Jonni Darkko’s Suck It Dry 5

Jonni Darkko continues his long-running blowjob fest now in its fifth installment. Although Suck It Dry 5 doesn’t have the top cocksuckers in the business as in Suck It Dry 4’s Bobbi Bliss and Bobbi Starr, it has few scenes of similar caliber. This volume suffers from consistency between scenes because the majority just don’t have awe-inspiring or dick-hardening skills at playing the flute. However, there are exceptions to the rule like newcomer Angelina Valentine, Lana Croft, and Roxy.

Running Length: ~3 hours and 24 minutes

Starring: Jessica Bangkok, Cassandra Calogera, Adrianna Deville, Roxy Deville, Misti Love, Eva Angelina, Leah Livingston, Rachel Roxxx, Kristina Rose, Velicity Von, Emma Cummings, Lana Croft, Hannah West, Angelina Valentine, Drew Butterfly, and Lana Violet

The video is encoded in MPEG-2 with a bitrate of 2-3 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, the fifth installment still retains the same camera style as the prior volumes, but it seems that the bottom-up camera view isn’t employed as much as in previous volumes. The fleshtones are okay, but at times they are inaccurate, but not too a point that it becomes a deal-breaker. The sound quality is good with the microphone capturing every sucking, gagging, or slobbering sound.

The extras are lacking with a cast list, trailers (Throat Fucks, Boob Bangers 5, and Suck It Dry 4), filmographies, and a cumshot recap. In future Suck It Dry volumes, I would like to see bonus footage or interesting BTS footage as in Wet Food 1.

The video starts with the Asian, Jessica Bangkok, wearing a red see-through top. She’s okay looking, but not that great. Anyway, she teases the camera and begs for cock. Soon, she begs no more when she gets what she wanted. Although she lacks in the deepthroat skills, she makes up for an enthusiastic blowjob. He demolishes her face with cum. She reacts by going cock-crazy with great post-coital hoovering. All I can say is Jessica is a solid finisher.

Cassandra Calogra talks to the camera and expresses how much she wants to suck cock. Her big tits want to jump out of her purple lingerie and soon they do. After teasing the camera, she manage to do a no hands blowjob getting his member all the way down her throat. However, she reverts back to the handjob-blowjob combination. In the end, he cums on her face and mouth. Some of it lands on her breasts and she is happy to taste the jizz.

Next up is Adrianna Deville who looks like a much better version of the retired Taylor Rain. She’s discussing about how she likes to suck cock while she teases the camera with erection-inducing rumpshaking before the main event occurs. He feeds his cock to her and she manages to fit his cock from the head to the base in her mouth. Finally, he shoots a great load all over fer face resulting in massive cum streaks. What a great ending to a nice scene!

Roxy wastes no time and gets down to business from the get go. She takes his cock out of his underwar and sucks away first with gentle licks. Although she doesn’t deepthroat, at least she does a bit of no hands fellatio before she resorts to the handjob-blowjob techique. At one point, she teases the head of the cock with circular licking and sucking. Finally, he gets off a massive load all over her face.

Next up is Latina Misty Love who has a cute face, but not-so-nice saggy breasts with half-dollar sized areolas. After talking nasty for the camera while playing with her tits, she sucks on his cock. Although she doesn’t deepthroat, she is very meticulous at sucking and licking his member including the ballsac. In between the sucking, he lets him tifuck her. The scene ends with a weak cumshot. Despite this, she makes due with what she has and spits it out all over chest as she jiggles her tits for the camera.

Eva Angelina is up and she looks hot as usual with her sexy secretary glasses wearing a classy bra and underwear. This A-lister is one of those exceptions where breast implants actually work out for her and probably has led to her popularity. Anyway, she makes her way to the lucky and helps whip out the guy’s member. Soon, she’s delivering great no hands fellatio. Like the others though, she uses the handjob-blowjob combination so she’s no Annette Schwarz or Bobbi Starr, but she gets the job done. In the end, she receives a huge load with a cum streak landing on her forehead.

Leigh Livingston is up next and she’s a cute lady, who’s been busy exploiting the 18 yo genre. Anyway, gives pretty good head, but most importatnly she has sultry eyes, which makes the decent first person POV even more pleasant to watch. Finally, the scene ends with a cumshot to her chest.

Rachel Roxxx is a steamy brunette wearing nothing but black butt floss and a green top. She’s methodical with her striptease, which results in her breasts exposed. After the tease, seh squats down and sucks him although she’s another lady that likes to use her hands. To her credit though, she goes about three-quarters down his shaft. She’s suprised by his monster load that messes up her hair, forehead, neck, and breasts. It’s a good scene with a great ending!

She’s followed by Kristina Rose who happens to be another sultry brunette. She’s wearing animal-printed lingerie and talks dirty to the camera. It doesn’t take too long before she’s stroking and sucking his member. In the end, she jerks him off and begs for his cum before he delivers a meager load on her face. She pretends to spit it out, but then sucks it back in before finally letting it dribble down her face.

Velicity Von breaks the brunette streak and her face is the typical blonde stripper look with huge breasts. She plays with her huge tits before crawling to the guy’s cock. She touches the guy from outside his jeans before helping him out of them. Velicity is slightly better in the fellatio department she performs great no hands blowjob with great eye contact. Finally, she receives a nasty monster load that gives her a thick layer of cum strands hanging from her chin, which land on her huge tits. This is a great scene.

Emma Cummings is slightly chunkier and heavier than the rest not to mention she looks a nerdy with eyeglasses. She gives the camera a tease and takes her panties off while still having her plaid skirt on. Although she may not have the best look, I can appreciate a nice ass. Luckily for us, she takes off her nerdy glasses and suddenly she looks much better. Soon, she has her mouth down his cock and uses more mouth, then hand which is a good thing. The good scene ends with a creamy jizz load on the bridge of her nose!

Jonni Darkko seems to love filming Lana Croft because she has been in several Darkko flicks like Wet Food 2 and Throat Fucks. However, she has the recently retired, but at least we get to enjoy another scene. The flat-chested Filipina beauty with the fuck-me-look doesn’t really look good with blonde highlights. That doesn’t matter when she goes for the gold with the deepthroating and she just loves to have her cheeks stuffed with cock. If you like watching wet blowjobs, then this is the scene for you. She begs for his cum and she receives a moderate facial on her face, but she definitely deserved a monster one. She’s not done yet because she sucks him dry.

Hannah West is up and this tart takes no time in taking her partner’s cock out from his pants. She uses a different method than the rest by spitting on her hand and stroking him before resuming the fellatio. I guess with those sexy eyes of her, she can get away with giving more handjob than blowjob. Despite the average scene, she gets a monster facial dousing from her forehead to her chin, which is definitely payback for a lousy blowjob.

Next up is Angelina Valentine, a big titted brunette with the face of a Taylor Rain. There’s not as much dialogue as the others, but that shouldn’t matter since she gives great deepthroat with very little use of her hands something, which is lacking from many of the scenes. So far, she’s the most consistent with the excellent deepthroat and she really gets what she deserves with the messiest facial on the video! She’s suprised by the quantity of jizz on her face and laughs at the end. This is an excellent scene but her tattoos may be a turnoff by the general viewer.

Drew Butterfly, a strawberry blonde is easy on the eyes because of her natural beauty and rack. After some dirty talk and teasing, she gets down to business giving good head. The lucky guy gets at those tits with his cock. The extended titfucking continues until she resumes with the fellatio. Finally, he dumps a massive load on her facial similar to the same magnitude as the prior scene, but not quite. It’s a good scene from a relatively unknown lady, but she’s got my attention now.

Finally, the scene ends with the third Asian in the video, Lana Violet. She has a nice, natural rack that supplements her cute face. Lana delivers some great dirty talk until she unbuckles his jeans and goes at his cock like she has been starved of cock-meat for weeks. There’s good energy in the scene despite of her not being able to deepthroat him fully. Among the three Asians in the video, Lana is the weakest when it comes to the cocksucking department, but she is the cutest of the three. In the end, she receives an adequate load on her face.

In summary, Suck It Dry 5 just doesn’t have the firepower as in the instant blowjob classic Suck It Dry 4 that had a stellar cast starting with Bobbi Bliss, Bobbi Starr, Lela Star, Rebeca Linares, and the list goes on. With that said, the fifth volume is a good blowjob video, but it’s just not a great one. The biggest criticism is that in a good amount of scenes, the women spend more of the screen time stroking cock instead of sucking on it with the biggest violator being Hannah West. Although this volume may not have the best cast, there are a couple of good scenes by Lana Croft and newcomer Angelina Valentine. Suck It Dry 5 deserves a solid RECOMMEND!

RATING: Recommended

  1. November 16th, 2008

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