Cougars 1 (Blu-ray)

Anabolic’s MILF-oriented series, Cougars 1, makes its Blu-ray premiere. For the most part, the sex is hot and sweaty just the way it should be. Although I had somewhat reservations regarding the high definition quality, it’s not enough to downgrade this Blu-ray release. I have to say that I am not a fan of MILF videos, but I was impressed with the release because the sex is great!

Running Length: ~2 hours and 57 minutes

Starring: Adrianna Nicole, Kayla Sinz, Kara Nox, Shannon Kelly, Maya Divine, and Devon Lee

The video is presented in widescreen Full 1080 HD and is encoded in MPEG-4 AVC at around 14-15 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 224 Kbps. This Blu-ray release has some of the earlier problems regarding inaccurate fleshtones. At some points such as in Maya Divine’s scene, the fleshtones tend to have an orange-yellow hue. Although this may be the case, the fleshtones aren’t as bad as in Dana DeArmond’s scenes from Balls Deep 13. Furthermore, there weren’t any pixellation or excessive noise problems. The audio came in clean and crisp without major problems. As always, Anabolic gives you an option to turn off/on the music.

The extras include an average photo gallery, cumshot recap, and an average ~14 minute BTS. The BTS is not interesting because first of all, it’s not captured by Ivan and it’s just not entertaining, especially we get to see the kooky side of Maya Divine and some boring moments with Devon Lee organizing her clothes.

First up is the blonde Adrianna Nicole. She’s wearing really slutty pink gear as she plays with herself. Soon, she gets off the couch and gets on her knees and takes the two cocks that appear out of nowhere into her awaiting mouth. Adrianna delivers the goods with great deepthroat action with cock-in-cheek action. She has no problems being throatfucked and it looks like she has years of experience at sucking cock. One of the guys cannot wait to fuck her and skips over her pussy to slam his cock in her ass while she continues to deepthroat the other guy. This continues for multiple positions until she gets mounted for the double penetration, in which they ride her super hard. In between the DP action, she performs ATM and PTM like the nasty MILF that she is. By the end of the scene, they clearly spent more of the time fucking her ass or DP’ing her instead of fucking her pussy. In the end, she receives what she deserves, which is two monster loads on smeared mascara-laden face! It’s an excellent scene considering I haven’t seen good Adrianna Nicole scenes until this one.

Next is Kayla Sinz who sports bleach blonde shoulder length hair. She’s an attractive MILF albeit with a slightly rough look, but she is boner-worthy. Kayla’s outside teasing the camera with a solo masturbation scene. For a MILF, she still has a great stripper body. She’s got a great ass albeit with some cellulite, but I’m not complaining. The scene continues inside the house where she shows off her nice ass, but at several angles you can see the cellulite. . . damn you high definition! After several moments of tease, her partner jumps in and instantly plunders her asshole. After several thrusts, Kayla performs ass-to-mouth before she resumes getting railed in the ass doggie-style. She tries to numb the pain by diddling her pussy and it seems to work. In the end, he jerks off onto her face resulting in a nice cum streak on her cheek. This is a good follow-up to the first scene.

The blonde theme continues with Kara Nox who has a nice set of tits for all you big breast fans. She’s gyrating at the threshold of the front door before going into the house. Kara moves into the living room where she encounters two cocks to suck and fuck. Although she doesn’t have the same fellatio skills as fellow MILF Adrianna Nicole, she does show that she can give good head. It becomes a full-on threesome when she’s placed on the couch for some pussyfucking while her mouth is being fed with cock. At first, she has a hard time sucking cock while taking it hard in her pussy, but she adapts to the situation as the scene progresses. For several minutes, it becomes a one-on-one scene when she takes a cock in several different positions before he cums on her face. The other guy enters the scene and fucks her doggie-style before cumming on her face. It was not a bad scene, but it didn’t have the same intensity as the other two.

The redhead, Shannon Kelly, doesn’t do it for me since her looks are on the harsh side and she could probably pass as a tranny. If you can get pass these major minuses, which I can’t, then you’ll see that she’s anal-friendly. In the end, she takes an adequate facial on her below-average face.

Next up is Maya Divine who’s been in adult films for already ten years! She’s usually sporting blonde hair, but it’s a welcomed surprise that this scene has her with jet black hair. At least for me, she looks better now than when she started. Maya Divine has a great toned stripper-body for her age since pole-dancing has treated her well I guess. She’s wearing a lime green sarong dress until she exposes her breasts before continuing to tease the camera. The scene continues inside where’s she met by two cocks and guess what happens next? Anyway, she has decent cocksucking skills, but I would have expected more with ten years of experience. The real attraction of the scene is the power of her pussy as the guys take turns fucking her sweet pussy. At several points in the threesome scene, the scene would revert to a one-on-one session. After one of the guys fucks her hard, he cums on her face. The remaining guy has sloppy seconds and fucks her in the missionary style before jizzing on her face. This is a scorching scene, which proves a scene doesn’t have to anal to be a hot scene at all!

Devon Lee is a big-titted blonde who just screams MILF! We get a tease montage that cycles from an outside to an inside scene. After the heavily edited tease scene where we get to see her fine ass and other curves, the actual scene starts. Her partner has fun with her tits and fondles them and is amazed by the symmetry. He worships her tits for several more minutes getting a little kinky with some brief foot worship. After this, the lucky guys gets treated to a nice blowjob. He takes a couple of thrusts into her pussy before putting his cock into her poopchute. He continues to fuck her tight ass while Devon diddles her pussy. The assfucking speeds up on the couch. The scene only gets better when she takes the anal hard in the reverse cowgirl position as well as in the acrobatic standing missionary position. The volcanic scene ends with an open-mouthed cumshot. Unfortunately, she doesn’t swallow, but instead spits it out onto her chest.

In summary, Cougars 1 is definitely one of the better videos in the MILF category, particularly since the majority of the women are attractive except for the tranny-looking Shannon Kelly. Four out of the six scenes were noteworthy like Adrianna’s, Kayla’s, Maya’s, and Devon’s scenes. Now, the Blu-ray is not without its faults such as the inaccurate fleshtones, but these issues aren’t enough to discount or downgrade how good this release is. This deserves a very solid RECOMMEND!

RATING: Recommended

  1. September 16th, 2008
  2. October 2nd, 2008
  3. October 20th, 2008

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