Adam & Eve’s Eden CyberGlass Snake of Paradise

Adam & Eve’s Eden CyberGlass Snake of Paradise

Vendor: Topco Sales,


Contributing Writer: Miss Vicky

This Adam & Eve branded ‘for her’ toy rang my bell numerous times! Unlike other designs, the Eden CyberGlass is 8.5 inches of curved goodness along with bumps for added pleasure. The curve design gets to places inside you easier than if it were straight. As the name suggests, the toy looks like a snake and it slithers like one too! 🙂

The toy comes with a nondescript copper-colored storage pouch when you want to hide the snake from peering eyes. If it weren’t for the colored spirals on the head of the snake, it could have fit in perfectly with my glass figurines! Anyway, let’s discuss the snake’s performance!

The end of the toy can be easily gripped by either your dominant or nondominant hand. Since it’s glass it’s cold to the touch, but it doesn’t remain that way when you use your saliva to make the front end nice and wet for the impending penetration. I recommend to use lots of saliva to make the session very very pleasurable. Once inside of you, you can feel the angle at which it goes inside of you as well as those pleasure bumps! It doesn’t take too long until you decide to increase the speed at which it goes inside of you! For us ethnic ladies that don’t have a big slit like caucasians, the CyberGlass Snake of Paradise is worth every penny!

Overall, I would say without a doubt that this is one of the better glass dildos on the market, especially for non-white women! It’s very easy to use with either hand and cleanup is a breeze! Don’t be surprised when you are so tired and relaxed after a session or two with this winner of a product!

Overall: 4/5

  1. Is it made of borosilicate glass or regular glass? Has it been annealed? These are important questions. Visit our FAQ to become more knowledgeable about sex glass.


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