The Big Ass Movie 2 (Blu-ray)

Anabolic’s Big Ass Movie 2 should satisfy big butt-lovers. Unfortunately, this may not be the case for the casual general viewer. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t notable scenes like Kristina Rose’s one. Rather, I would have liked to see a better cast list. In other words, this isn’t a bad release nor is it an excellent release. In other words, you are better off purchasing Cougars 1.

Running Length: ~2 hours and 56 minutes

Starring: Cayden Moore, Jessica Lynn, Emma Heart, Elena Heiress, Rachel Solari, and Kristina Rose

The video is presented in widescreen Full 1080 HD and is encoded in MPEG-4 AVC at 16-17 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 224 Kbps. Visually speaking, there is still the well-known issue of the fleshtones taking a yellow-orange hue. I hope this gets corrected in future Anabolic Blu-ray releases. Fortunately, the contrast compensation issues are tolerable, not unlike past releases. In addition, there were no visible noise nor pixellations noted. As for the sound, it comes in clear without any echoes or other distortion. As always, Anabolic gives you the option to turn on/off the music during the scene.

The extras include the standard cumshot recap, photo gallery, and a ~17 minute BTS, which isn’t as interesting as other ones. However, there is one BTS portion which is extremely watchable and humorous when Rachel Solari shows off her hidden talent. Apparently, she can move her breasts by contracting her pectoral muscles.

The scene starts in the backyard next to the swimming pool’s grotto. The camera focuses on Elena Heiress’s hot piece of ass displayed well in her black panties. She gives the camera a show contracting her butt muscles so they jiggle in the air. There’s a whole lot of junk in the trunk with cellulite included as it becomes more apparent when the camera follows her from behind. Elena is average-looking and she definitely matches the barrio booty stereotype complete with tattoos on the back. She plays with the sex toy outside before she goes into house for a hard fuck. Her partner power-fucks in the doggie position and she’s loving every minute of it. The sex occurs in standard positions with her performing pussy-to-mouth between positions. At one point, she spreads her ass cheeks wide apart and it looks like she wants it in the ass, but that never happens. In the end, he cums on her big ass and Elena smothers the fresh jizz all over her butt cheeks. 

Next up is Kristina Rose who’s laying on her belly while moving her ass up and down. The camera follows her every movement as she stands up and shakes her booty like a professional. Soon, her partner enters the scene and she wastes no time sitting on his face while on the stairs. After the brief cunnilingus, she hops on his cock and rides him. High Definition shows a lot of details since with every thrust, the cellulite becomes visible. He even performs a standing fuck on her while he supports her weight with his hands. This is followed by hard railing in the doggie position, which is followed by other positions until he spooges on her face. The scene is okay, but it’s a little short as compared Elena’s in regards to the tease aspect.

Rachel Solari is a peroxide blonde who definitely has a full ass, but unfortunately it’s not as firm as the prior two. After several minutes of showing off her ass in the backyard, she walks into the living room where she encounters two dicks ready to be fucked and sucked. She wastes no time in accommodating their amorous desires. This is pretty much a standard threesome. Moreover, the scene is too mechanical for my tastes. Like the good whore she is, she takes two cumshots on her passable face with the second jizzload wasting her face. 

The video gets back on track in the firmness department with the blonde Cayden Moore. The camera follows her asscheeks while she walks up the stairs. After the ass-tease, she hops onto the bed and gets more acquainted with her naughty bits. Cayden diddles herself with her freshly fresh-manicured nails before there’s a cock to satisfy her torrid fantasies. Soon, she’s backing that ass up into his cock doggie style! The scene changes location and now she’s being fucked near the stairwell where another man enters the scene to make it a threesome. This is a very lively threesome with several interesting positions in the mix like the reverse cowgirl position with her legs together. Anyway, in the end, they jerk off at the same time on her buttcheeks covering them with a more than adequate load of manchowder. I really liked the progression of the sexual intensity as the scene changed locations.

Emma Heart is an average blonde with a not so average ass, which she gyrates for the camera. She subsequently drops her panties down to show off her well-worn asshole and pussy. I cannot say that I like her average looks, I will say that she knows how to tease the camera. She walks over to the other side of the room and gets down on her knees and strokes him off before putting her lips around his tool. He returns the favor with thorough cunnilingus by sitting down on the ground while Emma stands up. This leads to the hard fucking first in her pussy and then in her ass. At one point, the camera shows off her gape for viewers who are into such things. In the end, it takes him a long time to jerk off onto her butt before stealing a couple of thrusts into her asshole. By far this was the best scene on the video, but some better editing should have been used to minimize the time of stroking the chicken. 

The video’s last scene stars Jessica Lynn, who isn’t a stranger to Anabolic productions. I don’t really appreciate her looks, but I have to say that her ass has just enough junk in the trunk for all you ass lovers out there. It’s ashame though that for her young age, she has a noticeable amount of cellulite. Anyway, she continues to tease the camera shaking and gyrating her booty while in someone’s kitchen. Things get interesting when she crawls on top of a granite countertop only to be accosted by her energetic partner who’s buy sticking a jelly dildo up her pussy while smacking her cheeks. The foreplay continues with decent fellatio before she rides him with extra zest in the cowgirl position. The sex continues in other positions until he unleashes a load on her cheeks. The scene’s not over since he coats her cheeks with another set off jizz. 

In summary, The Big Ass Movie 2 may satisfy its target niche, which are big butt-lovers, it may not be a good release for the general viewer. Although the sex, for the most part, was good, the cast could have been much better. What stood out for me was Kristina Rose because she was the firmest lady out there. That’s the thing with high definition because it captures all the minute blemishes during the pushin’ of the cushion. For these reasons, Big Ass Movie 2 is a solid rental!

RATING: Rent it

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