Fetish De Luxe (PAL)

Fetish De Luxe is not for everyone as it contains a scene that is not for the squeamish. Even with a stellar cast like Sarah Twain and Rita Faltoyano, the video falls flat in terms of visual quality as well as content.

Running Length: ~1 hour and 43 minutes

Starring: Mistress Dominique La Mer, Rita Faltoyano, Bobbi Eden, and Sarah Twain

The video is presented in widescreen and is encoded by MPEG-2 with a bitrate of 3-4 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, the fleshtones are out of whack and most of the scenes aren’t well lit at all, probably because of the artistic direction. Meanwhile, on the audio side, the sex sounds are captured well without any obvious problems.

The extras include a decent photo gallery, trailers, and a ~29 minute BTS. The BTS was quite interesting in part because we get to see how artistic Christophe Mourthe is and we get some brief interviews with the stars of the scenes like Rita Faltoyano. It’s not a bad BTS considering it’s for a fetish themed video.

The first scene has some very hardcore SM theses with Mistress Dominique La Mer calling the shots with the brunette hottie Sarah Twain. There’s a whole lot of teasing and domineering behavior done by Mistress La Mer. Rita Faltoyano joins the scene while the shackled Sarah Twain watches the Mistress fuck Rita with a strap-on. The dominatrix then has her way with Sara Twain and fucks her from behind while Rita licks Sarah’s tits. Things get stranger when the Mistress attaches a strap-on dildo on Sarah’s mouth. At one point, Mistress fucks Sarah while Sarah fucks Rita with the newly attached strap-on. The sapphic threesome continues in different configurations until Mistress Dominique La Mer has been satisfied.

The mistress has a toy for the two sex starved minions, Rita and Sarah. Sarah looks extremely hot with the naval fetish suit while Rita just looks passable. It doesn’t take too long before the guy gets used to his surroundings and starts sucking on Sarah’s tits. Soon, the ladies take turn sucking cock before they let him full access with all their holes. There’s a great deal of anal for both of the women. The scene ends with him pulling out of Rita’s ass to cum on her face! Sarah Twain provides some assistance by polishing his know. It’s a better scene than the first.

The next scene has Rita Faltoyano looking not herself with all the makeup and she actually looks better than usual. She enters the scene as one of the mistress’s star pupils and she soon dominates the two male sex slaves. After the domineering, the guy’s show her who’s boss with lots of hardcore fucking including a very high-paced double penetration. Soon, the scene ends with them cumming on her big, natural breasts! At the end of the scene, the guys shackle her to the pole and she’s pissed off! It’s hilarious watching Rita getting pissed off and yelling.

Bobbi Eden walks in with the mistress to the unsuspecting male sex slave. After some SM maneuvering, Bobbi has her mouth lip locked on his fuck stick. This is yet another scene that has loads of anal, but she doesn’t interest me in anyway although I do think she has an impressive skill set. In the end, she takes an adequate facial on her passable face.

The penultimate scene has Dominique La Mer providing assistance with the sapphic session between Sarah Twain and Bobbi Eden. The scene begins with very seductive eye contact between the two ladies before it erupts to a full-scale lesbian fuckfest. There’s heavy use of sexy toys and strap-ons. Even the Mistress takes her turn at ass-fucking Sarah Twain with a glass dildo until she cums with delight!

Christophe Mourthe saves the kinkiest scene for last! It stars a guy who’s dressed up in female red fetish gear complete with a wig and makeup while he’s being bossed around by Mistress and Bobbi Eden. Soon, Bobbi has complete control of him and sucks and fucks him while the domineering Mistress provides support. It gets ultra-kinky when Mistress Dominique, dressed up in her blue and white fetish gear takes him from behind and fucks his ass with a strap-on. I can safely say that this scene is not for the squeamish nor is it for the average porn viewer. In the end he jerks off onto Dominique’s boot.

In summary, Fetish De Luxe is not made for the average porn viewer at all. The themes suggest that this movie is made for a rather specific and targeted niche, especially taking into consideration the last scene. Despite that, there is some good anal by Sarah Twain and cast, but that may persuade you to buy the movie. This is a skip it!

RATING: Skip it

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