Electric Cherry (Blu-ray)

Anabolic has gone the alt route keeping strange bedfellows with Razordolls in this Vonn Fink production. I’m not sure what Anabolic was thinking when they acquired the right to distribute this video. Well, I’ll just say it is a ballsy maneuver on their part. Anyway, Electric Cherry is not a horrible release since there were good scenes from the two Germans Annette Schwarz and Victoria Sin as well as Roxy Deville. The issue that deep-sixed this Blu-ray for me is that the visual quality was below average and also because the choppy editing was annoying.

Running Length: ~2 hours and 2 minutes

Starring: Victoria Sin, Roxy Deville, Ariel, Faith, Nico, and Annette Schwarz

The video is presented in widescreen Full 1080 HD and is encoded in MPEG-4 AVC at a bitrate of 19-20 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 224 Kbps. Visually speaking, this is one of worst Blu-rays I’ve seen. There is excessive noise and noticeable pixelation in some scenes as well as graininess. Also, the fleshtones were not accurate giving an orange hue in low lit conditions. Furthermore, the hurried editing and style of presentation is something less to be desired. In terms of the audio quality, the sex sounds for the most part come in clear. This is the first time I actually used the music on/off option since the music is plain horrible.

The extras include a 3.5 minute Confederacy of Horsepower music video, cumshot recap, photo gallery, and a 41 minute BTS. The BTS is intereting to watch since Victoria has diverse skills besides getting fucked in the ass since she is a tattoo artist. Also, there’s a very candid interview with Roxy Deville where she admits that she wants to fuck Bob Saget and Mike Rowe of Discovery Channel fame. The rest of the BTS is not so interesting. Also, the music video is skippable.

Victoria Sin, is first up and the German looks sexy in a trashy and fetish kind of way. She’s in a tattoo shop taking on two freaky-looking dudes. She definitely has some skills at sucking meat. Even though she has two cocks to fuck and suck, it’s sort of a passive threesome since the freakier looking guy pops in and out of the scene. Even then, Victoria does a great job even gyrating her hips while she takes it up the ass reverse cowgirl style. In the end, she receives one jizz load on her pretty face of hers.

The next scene occurs in media res with Roxy Deville giving an energetic and emphatic blowjob. The abrupt editing and shaky camera angles are quite annoying and I would rather have seen it presented another way. Anyway, at least you’ll see that Roxy Deville get take it hardcore in her mouth, especially on her back. He returns the favor by fingering her pussy while rimming her ass. Fortunately for us, the frantic edits disappear. He sticks his tool into her moist box and fucks away in the doggie position. The sex continues in several different positions until she uses her devastating handjob-blowjob combo to extract his creamy nut juice all over her mouth and hands.

Next up is the goth brunette Ariel. She’s looking particularly sleazy with her slutty red fishnet top. Anyway, the editing in the scene was even harsher than the other scene. It’s like this scene is catered to ADHD’ers. There’s definitely no heat in the scene since it looks like they just patched sequences of Ariel sucking and fucking. You can skip this one.

Let’s see if this video can recover from the prior scene. I hope Faith can restore my faith in this video. The brunette Faith is stroking off her lucky partner is a sleazy bar before getting her moist lips around his pulsating member. She does a thorough job and worshipping cock before he returns the favor. After the foreplay, he thrusts his cock into her tight pussy and thrusts away. She seems the most vocally active while she’s on top in the cowgirl position. He fucks her in the doggie position until he cums on her open mouth and lets the large load drip from off her face. It’s a good recovery from the other scene.

Nico, another brunette, is in the middle of a romantic kissing session, which quickly turns X-rated. She has a cute face, but she is on the chunky side. This scene is kind of creepy because there’s a bunch of band members watching the sex. The sex is pretty mechanical and it ends with a cumshot to her belly.

The penultimate scene stars Ariel who’s in the middle of teasing her beau with a lap dance, which quickly turns south when she’s on her knees sucking his cock. The camera takes a top down view where we get to see her sexy eyes as she plays the skin flute. It’s too bad the blowjob is rather short. Anyway, the scene continues with the intercourse with some choking involved. I lose my interest when I see her saggy tits. Finally, he cums on her cheeks.

Annette Schwarz rounds out the scene with definitely the best performance on the Blu-ray. Her face is made up with 80’s makeup and she’s dressed in slutty apparel. Despite her retro 80s appearance, she does a great job with the two cocks giving each an opportunity to fuck her veteran mouth of hers. She doesn’t even flinch with every balls deep thrust into her moist mouth. Soon, the threesome gets into gear with anal action progressing to a hurried double penetration. This scene is classic Annette Schwarz at her best. It’s too bad that the video quality is bad as it is with the other scenes. Anyway, in the end she takes two successive loads before making cum bubbles!

In summary, Electric Cherry has some good scenes from Annette Schwarz, Roxy Deville, Victoria Sin just to name a few, but it’s marred by the choppy editing and the horrid visual quality. The crucial question you should ask yourself whether this release is worth the extra money on Blu-ray and the answer is a resounding NO. Sex-wise, the video deserves a solid rental or a low-end recommend. However, if you factor in the visual quality and presentation, then this is a SKIP IT!

RATING: Skip it

  1. November 1st, 2008

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