Cabaret Berlin (Blu-ray)

Magma Film, through Moli’s vision, recreates Cabaret Life in the unstable and turbulent times of 1930s Berlin. The Cabaret was once viewed by the thought police as a counterculture as they did with artists like George Grosz. So, the premise of the story is that the Nazi henchmen threaten to close the producer’s Cabaret, but through the machinations of women’s charm and some luck manages to save his production! Plus, it has Angel Dark in HIGH DEFINITION . . . need I say more!

Running Length: ~1 hour and 58 minutes

Starring: Angel Dark, Maria Mia, Renee Pornero, Julie Silver, Kristi Klenot, and Laila Naomi

The movie is presented in widescreen 1080 HD and encoded in MPEG-4 AVC with a bitrate 17-19 Mbps with an upper limit of 24 while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 Channel at 224 Kbps. I have to say that the visual quality is superb with accurate fleshtones throughout the entire movie. The visual quality is clear and crisp and American productions should take note at how clear adult HD movies can be without using any visual filters. The movie gives an option to listen to the English track as well as the original German track. The dubbed English is better than most productions in terms of acting and aural sound. The highlight was actually finding out that adult talent CAN sing as in the case with Maria Mia and her partner!

The extras include a trailer of the movie, a decent photo gallery, and a standard-definition 15 minute BTS. Director Nils Molitor, Moli for short, introduces the movie and how he was at first pessmistic that Maria Mia could pull off her singing performance. But, amazingly she did and her voice is actually good. Also, there was a spontaneous moment when Nils Molitor interviews Angel Dark while she puffs a cigarette. It’s too bad that the BTS was not in high definition.

Laila Naomi, a brunette, kicks things off with this period piece. She’s wearing authentic clothes for the 1930s, meaning it doesn’t show too much. However, it makes me wonder how people got it on! Since there aren’t too many scenes in 1930s Germany, I thought this was brilliant. Anyway, after a bit of acting, it doesn’t take too long until she’s sucking cock. Soon, she’ s in her lingerie and the two go at it with each other. At this point, we get some closeup pictures of her pussy getting railed in the reverse cowgirl position. At one point it looks like he’s going to fuck her ass easing his middle finger up her bum. But, it’s just a tease because she gets a good old-fashioned fuck. He holds onto her strap and power-fucks her mercilessly until he drops a loads in between her ass cheeks. That’s not all because some of that jizz was able to fly across and her body and nicks her chin!

The Cabaret producer gets into some personal trouble when three Nazi thugs all dressed in black tell him that he must close down his club. He’s infuriated and stressed about the entire situation. But, his assistant, played by the lovely Maria Mia relaxes him with the best stress reliever in the world, SEX. After the french kisses and the tit-worshipping, he slowly but surely helps her dress out of her conservative dress and knickers. Being the worldly and generous woman she is, she gives an enthusiastic blowjob complete with some good eye contact. She hops on his cock until he blows his load.

One of the Cabaret’s leading Diva’s, the Austrian Renee Pornero, is willing to sacrifice her body by planning a private meeting with one of the thugs. Within minutes, he tells her that he cannot help him out, but that soon changes when he falls under her charm. These two apparently have a hot and steamy past with each other. They get a little cozy, but things get x-rated fast when she takes the thug’s cock from his trousers and sucks him. They are able to do close-quarters fucking with the narrow theater seats. Soon, she’s being pounded in the ass doggy style as she leans on the theater’s seat. She maximizes her pleasure by diddling her pussy while she takes the anal pounding. The scene ends with cum all over her butt cheeks and tits. She’s able to woo him so the cabaret has two weeks to come up with a more suitable program.

Two weeks later . . .

Three ladies do a bit of the French cancan that would make Toulouse Letrac proud. After that is the Angel Dark scene. There isn’t too much dialogue involved (since the Slovak doesn’t speak German), but basically a man is busy skinning apples until his wife arrives. After a bit of dancing, the two pet each other until she gets down on her knees and suck his cock. Angel Dark is one of the best performers who has worked with people around the world literally and it’s nice to see her out of gonzo element. Although she’s all covered with her conservative dress, it makes the blowjob scene much more erotic. Angel Dark gets down to business and takes off her dress so she can enjoy some tongue action. She cavorts up and down to synchronize with each lick of the pussy. After she’s nice and wet, he fucks her raw in several different position, but Angel likes it rough and she looks like she has the most fun in the doggie and reverse cowgirl style where we see her huge tits bounce up and down with every thrust. She finishes him off with an adequate blowjob until he spooges all over chest and face. Angel rubs the remainder of the cum all over her tits. Fans should rejoice since she has another scene in the movie!

The next cabaret show is funny starring Celia Jones. Her butchy-looking pimps don’t believe that she isn’t making money after finding a pittance of Reichmarks in her bag, but they strip search her to find much more! Soon, the ladies are doing much more than looking for money. They find some beads coming out of her pussy. Then, they shove a baseball bat inside her mouth and pussy. This brunette with unsightly bolt-ons has major league deep throating skills, literally as she’s able to open her mouth to accommodate the girth of a baseball bat. Things get a little nasty in a bad way when they use hangar clippers on her pussy lips while she briefly shoves a glass bottle into her pussy.

The Cabaret producer things everything is smooth sailing until one of the Nazis barges into the dressing room and accuses one of the actresses as being a man. He threatens the producer again. But, the show must go on.

Next we have a man helping out Julie Silver dry off after a warm bubblebath. She returns the favor by giving good head. The scene becomes a full hardcore session as she gets it doggie-style. Next, she jumps on his cock in the reverse cowgirl position so her asshole can be fucked raw. After the energetic assfucking, she takes his cumshot in her sexy mouth of her and gives him a few post-coital sucks to seal the deal!

The next scene has exotic and acrobatic overtones as a short-haired acrobat shows off her flexibility. Although, this is a non-sex scene, it is pretty erotic with what she with the two clothe lines as she shows off her strength and grace. It appears one of the Nazi thugs liking the acrobat, BUT he gives the roses to the woman (who’s actually a man) announcer! The best thing while watching the scene unfurl is the timing of the humor since I didn’t see that coming at all.

A porno movie wouldn’t be complete without a sexy nurse scene. In this scene, the busty brunette nurse, Kristi Klenot, has excellent bedside manners because she knows how to heal a wounded soldier. Soon, she sucks and fucks him on the hospital bed. If you are into big-titted women, then you will like this scene. She takes a hard anal fucking in the spoon position as we see her tits jiggle with every motion. He canoot take it any long and cums on her love box and thighs! Ahh, the beauty of socialized medicine. The cabaret show ends in a burst of applause by the audience, but more importantly the Nazi thugs.

The producer celebrates with his lover Maria Mia. She’s giving some head in the drressing room. Then he does a quick in and out session until she strokes him off onto her face.

Finally, the last scene involves an orgy with six of the cabaret participants including Angel Dark, Julie Silver, and the Kristi Klemot. There’s a lot of fucking going around, but Moli makes sure we get to see all the hot action including Angel Dark taking it in the mouth and pussy at the same time. She also gets fucked in the ass reverse cowgirl style with him spreading her pussy just begging to be fucked. Several minutes later, the double penetration sequence become a reality for Angel Dark and she takes them with gusto. Soon, cum starts to pour first on Kristi, then Julie, and finally on Angel Dark. In fact, Angel Dark takes two monster loads that land on her thighs and breasts as well as her shoulder. It’s too bad that it mised her face because it definitely had the distance!

It’s virtually a lock that the Cabaret will continue as it looks like the Nazis rescinded their threat to close down the place. On a lighter not, it turns out in the end that the hard-nosed thug has a liking to transvestic fetishism, that is dressing up in women’s clothes!

In summary, Magma Film has been doing adult films for quite a while and they are one of the main players from Continental Europe as are Marc Dorcel and Pierre Woodman. It’s too bad they don’t have the same international presence since they also make high quality productions starring the same Eastern European beauties you’ve seen in American gonzo productions. Anyway, Cabaret Berlin is a fun film packed with good sex, but what makes this production unique is that it actually showcases the actor’s skills besides their sexual skills. Specifically, we get to hear Maria Mia and her partner sing very well during the Cabaret intermissions. For the most part, Moli does a great job capturing the sex. Whereas Pierre Woodman concentrates on giving us wide angle shots, Moli captures mostly closeup shots of the scene, which works most of the time although I would have liked more varied shots. I just have to say WOW with the quality of the movie. It’s very sharp as compared to the majority of American Blu-rays I have reviewed. Now, onto the ratings. It has similar hardcore elements to the features that Wicked Pictures puts out, but slightly harder especially considering Celia’s scene. This movie gets a highly recommended for the general viewing audience, but if you are a hardcore raincoater, then this would probably get a recommended.

RATING: Highly Recommended

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