Schmutzige Staatsaffären (Blu-ray)

The Alain Payet-powered Magma movie, Schmutzige Staatsaffären (translated as Dirty Affairs of the State), has an interesting plot that could be a little bit clearer at times, but overall it is a unique one. What this movie brings to the table than other adult features is the humor from the cast of characters like the Chinese businessman, to the streaker, to the perverted butler, and finally to the lederhosen wearing Yves St. Laurent doppelgänger! Furthermore, with European porn veterans like Jessica Fiorentino as well as younger talent like Julia Power, there’s something for everyone to enjoy from the general viewer to the hardcore raincoater!

Running Length: ~2 hours and 8 minutes

Starring: Jessica Fiorentino, Jane Darling, Julia Power, Lulu Lüstern, Maria Mia, Isabella, Nina Lee, and Gina

The movie is presented in widescreen full HD and is encoded in MPEG-2 at a bitrate of 15-16 Mbps with an upper limit of 23 while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. The visual quality is excellent with accurate fleshtones throughout the entire movie. Although this Blu-ray uses a mature compression MPEG-2 instead of MPEG-4 AVC as was done with Cabaret Berlin, the quality was comparable. On that note, I’m curious why American companies cannot on the whole produce sharp-looking adult Blu-rays. In terms of sound, there is an option for either German audio or English audio, but both of them are done well. In both cases they are dubbed as most of the actresses don’t speak German at all except for Maria Mia. I noticed slight audio glitches in the English audio track at around 1 hour and 12 minutes and at several other points, but it’s not too major enough to distract from the movie. This possibly could be an isolated incident.

The extras include a good photo gallery, several movie trailers, and a 31minutes BTS footage shot in High Definition with the choice of watching it in German or in English. The BTS was okay for me, but it wasn’t as interesting as in the SD BTS from Cabaret Berlin. Plus, it didn’t help that the English BTS narrator sounded like a generic version of the announcer used in Deutsche Welle. Probably, the only good parts for me were the photo shoots of Jessica Fiorentino and Julia Power.

The story is centered on the recent French ruling that mandates the use of condoms for sexual intercourse as the rule of law. An enterprising businesswoman played by Jessica Fiorentino wants to seize the opportunity and decides to make business arrangements with her German counterparts in order to fuel the condom supply for the guaranteed constant demand. Jessica Fiorentino is ready to make some contracts to corner the condom market. She’s ready to leave her house, but she wants her husband to come along with her. While she’s packing, her husband’s in the bathroom having some fun with their housemaid, Nina Lee, who’s giving him good head. By the time she’s ready to leave he has his cock hard and ready for a brief quickie with Jessica, but she’s all business and she has no time for that. Naturally, the only alternative is for the maid to continue sucking cock and she does an excellent job resulting in a monster load that pastes her right eye shut as well as covering her black blouse full of cum! Things are already looking up this movie already.

Meanwhile, Jane Darling, heads the largest condom company in Germany. She’s listening to a sales pitch from a Chinese businessman. This is one of the funniest moments in an adult movie when he tries to emphasize the tensile strength of his condoms by filling it up with jasmine rice using a funnel. He’s too anxious and nervous that he actually makes a mess out of the botched demonstration!

While Ms. Fiorentino is enroute to her office to gather her materials, she calls her vivacious secretary, Julia Power, to check if everything’s prepared. After Julia hangs up, she has some fun on the job. A couple of window cleaners eye Julia testing the quality strength of the condom using her condom. The two guys seize the opportunity by offering Julia a real world test of how durable the condoms are. Soon, she has her hands and mouth busy stroking and sucking cock! By the looks of it, she has quite a lot of experience sucking cock! She undresses from her sexy secretary clothes and she’s getting a pounding doggie style while sucking cock. She delivers very good contact while she blows the lucky guy. Soon, the guys make a sandwich out of her with a brief, but heated double penetration. Like the good Eurowhore that she takes their facials on her chin and her tits. Luckily for Julia, her brief sex session ends right before her boss enters the office! One of Jessica’s male colleagues, who has a passing resemblance to the late Yves St. Laurent, has some issues to iron out before her trip to Berlin, Germany. She senses that he needs more time in Paris and so she tells him that he should come to Berlin when he’s ready.

Jessica and her secretary arrive in Berlin where they are subsequently driven to meet up with Jane Darling at the mansion. The Germans are interested in what their French counterpart has to offer, but they just have a little technical information to discuss whether the French condom can attain German TüV quality assurance certificate. Jessica doesn’t go for all the technical mumbo-jumbo and soon daydreams about Jane Darling licking her pussy. The daydream sequence gets a little raunchier when Jane’s male assistant gives it to her boss both in the pussy and in the ass. After the fucking, it doesn’t take too long for him to dump his load. She returns to reality at the proper time just as Jane Darling ends her conversation. The merger seems to be underway and they just have to work on the financial and technical details, but before then they will enjoy the night with a formal dinner. Soon, Jessica’s colleague the YSL look-a-like and skirtchaser provides some comic relief dressed in lederhosen!

Julia Power is busy in her room working on her laptop where she senses that a guy is watching through the keyhole. She takes advantage of the entire situation giving the perverted butler a solo show that he’ll remember. She gets busy by touching herself, which is just the prelude for the debauchery that’s about to come in the form of a dildo. She sits on the dildo as if she were being fucked by real dick until she cums. Just after cumming she gives a naughty smile directly to the butler watching from the keyhole!

The eventful evening gets even better for Jessica after she talks to her secretary. Jessica is so hot and horny that she needs to cool off in the shower. She starts to grope herself while the shower is getting her and her cocktail dress wet. Soon, she is giving him passionate fellatio before she lets him fuck her pussy. Although this is a vaginal-only scene it’s still very hot. It ends with him dumping his jizz all over the top portion of her wet dress. This is one of those scenes that just scream out high quality Euroglam porn.

There’s more comic relief that follows with the Chinese businessman, the guy that walks around naked at the mansion, and YSL look-a-like. Before Jessica has a tour of the new factory that they are building, she catches her assistant Julia stroking off the cocks of Jane’s male colleagues in the guise of testing the French condoms. When Jane and Jessica tour the building grounds, Jessica has another daydream moment and imagines Jane fucking around with the two construction workers. Jane does a good performance even with some anal involved ending with two jizz loads all over her breasts.

Jessica and her German counterparts that the mass media is the best way to sway public opinion in their favor. They broker a deal with a famous radio personality, Gina. During the power-lunch, Jessica has another one of her sexual daydreams. She’s imagining Gina, who isn’t as attractive as the rest of the cast, getting boned by Jane’s assistant. She lets him fuck all her holes including her pierced pussy and her ass. The hardcore turns up one more notch with him cumming insider her asshole. The camera captures the spooge that dribbles out of her stretched sphincter. This scene should please the more hardcore audience.

Jane has some other business to attend to and leaves Jessica alone at the mansion where she can have her own testing session with the guys from the factory. She invites them over because she needs to test the French condoms on the average people. Things become erotic when she teases them by wrapping a glass bottle with one of the condoms and starts sucking on it. Soon, this becomes a full-blown threesome complete with a hard double penetration session. The good scene ends with cum pouring down her tits!

Things get a little rough when one of their competitors is outselling them with a special promotional deal where customers get free beer with every condom purchase. However, Jessica and company have a plan to get back at their competitor. He receives a special invitation, but he doesn’t know that it’s a ploy to blackmail him with a sex tape video along with his incimininating statements. Despite that, at least he has fun with the two ladies, Lulu Lüstern and Maria Mia. The sexy brunette Maria even gets throatfucked briefly before getting fucked hard even up the ass. In the end, he cums on her pussy. Jessica and Julia look over the blackmail tape before they send it on over to their competitor. Soon, Jessica has the upper hand again and their plan for European domination is in full swing.

The hostess with the most-ess Jane Darling celebrates in style and manages to get a group of adversaries to finally agree on business. She has something special in the form of the busty brunette Isabella giving an erotic tease before the sex session begins. It’s too bad that Isabella doesn’t get into the hardcore fun and neither does Julia Power this time around. However, Jane and Jessica get a major dose of sex including some assfucking for the both of them before the jizz starts to flow! By scene’s end, both ladies are exhausted, but at least they know how to mix business with pleasure!

The movie ends with more comic relief with the Chinese guy and the crazy streaker!

In summary, Schmutzige Staatsaffären, is an excellent movie with a great cast except for Gina and Lulu. This movie is well-directed by veteran Alain Payet who captures a good mix of sex, comedy, and excellent visuals. I must admit that I was never a fan of Jessica Fiorentino when she first started in 2000, but I guess some ladies age well with time like a good wine because I she looks hotter. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that she had a really erotic shower sex scene! Julia Power also caught my interest with her hot scenes because she’s new to me. So, if you are looking for a movie that has a high production value that is higher or on par with a Private and Marc Dorcel feature, then this Blu-ray matches that description! Despite the minor audio issue, this movie deserves a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED from the general viewer to the hardcore raincoater audience.

Rating: Highly Recommended

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