Annina Superstar (Blu-ray)

The Moli-directed movie, Annina Superstar, is the perfect vehicle to introduce Annina into the Magma world. With the Weird Science-type plot combined with great scenes, this movie is fun to watch. Although, artistically it may not have the technical complexities as in Porn Hard Art, the movie gets the job done. If you are tired of watching nonsene plots from Private, then this is a great alternative. Annina Superstar on Blu-ray is definitely worth the extra coin.

Running Length: ~1 hour and 54 minutes

Starring: Annina, Tyra Misoux, Virginee, Black Angelika, and Roxy Rockat

The movie is presented in Full 1080 HD and is encoded in MPEG-2 at a bitrate of 15-16 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 kbps. Visually speaking, the lighting and camerawork is excellent throughout. Furthermore, the fleshtones are accurate just like they are in the other company’s Blu-ray releases. In terms of audio, you are given the choice to watch it in German or in English. At least for the English audio, the dubbing is good, but not great partly because it would have been better to hire all-English voice actors.

The extras include an average slideshow and an excellent ~22 min BTS, which you can watch in English or in German. The BTS consists mostly of a well-executed candid interview with the G-cup Annina. Although, Annina has been a familiar face in mainstream like her appearances on the German version of the David Letterman Show called the Harald Schmidt show. Furthermore, she even dated popular German comedian from the movie Vollidiot, Oliver Pocher. What brought her to pursue a career in adult film was her insatiable appetite for sex, which could be exemplified with the time she had sex with three guys in her personal life. She further discusses how porn has a social stigma although she argues that everyone watches porn, but are afraid to admit that they like watching it. Now, the interview gets interesting when Annina admits to having several breast implants throughout several years because she has a fetish for breast implants. Her latest breast augmentation increased her cupsize to a size G. In the future, she would like to star in a gangbang perhaps with 7 or 10 guys all dressed up in uniforms because she has a men-in-uniform fetish. Lastly, there are a couple of seconds with the Romanian Black Angelica speaking English. So far, this has been the best BTS from Magma Film and it’s because of the candid interview with Annina.

A lonley computer programmer, Lukas, devotes his off-time making a virtual sex program. It looks like he may pull it off when he puts on makeshift electrodes and soon he’s transportd to a virtual reality where he watches a very sultry tease and solo masturbation session performed the busty Annina. The scene is probably the most artistic in the entire movie with the groovy volcanic lighting while she performs the tease. She makes herself cum with the help of a dildo. Lukas is all hot and sweaty from the virtual scene. His colleague at work notices that Lukas seems to be tired all day long. Lukas admits that he’s perfected his virtual sex program, but his coworker remains skeptical. So, Lukas offers his skeptical colleague a test drive with the program.

His skeptical colleague tells his girlfriend, played by Tyra Misoux, that he’s going to go to his Lukas’s apartment to test out the new program. His girlfriend has a hissy-fit since tonight he was supposed meet her mother. The guy uses his charm and cock to persuade her to let him go to his friend’s place instead of meeting her mother. Soon, it’s a heated one-on-one session, but it soon becomes a threesome when a brunette joins in the fray. He fucks both of them hard and raw one at a time before unleashing a monster facial on their pretty faces! Luckily for him, his girlfriend lets him off the hook this time!

Later that day, Luka’s friend comes over and is ready to test out the prorgram. First, Lukas asks for a picture of his dreamlover to prove that his computer program works. He takes out a picture of Virginee and gives it to Lukas. He works his computer magic by scanning the picture of her while placing the homemade electrodes on his skeptical friend. Lukas runs the program and soon his friend watches the virtual sex that unfurls right for his eyes. The sexy Virginee gets fucked hard until she makes his partner cum. During the cumshot, she’s actually quite surprised since she didn’t think the jizz would land in her hair since he was aiming at her breasts.

His friend is impressed how real the sex was although he himself wasn’t virtually having sex with her, but someone else was. Although, he’s impressed with Lukas’s work, he wants his friend to have a life with a real girlfriend. He lays on the guilt trip on Lukas asking if he still longs for his exgirlfriend. Soon, Lukas reminisces about a memorable sex session with his ex, the smoldering brunette Black Angelika. The Romanian has a rockin’ body and definitely her body is built for speed since she gets a thorough fucking. In the end, it’s too bad that she receives a weak cumshot, but she finishes off with good post-coital head.

The next day, Lukas’s sleazy boss, makes it clear to him that he must close the deal with their newest client. Little does Lukas know that the newest client happens to be his dreamwoman, Annina. At first, he cannot believe his luck and fumbles his lines with Annina, but she makes him feel more comfortable and they get down to the details of the project. Annina feels comfortable around him and soon he shows her his latest invention. Lukas asks for a photograph her dreamwoman, but she doesn’t have one off hand, but she assures him that she has a very WILD imagination. Lukas gives runs his virtual sex program and instantly Annina involves herself in a heated sapphic lovemaking action complete with a sex toy. Annina gets a thorough workout from her virtual lesbian until they both orgasm to end the scene. Annina is so impressed by Lukas’s invention that she actually takes a genuine liking to him.

The next day, Lukas’s boss, makes it clear that he wants in on his virtual sex program invention. But, first he would like to test it out and gives a picture of Roxy Rockat who plays his boss’s wife. After placing the electrodes and starting the program, his boss is transported to virtual reality as he receives a thorough blowjob from Roxy. Roxy’s wearing sexy red clothes while her face has gems glued onto it. Anyway, she takes the pussy-fucking in the doggie style when she gets pushed up against the wall. Finally, he cums on her face. Lukas’s boss cannot believe how real it feels.

After Lukas finishes the project for Annina, his boss breaks the news that Lukas has been promoted to junior partner. After the celebration, Annina and Lukas have their own private celebration back at his flat. The night begins with romantic kisses until she uses her DSL’s (dick sucking lips) for some cock lovin’. Then, he makes good use of her tits giving them a thorough fucking. Subsequently, he hammers her hard in the doggie positon. He returns to tit-fucking her G cups until he unleashes his jizz all over her tits. Finally, the nasty lady does some devastating post-coital suck with eye contact.

In summary, Annina Superstar, has a fun plot following the footsteps of Weird Science mixed with excellent sex scenes despite not having any anal in any of the scenes. Specifically, the sexy brunette Black Angelika as well as Roxy Rockat and Annina have memorable scenes. The movie has great production quality and it reminds me of Private productions from the days of yore. This movie is a good introduction for Annina and definitely her commodity is on the rise. Annina Superstar deserves a solid RECOMMEND!

RATING: Recommended

  1. November 1st, 2008

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