Sticky Knickers (PAL)

Sticky Knickers, directed by Macondo, follows the traditional elements of European glamour porn complete with hot anal sex as you would expect. There are several twists to the formula with the inclusion of the Thai beauty Priva who headlines this cast of primarily Eastern European beauties. Other scenes worth mentioning are Molly and Chantal’s scene as well as Mahe’s, which were surprisingly good.

Running Length: ~2 hours and 12 minutes

Starring: Megane, Mahe, Melissa Black, Molly, Chantal Ferrara, and Priva

The video is presented in widescreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at 4 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually, the fleshtones in some scenes are not as accurate even showing a light red hue. Furthermore, the color are a little off and saturated for intended stylistic purposes. Aurally speaking, the microphone captures the sex sounds with clarity.

The extras include a decent photo gallery, trailers, a boring 6 minutes BTS, and two interviews with Priva and upcoming starlet, Holly (but menu mislabels her as Chantal). During the 4 minute interview with Holly, we get to know that this Czech brunette from a small town has just been in the business for five months. Her English is better than most Czech ladies when she describes her journey into the adult industry. Next up is a 7 minute interview with Priva. I found that this interview was more candid than her interview in the Private Life of Priva compilation. She discusses her unique relationship with her husband/performer and how they have a very liberal relationship in more ways than one!

First up is Melissa Black donning blonde tresses a la Charlie’s Angels. She’s got a thin body to go a long with her small breasts. She begins teasing the camera as she poses in seductive positions in her aquamarine lingerie. Once a guy appears, it seems that there’s no romance involved since he just shoves his cock into her mouth and thrusts away! It shouldn’t be surprise that she takes it up her ass and even performs ATM. Her ass must be sore with the extended assfucking session. Like a good Eurowhore that she is, takes a nice facial before she wets her knickers with jizz. It’s a decent scene to start things off.

Mahe, is a very tanned brunette with an exotic look to her perhaps having some gypsy blood running in her veins. The busty brunette reminds me of Vanda or Private fame. Anyway, she’s wearing some pink lingerie. Technically speaking, these are one of the scenes where the fleshtones are accurate. The camera captures her playing with herself until she has a cocks to suck on. This threesome begins right as she’s the center of it. Strangely enough it’s like a rotating threesome as another guy intermittently joins the dogpile making it a foursome, technically speaking . One thing that’s nice is that she gets fucked hard while her panties are still on her! Although this is a vaginal-only scene, it’s a good one. In the end, all the three guys take turns fuckig her missionary style until they cum on her stomach one-by-one.

Next up is Megane, who also dons blonde tresses like Melissa Black. Unlike Melissa, Megane has all the right curves and then some, particularly her ass, which makes up for her average face. She’s wearing a hot matching yellow top and bottomwear. It begins with a brief tease session on the yellow couch before she takes a cock up her mouth. It doesn’t take too long before he’s all into her ass in the doggie position while her panties are down. The camera takes a nice of view of her ass in the cowgirl and doggie positions. Finally, he cums inside her pussy. She lets it seep out and rubs it on her knickers making them all sticky!

Priva, the headliner for this movie, gives us a seductive tease while she displays her rockin’ tight body to the camera! She seductively gyrates for the camera showing off all her assets. By this time, she’s all hot and horny and decides to play with herself. Soon, the cavalry show up and she has two cocks willing and able to pleasure all her holes. Soon, a heated threesome switches into fifth gear as she takes it up the ass while sucking on cock. One guy cannot take it any longer and cums on her ass. A little later, the other guys pulls out of pussy and cums on her tummy. It’s a great anal scene without double penetration, but doesn’t have the nastiness as Lady Mai in Wham Bam Ibiza.

Last up is Molly and Chantal Ferrara in a heated threesome! The two ladies are wearing lime-colored lingerie as the camera takes nice view of their bodies. I’ve got to give the nod to the newbie Molly since she’s firm and tight all around complete with perky tits. Although her partner, Chantal, is attractive, she saggy tits. The two take turns pleasuring each other with their tongues until a cock shows up to be sucked and fucked. Holly lets her experienced partner gets first dibs at sucking and fucking. Anyway, Molly surprised me in a good way since I didn’t expect her to perform PTM and ATM maneuvers not to mention taking it up in her tight ass of hers. She definitely made the scene much more interesting as she gets taken up her sexy ass in several position including doggie. Finally, Chantal takes the majority of the cum on the face while Molly looks on. This scene was definitely a surprise because of Molly’s hot performance.

In summary, Sticky Knickers is an adequate release, but gets much better with the performances by Priva and newbie Molly. I was really surprised at how Molly got all nasty since she has that innocent face to go with her hard-on inducing body. These two performances as well as Mahe’s vaginal-only scene pushes this up from a rental to a recommended.

RATING: Recommended

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