Adam & Eve’s Fingertip Massager

Adam & Eve’s Fingertip Massager

Vendor: Topco Sales,


Contributing Writer: Miss Vicky

This Adam & Eve branded ‘for her’ toy is useful albeit for short-term sessions meaning that it certainly does the job. One thing off the bat is that like most sex toys, it doesn’t come with instructions on how to remove and replace attachments. I don’t consider myself a novice when it comes to these toys, but I literally almost broke the attachment since I was trying to pull out the attachment instead of twisting it. Anyway, long story short there should always be instructions ALTHOUGH it does say on the back that the attachments “easily twist into place.” The device runs on 2 AG13 batteries, which are included and the box suggests that it vibrates “13,000 vibrations” per minute. I cannot vouch for the exact number of vibrations, but it’s safe to say, that I hit the high note a couple of times!

So, let’s start with what it comes with. It’s a fingertip massager that adjusts to fit your index finger through the use of a plastic purple strap that looks like it could be a strap on a child’s watch. There are five interchangeable attachments giving different sensations to your special instrument. The names of the five attachments are the following: tiny tinglers, dreamy dots, body button, rapture ring, and the default attachment on the spot. For me two of the attachments hit the right ‘note’ for me! 🙂 Cleaning the device was cinch as long as you mind the directions.

At first, I didn’t like the tiny tinglers, but once you get past the initial sensation, it didn’t take me too long until I was cumming. The box says it’s best with lubricant, but your own saliva will do the trick! For a less intense start, but with a satisfying end, I recommend the rapture ring for all intensive purposes. It’s a circle on the edge of the plastic attachment that just feels good throughout. Like I said earlier, you might have a different experience with the other attachments.

Overall, I think this is an adequate portable massager you can bring with you on the road. With that said, I would think twice from bringing this through airport security. This device, which comes with a velvet storage bag, is better if you are literally on the road and just traveling to places instead of flying. The oscillation is more than enough to get you off. BUT, nothing can beat my trusty antiquated panasonic massager!

I do have one concern regarding the use of the product. If you use the product for more than 10-15 minutes, your index finger might feel a little strange because of the rapid oscillations. The problem with this mini-massager is that the vibrations are limited to the joints of the finger so there is much more stress given locally. I only used it for a couple of minutes and my joint in my index finger felt a little funny. I don’t know fully if it’s because of the strap or the oscillations or both, but it is consideration.

Overall: 3/5


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