Fuck Me II (PAL)

Award-winning GAZZMAN directs this star-featured production. Fuck Me II doesn’t quite live up to its hype and anticipation, but it does have some nice performances from Annette Schwarz, Chloe Delaure, and Brit newcomer Keisha Kane. Although Claire Robbins puts in an excellent scene sex-wise, I would have liked to remember her like her past self. Furthermore, there is a wealth of good extras on the DVD worth watching like Chloe’s tease scene. Other than those grievances, the entire video was directed very well giving us the best angles viewers like to see.

Running Length: ~ 3 hours and 4 minutes

Starring: Jenny Hendrix, Chloe Delaure, Annette Schwarz, Daisy Marie, Claire Robbins, Keisha Kane, and Brianna Love

The video is presented in widescreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at a bitrate of 4-5 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 224 Kbps. Visually speaking, the fleshtones were spot on as in the case in the lowly-lit scene two. However, there are some parts like Brianna’s where the fleshtones are all skewed since the camera light washes out the color. Essentially, the video quality tended to be more good than bad. On the other hand, the audio came in crystal clear and I had no problems hearing all the sounds.

The extras include trailers, a decent photo gallery, and many other features (47 minutes worth) including the following: Jenny Hendrix: Featurette, Photo Shoot, and Interview; Chloe Delaure: Tease and Photo Gallery; Daisy Marie: Interview and Solo Scene; Claire Robbins: Tease and Interview; Keisha Kane: Anal Preparation and Tease; Brianna Love: Outtakes and Photo Gallery. The features were done well, but the ones that I particularly liked is Chloe’s tease sequence where she’s dressed up in a sexy skirt before we get to see her shave her pussy, Keisha’s Anal Prep, and Brianna’s outtakes where she either pussy-farts or actually farts, which was funny! The DVD is has a unique presentation rather than having an option to play the full movie, it is broken down by star and in the submenu the extras are displayed except for the trailers that are on the main menu.

The scene starts with Jenny Hendrix wearing sleek and sexy black lingerie while there’s a voiceover of her saying that she’s here to satisfy our wildest fantasies. In case you didn’t know, Jenny Hendrix is a cute blonde with just enough junk in the trunk to pique interest in ass purveyors. She teases with her stare, which actually is a turn-off because she looks like Veronica Jett when she overdoes it. After the lengthy tease, her attention is focused at the cock that just made its appearance. The scene switches progressively from the first person to the third person. The cameraman takes nice views of her ass while she has her lips locked on a fuck stick. After showing off her fellatio skills, she begs to fucked, but first her partner worships her pussy with his tongue and fingers. Once her love box is all lubed up, he fucks her methodically, but then picks up speed. In between the fucking, she performs pussy-to-mouth. In the end, he pastes her face making her look like a glazed donut. She performs post-coital fellatio for good measure while we get to see her mascara all messed up. I liked this scene since Jenny was not over the top with her vocal performances.

Our guide on this sex tour is a French tart, Chloe Delaure who delivers sexy French phrases until we follow her nice ass through the halls of debauchery at the local sex den. First stop has Chloe Delaure watching Annette Schwarz get down and dirty with some explosive sloppy fellatio session. This minisequence shows the Maedchen aus Muenchen’s smoking performance worthy of a nice load on her face, which set ultimately receives. Now, the camera follows Chloe through other forms of debauchery with nameless women until Chloe settles down and gets fucked by two guys. It doesn’t take too long for her to have a cock rammed up her ass while she concentrated on sucking cock. Soon, the two men make a love sandwich of her. In between the position, she shows how nasty she can get with ass-to-mouth. There’s a whole lot of steamy sex in this scene with a memorable moment when she gets rammed doggie style with her ass up and face down! By scene’s end, one guy cums on her pussy and reinserts before his members becomes flaccid while the other guy comes on her fuckable face! I am impressed with Gazzman executing this scene making sure the fleshtones were on target, especially with the low level of light.

The Barrio beauty, Daisy Marie, has been in the business for quite a long time without having done anal and although she really doesn’t turn me on, I have to give her ups at how she is able to still be relevant. Anyway, Daisy Marie is all glammed out in 80s style red lipstick making her lips all the more inviting. After the little tease session, she gets on the freshly pressed bedsheets to receive some thorough throatfucking. After this, she takes the hot sausage injection in her veteran pussy and takes the hard pussyfucking with stride. At one point, she goes all crazy with the hip gyrations in the cowgirl position! From this scene, I reckon her specialty is giving head since she performs a lot of pussy-to-mouth in the scene. In the end, she sucks him off onto her mouth, which she subsequently spits on the camera lens. This was a decent scene for me considering that I don’t favor Daisy Marie.

Next up is Claire Robbins, who hasn’t been in any new movies lately except this one. Claire Robbins was once known for her spunky, free-spirited attitude that went along with her pixie hair. Unfortunately, in this scene, she looks lifeless (maybe art school did her in) to go along with her Patricia Arquette-esque hairdo. Furthermore, the few years that she was out of the business took a toll on her once tight body. One thing that hasn’t changed though is her penchant for anal and gangbangs. It starts off with the camera capturing her ass being lubed up in preparation for the hard anal fucking to follow. After this, a blowbang with four guys ensues before the main event where they make her airtight. In the end, she receives all four loads on her face and body. Performancewise, Claire Robbins has still got it, but the Claire of the days of yore is no more.

Keisha Kane is a cute black Brit who’s about to perform her first anal on scene. She’s wearing a white two-piece, which provides a nice contrast. It doesn’t take her too long before she’s diddling her pussy with fingers. After several minutes, she’s joined by a man who’s about to get a nice wet blowjob by the black beauty. This continues with the intercourse first in the pussy and then in tight ass! She does a great job taking it in the back door, especially in the doggie position. Furthermore, she outdoes herself by giving very sloppy ass-to-mouth! In the end, she takes a cumshot near her pussy. I haven’t had a hankering for black pornstars, but Keisha Kane has switched me to the dark side!

Veteran Brianna Love knows how to deliver dirty talk that gets us viewers hot and horny. The sexy blonde is wearing black stockings, a red corset, and lacy underwear. Although she’s known for her anal, this scene is sans anal! She starts off giving a sloppy blowjob before he fucks her thoroughly. This is a decent that ends with a decent facial. This is definitely not one of Brianna’s best scenes performancewise, but I do have to give credit for her dirty talk that set the tone for the scene.

In summary, Fuck Me II does have its moments, mainly because of Annette’s, Chloe’s, and Keisha’s performances. I would have rather seen another woman to fill in Claire’s scene because the new Claire is definitely not better than the old Claire appearance-wise at least. GAZZMAN as always shoots his videos with technical skill and it definitely shows in scene two. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to have a well executed extras portion. This video gets a solid RECOMMEND.

RATING: Recommended

    • Coby Johns
    • August 25th, 2008

    Claire Robbins has been a druggie since her days in Portland! Her friends back in Portland say that she’s back into drugs.

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