Meggan and Hanna Love Manuel (Blu-ray)

This Paul Thomas directed movie, Meggan and Hanna Love Manuel, should whet your appetite for these BRAND NEW Vivid Starlets. There’s just something missing from the movie. You are better off with an all-sex movie like Sunny Loves Matt, which is excellent.

Running Length: ~2 hours and 15 minutes 

Starring: Meggan Mallone, Hanna Hilton, Dana DeArmond, and Kelly Divine

The movie is presented in widescreen full 1080 HD and is encoded in MPEG-4 AVC with a range 17-18 Mbps of while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. For the most part, the fleshtones were accurate although there were some brief moments where there was saturation such as in the beginning of the last scene. I would go on a limb to say that this is the best Blu-ray from Vivid in terms of visual quality to date. As far as the audio is concerned, the sex sounds and dialogue were clear without any distortion.

The extras are all presented in High Definition, which is definitely a good thing. Furthermore, there is a scorching deleted scene with Kelly Divine performing great head as well as an enthusiastic anal before taking a creamy facial on her lovely face! I am not sure why this was not included, but it definitely helps the Extras rating. Furthermore, there are two bonus scenes from Shooting Savanna (~11 minutes) with Kimberly Kane and Britney Stevens and Miles From Needles (~10 minutes) with Savanna and April Blossom. These scenes are just okay, but nowhere as good as the deleted scene. Other special features include an average 9 minute BTS with bloopers and several trailers. 

Contract Starlet Hanna Hilton is about to close the real estate deal with Manuel Ferrara, but she wants to mix business with pleasure. Hanna Hilton uses her sexy blue eyes to get at Manuel. She gives a nice strip tease showing off her natural tits and youthful derriere. She lets him have a sample of her pussy by sitting on his face before she performed excellent fellatio. After the lively foreplay, he fucks her in several different positions until she extracts his load all over chest. At this moment, she doesn’t know that Manuel’s shacking up with Meggan Mallone. It’s a nice scene, but I am definitely looking forward to Meggan’s scene.

The next scene stars Meggan Mallone and Dana DeArmond and it looks as if Meggan will participate in the boy/girl action, but sadly we have to wait a little longer. Anyway, Dana has some lesbian fun with Meggan before she has two cocks to suck and fuck. By this time, Meggan is a passive participant masturbating in the background while Dana DeArmond gets fucked hard, especially in the ass. In the end, Dana takes two nice facials. This is an okay scene from Ms. DeArmond, but I’ve seen better performances from her. However, to her credit, she brings the hard sex into the movie, which is usually lacking in Vivid productions.

At least for me, this is the scene that is the one to watch. Finally, the Texan becomes the center of a scene and she doesn’t disappoint. She plays the jealous girlfriend type who’s about to give Manuel something to remember. She talks dirty to him in a not-so-over-the-top way before letting him sample her warm and moist muffin. She does her best riding his cock, but it appears she cannot accommodate him all the way. Needless to say, she gets a thorough railing with pussy-to-mouth action to boot. At one point, the camera gets the perfect angle showing off her firm ass while she hoovers him. Things get kinky while she hops off and masturbates in front of him before getting back on again. I expected her to receive a facial, but that will have to wait for now. It’s a great scene for Vivid’s promising starlet.

The next scene is a solo one with Hanna Hilton playing with herself as she watches a private home video of Manuel fucking Meggan. She doesn’t seem to mind that breaking into a house is considered a crime. But, I guess that’s not on her mind because she’s feeling horny at the moment. By scene’s end, she’s spent from using her figures to reach orgasm. Although I’m not into solo scenes, there is definitely some heat generated.

The last scene stars Meggan, who finally comes to grips having a third wheel to satisfy her lover Manuel. The scene starts with good chemistry between the ladies with good carpetmunching. It’s entertaining to see Hanna hitting Meggan with her titties. Anyway, the sapphic duo now focus their attention to Manuel and take turns sucking his member. Furthermore, there seems to be great chemistry between the three. As the threesome continues, it’s apparent that Meggan gets most of the cock-lovin’ and that’s fine with me. There’s a level of kinkiness with the brief foot fetish that goes on. In the end, he unleashed a load on their faces, but unfortunately most of it lands on Hanna’s natural breasts. It’s a good scene, but I expected a little bit more. 

In summary, this Paul Thomas directed movie is a nice little feature, which is light on plot. For me, the sex was okay for a feature, but if you are a gonzo raincoater, you may be disappointed. The highlight in the movie was Meggan’s one-on-one scene with Manuel. Although Hanna Hilton definitely has the skills to be a top starlet, her performances just didn’t do it for me. However, I will say that Vivid has improved in their Extras since the deleted scene with Kelly Devine was definitely hot. Maybe I would have scored the movie better if it were in the main feature. For these reasons, I give this Blu-ray a solid RENT IT!

RATING: Rent it

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