Initiations 22 (Blu-ray)

Initiations 22 has several good surprises including the sultry Ellie Idol as well as the all-American woman from Kentucky Sabrina Starr! Moreover, Ellie looks absolutely stunning in Hi-def, which is definitely an incentive to pay an extra penny or two for the upgrade. However, there were some scenes that fell flat and don’t live up to the Initiations standard set from the earlier volumes from early 2000. Despite that, it’s finally refreshing that Anabolic finally made the switch to Blu-ray giving consumers the choice to watch REAL gonzo as they did when they set the trend when they were one of the bigger companies to release videos on DVD years back!

Running Length: ~2 hours and 44 minutes

Starring: Ellie Idol, Jordan Star, Sophia Lomeli, Sayurii, Addison Lee, Sabrina Starr, and Celeste Mulet

The video is presented in 1080 widescreen and encoded in MPEG-4 AVC with a bit range of 13-15 Mbps with an upper limit to 18 while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 224 Kbps. Visually speaking, there is a noticeable difference in terms of sharpness of the picture. However, since the director likes to stylize the scenes, there’s an orange tint to the scenes meaning the fleshtones aren’t depicted accurately. Furthermore, most of the scenes have that washed out look or overexposured one, but again this is probablly done stylistically. Now, regarding the audio, the sound comes in clear and I had no major problems throughout although there were a second or two where the audio would seem to drop out or seem lower as compared to the sound’s level throughout a scene.

The extras include an option to turn on/off the music in main feature, a nice 17 minute BTS, a cumshot recap, and an adequate photo gallery. The BTS is basically composed of the interview segments that never made the final cut intermixed with shots from the starlet’s scene. For example, the BTS starts out with candid talk with the helium voiced Sayurii talking how she’s never had a major orgasm on camera. Another great moment is the Sabrina Starr segment where even a veteran John Strong can’t help himself from cumming on this hottie’s ass! A funny portion includes the cameraman gauges Jordan’s porn knowledge!

First up is a 20 yo brunette stunnder from the Southwest. She has a classy look to her with her coiffed hair just right above her shoulders making her look like a sexy hairstylist Ellie admits that she and her significant other love to watch pornos, especially alternative ones where ladies snort cum as if it were a hit of cocaine! Although she doesn’t take it up the bum on video, she does it with her very lucky boyfriend. After the intriguing interview, she places a blindfold and instantly, a cock comes near her face as she tries hard to use her hands to locate it. This leads to some hard skull-fucking that makes her eyes tear up as well as making her eyeliner messy. This is some pretty major stuff with her deepthroating all the way to the base of his cock. As soon as her blindfold is gone, she’s in for more throatfucking until he slams her shaved pussy in several positions including the awesome reverse cowgirl. There is some minor choking involved, but not extreme to turn people off. Finally, the lucky guy pulls out and delivers some thick cum streaks on her chin. Next, she uses her fingers to scoop up the cum and swallow it! This is an excellent scene from Ellie Idol and I am not really sure why her popularity hasn’t skyrocketed. .

Jordan Star is a good looking brunette who looks like a combination between Presley Maddox, but with Tory Lane’s busty stature. The 19 yo bodacious beautry from Indiana looks a bit tense, which the director tries to play down by breaking the ice with some jokes and small talk. Soon, she dons a blindfold and it doesn’t take too long before a guy gropes her 34D cups before licking doing some pussy worship. This leads to the fucking and sucking before he cums in her mouth!

Things take a different twist with this all blowjob scene with an average Latina, Sophia Lomeli. This not-so-new talent doesn’t really have any skill at sucking cock, but at least she has a big rack. In between the average blowjob, she spicens things up by using her foot. Finally, they cum on her face resulting in sticky loads pouring down her chin!

Sayurii, a cute 26 yo Asian chick, suffers from the dealbreaker helium-voiced syndrome. She has a nice face and a thin body to go along with her high-pitched voice. The interview continues even whe she puts on the initiations blindfold. She admits that he has never had an on-screen intense orgasm, but the director makes sure that she will in this scene! Soon, she’s sucking on cock before he throatfucks her. After the blindfold is off, he has his way with her spoon fucking her on the couch. Soon, she performs pussy-to-mouth in between positions. Yes, the director was true to his word as she looks as if she came on camera. Finally, she takes a nice loads that hits her square on her forehead and she continues to give hot post-coital head like a vacuum!

Next up is Addison Lee, who looks like the standard trailer park trash complete with a trashy tattoo above her chest that extends from one clavicle to the next. Soon, she has the blindfold on and claps her hands, which makes her surrounded by two cocks waiting to be sucked. This is a decent threesome, At one point, she accidentally obstruct the camera’s field of view with her heels. She gets nailed hard in the doggie position before they cum in her open mouth. Finally, she downs their loads

Sabrina Star, the hot woman on the front cover, can thank the chicken from the state of Kentucky for her good looks. This woman is on a mission to get fucked HARD! Before that happens, she confesses that both her parents know about her career, but the strange this is that her porno-loving father supports her decision while her mother doesn’t! Furthermore, she talks smack about her younger sister not liking sex and also talks smack about Kentucky! After the humorous interview, she’s soon initiated with the blindfold. While she’s giving head, the director comments how quiet she is, but that’s about to change when the real action starts indoors. There’s very good chemistry between the two. It doesn’t take too long before he has a finger up her pussy and one up her at the same time! Her lucky partner gets the chance to fuck her hard making her scream! Finally, the scene ends with her taking a facial. She smears the cum all over face until it produces one layer of cum! This is a hot scene with an up and comer!

Finally, the video ends with a token blonde bimbo of the barbie type named Celeste Mulet, This surgically enhanced bimbo has her chest busting out of her cheap two piece swimsuit. This Buffalo bimbo claims that this is her first time with two guys, but I find that hard to believe. Anyway, she puts the blindfold on before she’s surrounded by two black cocks waiting to be sucked and fucked. The action is not bad for her ‘first’ threesome. After the decent fucking, the first guy explodes all over chin, but the other guy just cannot match the first load.

In summary, Initiations 22 has some shining moments with Ellie Idol, Sayurii, and Sabrina Star. However, there were some disappointments with Sophia Lomeli and Addison Lee. Historically speaking, the Initiations series has gone through some transformation from the hard-edged earlier volumes from early 2000 like Initiations 2, which I consider as a the bellwether for the series. This volume is a completely different beast altogether since there seems to be more humor involved, which is due part of the different directing styles. Basically, although there were a couple scenes that didn’t pan out, this is a RECOMMEND.

RATING: Recommended

  1. August 20th, 2008

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