Nice Rack 16 (Blu-ray)

Nice Rack 16, directed by Ivan, has a good vibe to it thanks to the wit and humor interspersed throughout the video. From the spunky Allie Foster, to the firm Jordan Star, to the dirty talkin’ Misty Love, and to the anal loving Rucca Page, there’s something that should appeal to the general viewer and not just for the big tits fan! Now, if only the overexposure problem in terms of visual quality can be addressed. However, don’t let the visual quality detract from the good amount of quality scenes in this release!

Running Length: ~2 hours and 57 minutes

Starring: Allie Foster, Gianna, Jordan Star, Misty Love, Rucca Page, and Cassandra Calogera

The video is presented in widescreen 1080 HD and is encoded in MPEG-4 AVC with a bit rate of 16-17 Mbps with an upper limit of 20 while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 224 Kbps. Visually speaking, most of the scenes are overexposed for styling giving unnatural and inaccurate fleshtones. This must be the in-thing, but definitely the overexposure bit is getting a bit overplayed. Now, with regarding the audio quality, it’s very good including the custom made hip-hop music, which is definitely better than the porno music of yesteryear.

The extras include an average photogallery, cumshot recap, and a 10 minute BTS. Ivan gives us more candid shots of the bubbly Allie Foster as she insult her costars in a joking way. There are also moments with Gianna who truly looks like she’s enjoying her work. Next, there’s a part in Jordan’s scene when the couch-bed falls apart while she gives head. Apparently, Jordan Star must have a tight box because her partner pulls out of her pussy and cannot help from cumming!

All-american chick Allie Foster with the generic American accent has great big eyes. She is going on about her latest squeeze how she hooked up with one of her friend’s coworkers at Red Lobster. She’s about to finish the scene, but she’s interrupted with cock in her mouth! This was a classic start to the scene! Soon, she’s gripping their cocks like ski poles before they get ride down to the full-blown threesome with the fucking and sucking. They make use of her tits giving them a thorough titfuck session. Finally, they jerk off onto her tits forming a peral necklace. After the scene, Allie continues her story about her latest squeeze. Overall, this was a great scene to start the movie with good chemistry throughout.

Next up is the buxom Gianna who’s been in plenty of videos this year. Unlike the candid session from the prior scene, she’s all business giving a seductive pre-game tease before she performing some very sloppy fellatio. Once it’s all nice and sweat, she gets fucked in several different positions including the very popular ass up face down style. Soon, she’s backing that ass up into his cock. But, he shows her who’s in control with some aggressive doggie. In between the sex, he gets to fuck those natural tits of hers. Finally, he unleases a load on her breasts. Although I am not turn on by her, I do appreciate that she is a great performer.

The 19 yo midwest ex-cheerleader cutie, Jordan Star, definitely has the stuff to go all the way with the looks of a Presley Maddox. I am not a fan of huge breasts, but I can appreciate a nice rack when I see ’em. Before the scene starts, Ivan takes some candid moments with Jordan discussing how she bloomed from an A to a D cup in her junior year. Ivan goes retro with us a la Vince Vouyer when he records her bouncing up and down. The interracial scene starts with him worshipping her D sized cups before he diddles her with his fingers. After this, she sucks on his cock, but it definitely she’s not an oral lady since she’s kinda lacking in the skills department. However, she excels with cock being stuffed in her tight shaved pussy of hers. Apparently, the hard and fast thrusting caused a technical disruption as the BTS shows when the bed falls apart. Anyway, the scene ends with him titfucking her hard until he unleashes a barrage of semen that hits her chin, but a majority of it flies over her head and lands inches from the bed! Apparently, Jordan Star was an excellent lay as the cumshot suggests!

Latina Misty Love is not as cute as the rest, but if you like curly haired Latinas with barrio style, she may turn you on. After the tease session, she’s joined by her partner. Soon, she has her thick lips locked onto his cock and goes to work with it. After the decent fellatio, he hammers her in several positions. Things get a little strange when he begs her to smack his face with her tits. The word play and dirty talk is more interesting than the “yeah, yeah” as the two go at with each other. Misty Love performs the best when she’s being fucked in the reverse cowgirl position while delivering nasty lines. Finally, the scene ends with him cumming all over her tits. This was another good scene with lots of intensity. Misty Love knows how to work it!

The penultimate scene stars Rucca Page, a very hot hunnie with huge tits. The scene starts with a tease session before she’s surrounded by two cocks waiting to be sucked and fucked. But, before then, they worship and grope her tits for an ample amount of time. Furthermore, Rucca is a pro at sucking cock showing hoff her deepthroating skills. Soon, it’s a full-blown threesome incuding ATM and anal. She shows how nasty she is when John Strong pulls out of her ass and starts throatfucking away! The scene sometimes ventures into one-on-one territory with her taking it up the ass. At one point, she looks like she actually orgasmed when her partner diddles her pussy while he continues to fuck her ass. In the end, she takes the two loads on her nice tits!

Last up is Cassandra Calogera who teases us with her yellow two piece. Her yellow top hids her huge breasts. The scene starts like most of the scenes. After the foreplay, he gets right down to business and gives it to her. Things don’t get so heated until she’s taking it in the reverse cowgirl on the floor. At this point, she decides that she needs more traction and she takes off her heels! Soon, the sex changes to missionary where he really powerfucks her along with some ‘gentle’ choking. Finally, he cums on her breasts!

In summary, Nice Rack 16, has a great style to it in terms of how Ivan mixes it up with the candid talk and the sex. How can you forget the soon-to-be-classic start from Allie Foster’s scene when she’s about to continue her story until a cock is shoved up her mouth! This doesn’t seem to be staged and it just seems that it was all organic in how the scene developed. The only negative I have regarding this release is how the scenes are overexposured resulting in inaccurate fleshtone. Despite that, Nice Rack 16 deserves a RECOMMEND!

RATING: Recommended

  1. November 11th, 2008

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