Teenage Anal Princess 8 (Blu-ray)

Director, camera-operator, and editor extraordinaire, Ivan brings us a great release, Anabolic’s Teenage Anal Princess 8. Sometimes the front boxcover art can be deceiving, but the scenes backup the great boxcover fronted by Missy Stone. Furthermore, the spunky Sarah Shine and the persistent Jayla Starr perform excellent scenes respectively. This gonzo release should be one of the reasons to upgrade to Blu-ray!

Running Length: ~ 2 hours 39 minutes

Starring: Sarah Shine, Alexa Benson, Morgan Layne, Mackenzee Pierce, Jayla Starr, Missy Stone, and Cara Dee

The video is presented in widescreen and encoded in MPEG-4 AVC with a bitrate of 16-18 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, the fleshtones are accurate, except for Missy Stone’s scene where the scene looked washed out. Furthermore, there were still overexposed scenes, but not to the degree as in Initiations 22. In contrast, the audio was crystal clear since I could hear every sex sound with clarity.

The extras include a cumshot recap, an average photogallery, an option to turn on/off the music in main feature, and a 25 minute BTS. The camera man captures Sandra goofing off with some jump-roping followed by anal probing. Another thing worth mentioning is how bubbly Jayla Starr with the anal probe. It’s funny how Jayla Starr freaks out when she doesn’t she can handle John Strong’s ass. She makes a candid remark that she doesn’t like big dick, but medium dick. But, with proper guidance and teaching by Mr. Strong, she completes the anal scene. The BTS is definitely worth seeing if not for Sarah Shine then for Jayla’s candid moments!

Sarah Shine, an 18 yo, is being interviewed by the director while she’s playing around with a phallic shaped bubble blower. She’s a cute brunette with a tight ass, but some flab on her stomach. Sarah is wearing a cute, but sexy green and white striped two piece suit along with the TAP tiara. Other than that, she’s a very fuckable brunette. After the interview, we get a few seconds of her getting her ass ready with a lubed dildo! Now, the scene begins with her going downtown on cock using adequate amounts of saliva. Things pick up when he throatfucks this beauty. Next, he goes directly into her tight ass starting slow, but picks up the pace. Sarah’s a good yeller without being too fake on the vocal side. He drills her hard in the doggie position as the cameraman gives us a great view of her tight ass! He takes a break and fingers her pussy, but it’s back to anal fucking. She shows how nasty she is with some ATM before sitting down on his cock in the reverse cowgirl position. Finally, she helps him jerk off onto her pretty face resulting in strategically placed cum streaks on her cheeks and forehead!

Next up is an average looking 19 yo Alexa Benson who actually looks older than she does. She’s wearing a white polka dots on a pink background two-piece bathing suit. She admits that she did anal with her boyfriend back in high school. The 19 yo has racked up the tally with 28 just in her personal life, but that has skyrocketed with her porn career. After the interview, she gets down on her knees to suck on cock. Surprisingly, she looks better when she has cock to suck. After the mediocre fellatio, she takes it up her poop chute. The anal is fast and furious and she really gets into the scene while she’s on her back. She is just as nasty as Sarah performing ATM. They split her into two when they DP her. After the thorough fucking, she takes both loads with her open mouth. By this time, her mascara is all messed up because of the fucking and sucking. After she swallows their loads in one sitting, she’s crowned TAP!

The director interviews Morgan Layne, a blonde 19 yo from Porn Valley, who has the standard stripper body along with enhanced breasts. She looks like a geeky version of Sierra Sinn, especially with her secretarial glasses. She’s paired with Mackenzee Pierce. After the niceties, the two ladies get to know each other with some pussylicking before the sex toys come into play. Soon, they are fucking with each other with a dual purpose red jelly dildo. This continues with anal play with Morgan taking a probe up her ass. Next, Morgan graduates up to actually taking it up the ass with Mackenzee’s strap-on. This whore in training gyrates on the strap on like a professional. By scene’s end, Mackenzee Pierce awards Morgan with a tiara.

Jayla Starr is a cute black-asian with korean heritage. Her hair is a little nappy, but she’s used some hair flatteners. She’s a talkative lady, but soon we don’t have to worry when a cock is shoved down her throat. This Asian hybrid is a good cock-sucker showing off her hoovering skills. After fucking her tight pussy, he penetrates her even tighter ass in the spoon position. She’s in ecstasy with every thrust! He picks up the pace fucking her ass in the doggie and she’s really feeling it. Finally, he splooges a huge load on her cute face.

Next up is Missy Stone in her first anal threesome. The Mila Kunis look alike complete with stunning eyes has a great-looking face, but she needs to use her salary in investing in a dentist to fix her malaligned teeth. But, I guess that doesn’t matter while she has a cock in her mouth. One of the guys fucks her pierced pussy before shoving his cock hard and fast up her ass! For the most of the scene, she has a cock fucking her ass furiously, while trying to suck on cock. This is an extremely hot scene with lots of intensity. John Strong performs one of his acrobatic maneuvers with a standing cowgirl anal. Finally, she takes two sticky loads on her face and chest! This is a volcanic scene, but unfortunately the scene was somewhat overexposed.

Cara Dee, a ditzy 19 yo blonde with several sets of tattoos, rounds out the movie. She’s an average looking blonde, but at least she has a natural looking body. After the lengthy interview, she gets down to suck and fuck two cocks. Interestingly, she looks better sucking cock like Alexa Benson. After giving average head, the guys take turns fucking her ass and in between they have her perform ass-to-mouth. She gets more into the scene while one of the guys fuck her ass while she diddles her pussy! After the lengthy threesome, the two plaster her face full of cum hitting her eye and chin. She laughs at the end because some of the cum went into her nostril, which she summarily snorts. But, the funniest AND grossest part is when she places a cum-laden rose petal that was originally stuck onto her forehead onto Ivan!

In summary, Teenage Anal Princess 8 surprisingly works. I didn’t expect too much since the front box cover looked too good to be true. But, for me Missy Stone, Sandra Shine, and Jayla Starr lit up the scene for me. Missy Stone is just a sexy and hot woman who looks like Mila Kunis, especially those hypnotic eyes of hers. I liked Sandra Shine’s scene because of her spunkiness and her skillz! Last, Jayla Starr proved that although she was a hardass, she was able to overcome her fears of taking big cock up her ass. Ivan treads the fine line of this risky genre without being creepy by bringing in humor and wholesomeness to these hardcore scenes. I have no problem giving this a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

RATING: Highly Recommended

    • Su
    • July 19th, 2008

    Ivan puts every effort into making premium porn. You can trust that what you see on the packaging is what you will get in the movie.

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