Foaming Intimacy Lubricant, Cinnamon Flavor

Foaming Intimacy Lubricant, Cinnamon Flavor

Vendor: Topco Sales,

Also available in unscented and vanilla


This unique product should pique your significant other’s interest in more creative love-making sessions. The lubricant that’s packaged in a pressurized container looks like your average hair mousse container, but that suddenly changes with the squeeze of the dispenser as you smell the inviting scent of cinnamon! Since it’s dispensed in a foam consistency, it does feel that it’s delicate on the skin. Once applied to your special spot, the mousse gives a consistent quality of lubrication as you make you and your partner happy. You don’t have to delay your kinky tendencies by washing off the lubricant from your fingers since she will be all too happy to lick the delicious cinnamon flavor from them. Since this is a water-based and water-soluble product, you won’t have to worry about condom compatibility. 

The performance of the lubricant is adequate for a session, but I was hoping for it to be ‘heat activated.’ If you are going at it with your girlfriend for several minutes, you may feel the need to apply more. This is all good and dandy, but as you apply the foam with your fingers to your member, there is a slight tackiness or stickiness that develops after a few minutes, which would go against what it advertised as “soft to the touch without a sticky residue.” Well, I guess that’s a non-issue if your partner’s willing to lick it off your hands! 

Overall, I was really impressed with the product because of its adequate performance and its method of delivery as in a pressurized mousse container. It beats the hell out of the ordinary lubricant containers. Although the lubricant quality doesn’t have the same smooth consistency to the UK product Liquid Silk, it does the job.

If you are looking for a new personal lubricant product to liven up your love life, then Foaming Intimacy Lubricant is the way to go!

Overall: 4/5 

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