Sweet Cheeks 10 (Blu-ray)

Anabolic’s Sweet Cheeks franchise has transformed for the better with Ivan at the helm. Historically speaking, I’ve never liked this series back when Erik Everhard used to direct for Anabolic. With that said, Sweet Cheeks 10 has some noteworthy performances by some firm ass women, but let’s face it Jessica Lynn looks out of place ass-wise at least. However, the $10,000 question is whether to buy this Blu-ray or not.

Running Length: ~2 hours and 47 minutes

Starring: Jessica Lynn, Elena Heiress, MacKenzee Pierce, Megan Monroe, Summer Verona, Kristina Rose, Camryn Kiss, Samira, and Aliana Love

The video is presented in widescreen 1080 HD and is encoded in MPEG-4 AVC with a bitrate of 16-17 Mbps with an upper limit of 27 while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 224 Kbps. Visually speaking, the fleshtones are depicted slightly better than prior Anabolic Blu-rays, but there is still some issues regarding backlight contrast compensation especially outdoors that need to be addressed. Also, there was noticeable noise, especially in the disco corridor scene with Summer Verona. I think that Anabolic can improve upon these technical issues. In terms of audio, the sound is crisp and dynamic. Also, like most Anabolic videos, there is an option to turn on/off the Moby inspired drum and bass with a hint of hip hop sounds.

The extras include a tease menu, cumshot recap, photo gallery, and a ~22 minute HD BTS. It’s a good thing that there is an option to go straight to the tease scenes because Ivan is one of the best at capturing these moments. The BTS didn’t really have the same watchability as compared to the BTS from Initiations 22.

Aliana and Samira oil each others asses in the Southern California sun. They both look like they just stepped out the 1980s with the sunglasses they have. After the tease session, the two ladies enter the house where they get cozy with the lucky guy. He fucks the shit out of them and makes sure both have an adequate hot sausage injection. At one point, Samira gets herself off with a red dildo while watching the ebony Aliana get railed. Her jerks off on the lady’s face, but he wants more of Aliana’s pussy and fucks her hard for an extended amount of time. Apparently, Aliana’s love box must have felt oh so good.

Next up is MacKenzee Pierce and there’s no mistake that’s her because of her really huge and firm ass for a white lady. Her ass reminds me of a younger version of Flower Tucci’s. Anyway, she gives the camera a little tease with great rumpshaking. After the great tease, she has two cocks to suck and fuck. She really knows how to play for the camera as she attacks each cock with a purpose. They know where the goodness is because the guys waste no time getting all inside her ass. This professional even takes a hard double penetration and doesn’e even flinch at all. She takes a rest from the double penetration, but now she takes it in the ass and takes the other guy in her mouth. The guys take turns going balls deep on her ass, which she has no problem with. This scene isn’t for the meek since there’s a couple of closeup shots of her gaping ass. The nasty MacKenzee even does ATM throughout. After the very, very thorough anal, they dump their creamy loads all over her round and firm ass of hers.

Summer Verona is a relatively new starlet who gives us a tease in a narrow corridor while disco lights color the room. She has a sultry look to her, but the tattoos may be a turnoff for some people. After the disco segment, we are treated another montage exhibiting her firm and sweet cheeks. The scene skips the foreplay with her partner going straight for her pussy in the doggie position. He’s slightly rough with her and for the majority of the time powerfucks her pussy throughout the scene. I’m pretty sure that her pussy was sore from all the thrusting. In the end, she gets down on her knees and receives the cumshot in her awaiting mouth.

Megan Monroe is a blonde wearing a picnic patterned matching top and underwear. She’s teasing the camera with her ass in multiple locations. She has just enough junk in the trunk, so to speak. Although she has a firm ass, her face and breasts are barely passable. Anyway, the blonde nympho takes on two guys and when she’s bent over taking it in the pussy and sucking cock, we get to see the stretch marks from her breast implants, which is definitely a turnoff. She definitely fits the anal-friendly stereotype, but surprisingly that’s not the case. Despite that, the two really giver her mouth and pussy a workout. In the end, she takes a facial and a cumshot on her cheeks.

Ivan keeps the 1970s theme going with Jessica Lynn wearing a trippy looking top. She’s a cute lady with doll eyes, but her ass just doesn’t compare to other ladies on the video. But, for some reason, the video switches to Kristina Rose and Camryn Kiss’s scene. The brunette Kristina Rose is feeling naughty day with a probe up her ass and a cock balls deep on her love box. The camera takes a nice view of her ass while he takes her in the cowgirl position. Camryn Kiss is soaking wet thanks to soaking in the fucking that’s happening right beside her. Soon, the blonde Camryn becomes a willing participant in the threesome with an acrobatic fuck while her head is on the ground and her pussy is being supported by a couch. In the end, the ladies swap cum with each other.

The last scene has exotic-looking Elena Heiress sharing screen time with Jessica Lynn who just gave a little tease before. The blonde oils up Elena’s round ass of hers and Elena returns the favor. Soon, Jessica is sucking on cock before he rams his rod inside Elena’s juicy pussy. Although the ladies share the fucking responsibilities, Elena Heiress just steals the scene and it looks like Jessica’s inclusion was just an afterthought. Finally, Jessica positions her face underneath Elena’s pussy while the guy jerks his load on Elena’s box. Like the nasty lady that she is Jessica laps Elena’s cum-laden pussy.

In summary, Sweet Cheeks 10 has its great performances by MacKenzee Pierce and Elena Heiress. Although, some viewers may be turned off by the amount of tattoos per talent. Furthermore, Megan Monroe’s performance drop down several notches having seen her breast stretch marks in high definition. Now, the question is, is it worth the extra coin to upgrade and buy this on Blu-ray? Unless if you are a big MacKenzee Pierce or a Elena Heiress fan, you’re better off buying Teenage Anal Princess 8 or Initiations 22 on Blu-ray. With that said, Sweet Cheeks 10 is definitely a RENTAL.

RATING: Rent it

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