Ass Cream Pies 11 (Blu-ray)

Tony T.’s niche video, Ass Cream Pies 11, has some inspired performances by Claire Dames and Dana DeArmond. The rest of the scenes are somewhere in the middle. If you are a fan of Dana DeArmond, then her scene is not to be missed because she is literally taken to her limit with the rough sex including some massive throatfucking, anal, and DP resulting in creampies. Now, comes the question if it’s worth the upgrade to Blu-ray and that all depends if you can deal with the visual issues regarding lighting and its effects on fleshtones.

Running Length: ~ 2 hours and 41 minutes

Starring: Claire Dames, Brianna Love, Holly West, Savannah Gold, Summer Storm, and Dana DeArmond

The video is presented in widescreen 1080 HD and encoded in MPEG-4 AVC at 18-19 Mbps with an upper limit of 21 while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 224 Kbps. Visually speaking, the fleshtones are way off with even some scenes like Dana DeArmond’s having a yellow-orange hue. In summary, the scenes for the most part looked washed out and as stated before, the fleshtones were grossly inaccurate. Now, as far as the sound is concerned, I had no issues since the sound was clear and no obvious problems encountered.

The extras include an average photogallery, cumshot recap, an option to turn on/off music in the main feature, and a 22 minutes BTS. It’s worth mentioning that Dana DeArmond is noticeably absent from the BTS probably because something went down after her rought scene. Anyway, there’s many candid moments with the outspoken Claire Dames as well as a post-game interview with mommy Brianna while she’s showering. Brianna seems to do the impossible balancing being a full-blown pornstar and a full-time mom!

First up is Claire Dames who I really don’t fancy as my review of Balls Deep 13. Even despite her imperfections, I have to say she has a huge rack to go along with her sexual appetite. As with the following scenes, it starts with spraying ass cheeks with whipped cream, which subsequently leads to the massive deepthroating. The two guys really break her in as they pound away at all her holes. This is easily one of the more intense scenes in the video with her getting drilled hard in the ass. In the end, she takes their loads plus one in her ass before taking an ass-cum-drenched cherry pie on her face!

Next is MILF Brianna Love who really gets out of her motherly role when making adult films! After Brianna sits on a pie, her partner worships her creamy ass before she takes his cock into her moist mouth for an extended blowjob session. Soon, she’s ready to fucked hard. Although Brianna doesn’t instantly get into nasty mode with plenty of bumping and grinding as Claire Dames did, but rather she takes time to warm-up. In the end, he cums inside her ass. To show their appreciation for her scene, she takes a pie on her face!

Holly West, a frequent anal performer, has the task of taking veteran John Strong up inside. Holly isn’t all that and rather looks like an average pornstar with a stripper’s body. After going along with the whipped cream spiel, she locks her lips on his fuck stick! After the wet blowjob, it doesn’t take too long for him to be all up in her ass. Apparently, Holly didn’t do a thorough preparation regarding relaxing her ass before her anal scene as she seems to be flustered since she asks him to spit on his cock so there’s more lubrication. In the end, she gets her just desserts with him shoving the pie intoh her ass. However, Holly West isn’t fair game for these exploits and summarily doesn’t participate in the eating game.

Savannah Gold, a buxom blonde, has her hands full with two guys. After the whipcream spiel, the guys take turns fucking her moist mouth. Soon, the guys are taking turns fucking her ass before laying on the DP, which she takes like a pro that she is! Although she doesn’t have the same intensity as a Claire Dames, she delivers a lot of dirty talk in the scene. In the end, they deposit their jizz up her ass, which she subsequently pushes out onto a cherry pie. After she squeezes out all the semen onto the pie, they hit her in the face with it!

The penultimate scene stars another busty blonde, Summer Storm, performing an interracial scene. Like the other scene it starts with the whipcream play before she gets down to business literally with some good fellatio. Soon, he shoves his cock into her ass resulting in a lot of motion. Although her body looks bruised and battered, she performs a nice anal scene before taking his jizz up her asshole, which is subsequently used on a cherry pie. She’s fair game to the ass-cum-drenched pie-on-the face routine.

The last scene stars Dana DeArmond and this is probably the roughest scenes that I’ve seen an A-list pornstar have to deal with. There really is not much of a setup here as the two guys immediately go at it fucking her ass and mouth. Dana performs some mean, sloppy, and messy fellatio in this scene, which would make Gag Factor look pitiful. Soon, the guys are all up in her bottom holes in the DP. By scene’s end, Dana looks worn out like the tell-tale signs of make up running down her face suggests. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist that they pushed her to the limits. In the end, she takes the creampies like a pro before taking the drenched pie on her face! For viewers who want to see Dana DeArmond in a new light, then this is a must as she’s literally being tested to her limits.

In summary, Ass Cream Pies 11, may turn off the general audience, but for fans of cream pies and rougher sex, then this is easily a recommended. If you are a Dana DeArmond fan, then this is a ‘must have’ as she really takes a pounding although apparently it looks like somewhitng must have went down since she’s usually game to BTS footage, but she’s noticeably absent. Now, the question remains if this is video is worth an upgrade to Blu-ray, but that all depends on your preferences. Furthermore, it doesn’t help that the visual quality is skewed due to the inaccurate fleshtones. For these reasons, I give this is a RENT IT.

OVERALL: Rent it

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