproof is that there is a rubber o-ring that seals off the battery capsule from water that could potentially the casing. Basically, it’s like a miniaturized o-ring capsule typically seen in blender containers. It’s important that  if you plan on using it in the shower that you inspect the o-ring before each use. Again, the integrity of the o-ring depends on how many times you use it in the shower.  

In my experience, it’s better to lube up the vibrator before operating. The 7 inch length is enough for me and it definitely did its job. Plus, it definitely easy-to-use and easy to clean up.

Overall, the Eden Tropical Paradise Massager gets the job done. I just question the durability of the o-ring and whether the tropical design sketched on the vibrator will fade after routine use. Plus, it wouldn’t hurt if batteries were included as they were in with the fingertip massager

Overall: 3/5

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