Bring ‘Um Young 27 (Blu-ray)

Anabolic’s Bring ‘Um Young 27 directed by Ivan has some solid scenes, but it also has some not so solid scenes. Furthermore, there are questionable segments that viewers may find creepy. But, if you can look through these faults, then you’ll be treated to several good scenes like Alexa Benson’s anal-friendly scene as well as Lana Violet’s scene!

Running Length: ~2 hours and 51 minutes

Starring: Nicole Ray, Emma Heart, Madison Ivy, Beaue Marie, Alexa Benson, Lana Violet, and Dakoda Brookes

The video is presented in 1080 HD and is encoded in MPEG-4 AVC at 17-18 Mbps with an upper limit of 23 while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 224 Kbps. Visually speaking, the fleshtones were depicted much better than prior Blu-rays without the blatant contrast compensation issues in some earlier Blu-rays like Girlgasmic and others. Furthermore, I didn’t see any artifacts or pixellation problems. As far as the audio quality is concerned I could hear the sex sounds clearly even when they were outdoors. As always, there is an option to turn on/off the music that accompanies the scenes.

The extras include a 20 minute BTS, cumshot recap, and photogallery. The BTS starts with Alexa Benson in the middle of being railed in the butthole while she’s talking to her mom on the cell phone. At least, her mom is a sport since Alexa tries to coax  her mom to admit that she likes it up the butt, but her mom cannot hear the question. Awww, too bad. Another highlight is Dakoda Brooke’s reaction when she takes two cocks in her pussy at the same time. She tries to downplay that it hurts. She’s about to call her grandma on-screen, but fortunately for us, we don’t get to see that until Emma Heart’s sex scene. I cannot believe that she called her grandma onscreen about taking two cocks up her pussy! Anyway, there’s another brief interview with a new Filipina pornstar, Lana Violet, where she admits that she used to work for Disney! Lastly, the BTS ends with an interview with coverwoman Nicole Ray! The photogallery lasts around 16 minutes and it’s accompanied by easy listening music.

First up is the 19 yo brunette Dakoda Brookes. The brunette is cute, but she’s suffering from acne, which is partially covered by the makeup. Anyway, it doesn’t take too long before her mouth is full of cock and she tries her best to accommodate the manmeat. While she blows one cock, she strokes the other until the scene becomes a full-blown threesome with a cock in her pussy and one in her mouth. She’s game for the two guys and the two takes turns with her juicy pussy until they fuck her simultaneously resulting in some length double vaginal penetration in multiple positions from doggie to cowgirl. There’s light choking involved and their is some cheek poking during fellatio. After the thorough double-vaginal, she takes a creamy facial to her chin and the other is a massive super squirter that hits her forehead and the furniture! It’s a good start to the video.

The next scene stars two lasses the blonde Madison Ivy and her redheaded costar Beaue Marie horsing around outside by whipping each other. It starts as a girl/girl affair with Madison going down on Beaue, but it turns to a threesome when the ladies take turn sucking and riding cock. In the end, the decent scene ends with a cumshot to Madison before she shares the spunk with Madison. There’s good chemistry between the ladies, but the scene just doesn’t do it for me.

This bodes true with Emma Heart’s introduction as well. Plus, it doesn’t help that she’s hula-hooping and sucking on a ring-pop. Anyway, you’ll have to wait for her scene later on.

The video jumps to Lana Violet’s scene and she comes into the scene wearing rollerblades and looks like a sexy Pinay nympho wearing a tight t-shirt and hot pants. After showing off her rollersblade skills, she takes off her top revealing her natural tits with medium-sized areolas and starts playing with herself. Lana Violet is cute, but she has some extra padding in the belly area, so to speak. She’s interrupted by her partner who doesn’t waste time licking her sweet pussy before shoving his cock in her Asian love-box. In between, she sucks cock, but her partner is more interested in fucking her hard until he drops an above-average load on her face!

Before Emma’s scene, there’s a brief snippet of Nicole Ray anxiously waiting for her first scene. Anyway, let’s go to Emma’s scene, who is anal-friendly as this scene suggest. She’s a token blonde with a moderate case of acne, but if you can get past this, she’s a decent fuck and has no problem taking it in the ass. It’s an average scene, which ends with two poor facials. It’s as if both their ‘wells’ went dry.

Alexa Benson is a strawberry blonde who’s complaining about her fear of birds from seagulls to chickens! After the interview outside with this Illinois lady, the scene moves indoors where she starts sucking cock. Before she knows it, her partner slides his cock into her and goes for the gold. This leads to the buttsex and she has no problem taking it into her bunghole. After several other positions, she strokes him off onto her face resulting in a nice cum streak on her left eye! This is a good scene, which actually gets better if you view the BTS where she calls her mother while being buttfucked!

The last scene stars the main attraction Nicole Ray in her first scene ever! Nicole is cute, but some people might not like her nose, which makes her look like Michelle Trachtenberg from Eurotrip. Anyway, she’s nervous at the beginning, but as soon as she’s surrounded by two cocks, she knows what to do. The threesome is underway when she tries her best sucking cock while being seriously railed balls deep in her tight box. The two lucky guys take turns fucking her pussy and mouth. She doesn’t go for the money shot facial since she takes their cumshots on her perky tits! It’s a nice scene from a newcomer. 

In summary, Bring ‘Um Young 27 has some nice scenes like Alexa Benson as well as Lana Violet’s. However, there were several scenes, which I didn’t like Emma’s and the duo scene starring Madison Ivy and Beaue Marie. It’s too bad that Madison’s scene wasn’t scorching because she is a hottie! Although, the BUY series has a target audience, I just didn’t like Emma’s introduction where she sucks on a ring-pop and hula-hoops. That’s creepy in a bad way, not like when Dakoda and Alexa call their family members, which is creepy, but in a funny hilarious way. Ivan’s Bring ‘Um Young 27 is a solid rental.

RATING: Rent it

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