Throated 15

Throated 15, for the most part, has most of the ladies taking it balls deep. Slightly greater than half of the performances would be considered above average to smokin’ hot with the gold going to porn veteran Holly Wellin. There are some new faces that surprise like Camilla and familiar ones like Riley Shy. Although these scenes were for the company’s internet site,, the video stands on its own.

Running Length: ~1 hour and 23 minutes

Starring: Riley Shy, Brandi Edwards, Scarlett Pain, Cameron Love, Camilla Rhodes, Christine Alexis, Elli Fox, Holly Wellin, Kenzi Marie, and Mia Moore

The video is presented in fullscreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 with a bitrate of 5-6 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. The visual quality is decent, but it suffers from inaccurate fleshtones due to contrast compensation. The camerawork is a bit shaky at times especially when giving a top-down view of the action. In terms of the audio, there are really no major issues as you can hear all the sucking and gagging sounds clearly.

The only extras is an 8 minute slideshow presented in Ken Burns style with accompanying generic music. That being said, at least it’s presented well.

Riley Shy is no stranger at sucking cock having been in Jonni Darkko’s Suck It Dry 4 video. Her best quality is her piercing aqua blue eyes, which coincidentally matches her dress. We get to see more of those sexy eyes as she gives great head and almost manages to fit the entire cock in her mouth of hers. She gets all teary eyed trying to swallow his entire cock, but lets face it she’s no Bobbi Starr, Bobbi Bliss, or Annette Schwarz. Regardless, she has some good skills. The second half of the scene she tries to go for the gold, but she comes up with silver but at least she gags while trying. By scene’s end her mascara is slightly messed up. It’s too bad that she doesn’t receive a messy facial!

Brandi Edwards is the typical stripper with a botched boob job. Her technique needs a lot of work in throughout the scene she’s getting more use from her hands than from her mouth. In other words, this scene is not worth watching.

Coverwoman Scarlett Pain is a redhead that would fit nicely into alt porn with her tattoos, nose piercings, tongue piercings, etc. She’s a cute redhead with a wide mouth perfect for cocksucking. However, things turn skanky when she reveals a tattoo of a gun pointing to her shaved pussy. She has better oral skills than Brandi, but again she’s another woman that uses the handjob-blowjob technique, but at least she performs deepthroat in spurts. In the end, she gets a nice facial dousing! One thing that Scarlett has going for her is her energy and spunkiness.

Cameron Love is another lady with natural freckles. The 18 year old has a great look to her. Unlike the other ladies she uses more of her mouth than her hands, which should be the case. She does a good job with giving eye contact as she works her way almost down to his shaft. She takes an adquate load in her open mouth and performs great post-coital head. This is the best scene so far.

Next up is Camilla Rhodes, a brunette that’s average looking. Well, at least, she gets throated thoroughly as she’s able to touch his ballsac with her mouth. But, this comes as a cost, because it makes her gag resulting in her mascara being messed up. She gets a thorough throatfucking as you can tell because of the neck muscles and vessels can seen. After the wet and sloppy facial, she gets her just desserts with a very messy facial.

Christine Alexis a cute pixie-haired blonde with a great body. Her partner shoves his cock into her wet mouth. She’s on all fours while being throatfucked. She gives the old college try to down his cock, which actually happens when she’s on her back being throatfucked. Her deepthroat surprisingly gets better throughout the scene. Finally, he delivers a monster facial all over her pretty face and for a brief moment she looks suprised as in a deer in the headlights look, but she manages to internalize it.

Elli Fox literally wastes no time sucking from the get go. She’s very aggressive with the fellatio. Soon, she gets more comfy by taking off her bra where she does her best to get it all down her throat, which she ultimately does. He really tests her limits by throatfucking her. In the end, she doesn’t get the monster facial that she deserves.

Porn veteran Holly Wellin is ready and willing to be throated and she does just that. The porn veteran is tried and tested and she wastes no time delivering a very wet and sloppy deepthroat session and throatfuck session. Things get nastier when she’s on her back getting her throatfucked. The smoking scene ends with a very messy facial! So far, Holly Wellin trumps all the other women in the video.

Kenzi Marie fits into the stereotypical stripper mold meaning her looks aren’t anything special. Anyway, she starts off with a deliberate blowjob pace, which picks up speed. Although, at this point I doubt that Kenzi Marie can compete with Holly Wellin. After the decent blowjob, she takes an average facial.

Finally, Mia Moore rounds out the video with a decent performance. She’s another lady that uses more hand than mouth, but at least attempts to deep throat with three minutes remaining. The camera captures a nice bottom up view of her being throatfucked. Finally, she takes an average facial on her average face.

In summary, six out of the ten scenes are above-average to excellent with Holly Wellin’s taking first place on this DVD. Her scene should delight the viewer who likes to watch wet and messy throatfucking ending in a super-soaker of a facial! Some surprise performances include Christine Alexis’s passive-aggressive scene as well as Camilla Rhodes mascara-dripping performance. My only recommendation is to get less skanky looking ladies for following volumes. Throated 15 is on the low-end of being RECOMMENDED, but it’s a RECOMMEND none the least due to Holly’s, Riley’s, and Camilla’s scenes.

RATING: Recommended

  1. August 15th, 2008
  2. August 19th, 2008

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