Brand New Faces 9

B. Skow is at it again with another fresh new volume of Brand New Faces. This time, he has some seriously cute ladies like Ashli Orion and company. You would be hard pressed to find a video starring newbies that is shot well in the candid gonzo style. Definitely, this should be on your short list if you like this genre!

Running Length: ~3 hours and 31 minutes

Starring: Cameron Love, Deena Daniels, Ashli Orion, and Dakota Lynn

The video is presented in widescreen and encoded in MPEG-2 at around 4 Mbps with the audio encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 kbps. Fleshtones are somewhat off, but looks better in Deena’s scene. Now, with regards to the sound quality, there are some moments during the interview segments where it’s hard what the lady is saying. Other than that, the audio during the actual sex is clear.

I have a major beef with the extras since it only comprises of four movie trailers. This is really disappointing as I would have expected the standard spiel like a photogallery and BTS.

Ashli Orion is a cute 20 yo brunette with a perky attitude to go along with her perky tits. She’s a welcomed change from the stereotypical silicone-enhanced blonde pornstar. Ashli exudes the ‘innocence’ that you would expect from a first-timer on video. She’s a bit pastery, but that shouldn’t be a problem and it’s always good that her teeth are great unlike some newbies in the business. While B. Skow interviews her she undresses and shows off her asymmetrical breast buds. I would have to say that maybe she would look better with 34B breasts, but no higher than that. At first, she looks innocent, but when I saw the tongue ring, that thought became further from the truth. Soon, she has a guy licking her barren pussy. She does a good job masking her anxiety as she gets all wet from the thorough cunnilingus. Ashli returns the favor with a decent blowjob while the camera pans to her ass as she moves up and down. The scene sure has that newbie atmosphere, especially when Ashli asks if she should keep blowing him. Her fellatio skills turn out better when she’s in the 69 position giving him some wet head. The main event starts with an energetic fucking in the missionary style where he has her squealing and bracing for dear life. The scene switches to several positions including the ubiquitous reverse cowgirl. It doesn’t take long for her to cum complete with water works. Meanwhile, the guy tries to take advantage of the situation with an attempted anal insertion, but Ashli guides his cock intot the right hole. After several different positions, he cums on her cute face and she starts to give post-coital head. This is a great opening scene from this cute rising star!

Cameron Love is a light brunette that has a different cute look to her than an Ashli Orion. She’s somewhat paler than Ashli, but she looks like a downgraded version of Lexi Belle. For such a newbie, her lack of firm breasts doesn’t match her age bracket meaning she was probably experienced beforehand. After the interview, her partner goes down on her bare pussy and sucks away. She’s more experienced at sucking cock since she knows how to use her tongue down the sides. It doesn’t take too long before he fucks her doggie style giving her the brunt of the deep and full thrusts. After fucking her in several different positions, he cums on her face and mouth, which she takes without any hassle.

Dakota Lynn has more junk in the trunk as well as love handles, but it’s all good if you like a slightly medium built woman. She has average features, but I will admit she has penetrating eyes as well as a nice rack. The setup is the same with the interview, but a vibrator enters the scene to get her all relaxed for the heavy pounding to follow by Tommy Gunn. Before that, he samples her shaved pussy before having Dakota return the favor. She doesn’t seem to have the same intensity level in terms of being vocal, but that all changes when she has dick inside her. By scene’s end, her chest and face is covered with jizz!

Last up is the 21 yo Deena Daniels who really has that fresh newbie look to her. She doesn’t have the same cuteness factor as Ashli Orion, but she’s okay looking even with her long bangs covering up her high forehead. She kinda looks like the brunette from The Wonder Years. Her teeth are a little fucked up, but it doesn’t matter since she has a nice B rack and just enough junk in the trunk on her tiny figure! B. Skow has her walking back and forth so we get to see her nice figure and for you footish fans he gets a shot of her french pedicured nails. After the niceties, she has her rug pleasured before she reciprocates with a great blowjob. This lady has good skills at worshipping cock and it’s enhanced when she looks directly at the camera. It only gets better when she’s in the 69 position. Soon, she take his cock in several different positions! Deena has a nice body built for sex and it shows when she takes him in in the doggie position. He lets her taste his cock before continuing to fuck her in several positions. Soon, she’s all spent, but she gathers her energy for some more speed-fucking including a standing fuck. By scene’s end, she has several cum streaks on her face. This was by far the best scene on the video only rivaled by Ashli’s.

In summary, Brand New Faces 9 has a good cast as compared to earlier volumes and my money’s on Ashli Orion with Deena Daniels as the darkhorse in terms of succeeding early in their careers. These two ladies definitely have the skill set, so to speak, to do well if they want to and it doesn’t hurt them to have perky personalities. Despite having a lackluster special features section, you cannot go wrong with the main feature if you want to see new up and coming ladies! This squeaks by with a recommended rating.

RATING: Recommended

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