Cum for Cover 2

Cum For Cover 2 has a few great individual scenes like Alien’s and Black Angelica’s. However, there were some blown scenes, no pun intended, such as Baby Silver’s and Nikki Ryder’s. Chris Rolie definitely has the skills and equipment to capture the finest hardcore quality in the world and it shows in this release. I just hope in future releases that the scenes are more consistent overall.

Running Length: ~2 hours and 50 minutes

Starring: Alien, Lisa Sparkle, Antynia Larouge, Regina Moon, Baby Silver, and Nikki Ryder

The movie is presented in anamorphic widescreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 with a bitrate range of 4-5 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 kbps. Visually speaking, the fleshtones are accurate without any noticeable pixelation. Colors are vibrant and overall the picture quality is excellent. Furthermore, the sound posed no problems as I could hear all the sounds in crystal clear fashion.

The extras include an average photogallery and an extra 28 minute full scene starring Black Angelica. This foxy 18 yo Romanian is hot wearing her pink plaid two piece. She looks innocent, but soon that thought disappears  when she puts four of her digits simultaneously in her mouth. We get a nice view of her tanned body as she frolics on the couch. Soon, she’s on her back accommodating the throatfucking session. Then, they get more rough with her with some slapping when she’s on the other couch. She takes aggressive throatfucking in stride without complaining. Before the cum salvos, she’s the center of a circle jerk and displays her Grade A+ deepthroating. Finally, it ends with four monster loads on her pretty face. This is an excellent but I wished that she showed more personality during the cumshot sequence since she just had a bland expression. This scene should have been included in the main feature, but it was directed by a female instead of Chris Rolie.

First up is Alien a sexy 20 yo Hungarian brunette that’s easy on the eyes, but unfortunately, she has been under the knife with those awful breast implants. She’s definitely a looker who shows off her fellatio skills when the guys queue up to have their pipes cleaned. However, the throatfucking begins when she’s on her and they take turns giving her mouth a real work out. Soon, her heavy mascara is coming unfurled. She’s on her belly and the guys take turns fucking her mouth before they surround her in a circle jerk fashion. Soon, her beautiful face becomes a cum target! After 5 monster loads on her face, the cum starts to drip off her chin giving a stringy consistency. If you are into bukkakes, then you have hit pay dirt with the first scene.

Next scene stars Lisa Sparkle in a slutty version of a plaid skirt and top that is hiding her nice rack. This Hungarian has a harsher look than Alien and it doesn’t help that she pronounced teeth. After stripping down to her birthday suit, she’s surrounded by four cocks. She has no problem taking their cocks in her mouth for some aggressive throatfucking. Earlier in the scene, the men are more interactive with her even lapping her pussy up! She takes more throatfucking when her head is arched back and taking it from above. More aggressive throatfucking continues until they dump 5 gooey loads on her face. The ending isn’t good as Alien’s who still looks smoking hot even with all the jizz on her face.

The third mixes thing up with bleached blonde Romanian Antynia Larouge who’s wearing a red top and blue underwear with white stars covering some parts. She looks a little out of place and probably she could be misidentified as a dumb blonde from Texas. It starts out like the other scenes with her stripping down to nothing and giving us a tease. She thoughtfully plays with her huge and natural rack before she’s surrounded by four cocks to suck. At first she seems to be more timid than the prior ladies, but that soon disappears when she’s being throatfucked from above in the supine position. She didn’t do nearly a nice job as Alien, but in the end one thing’s for sure in that she takes four loads on her face. By scene’s end she has a sticky string of cum on her left side of the chin. 

Regina Moon is a 21 yo Hungarian brunette with delightful eyes, but a relatively small mouth as compared to her other features. She’s wearing a yellow tube top until she brings it down to reveal her perky tits. After the tease session, she’s ready to service four cocks with her mouth. Regina Moon looks kinda freaky with her mascara and eyeliner in some moments of the scene. If you were concerned that her small mouth couldn’t take a pounding, these thoughts should be erased when she’s on her back. In the end, she takes four loads on her face. I question the product placement as they have a Roberto Cavalli chair that they used in the scene. It was a decent scene, but definitely not my favorite. 

Things take a turn for the worst with flat-faced Hungarian Baby Silver who borders on the jailbait look. The whole lame pink top and matching skirt doesn’t really help her situation. The only thing she has going for her are her perfect breasts. Anyway, she does a decent job with the regular blowjob and a good job with the turbo throatfucking! The guys are a little crazy in this one since some of the guys are wearing her clothes while throatfucking her really hard. There’s some slapping of the face involved for both sexes. By scene’s end her average-face is pasted by five fellas, but it definitely is not the same scale as the cum trainwreck from scene one. I applaud that Baby Silver is a trooper, but the scene is overly excessive on the aggression. 

Nikki Ryder is a hard-faced brunette that’s been in a number of Private features, but this time she takes on five guys. Nikki has a hot smokin’ body complete with a nice firm ass for a white girl, but unfortunately she has some really bad implants complete with scarring. Anyway, she’s wearing a fetish corset top and stripper boots as she crawls toward the camera. The blowjob scene evolves from being a 2 man session to a full-blown 5 guy circle jerk. Although they throatfuck her, they don’t seem to be as rough as they were with Baby Silver. It still seems that they really haven’t pushed her oral limits. Unfortunately, there aren’t the lingering shots showing her reacting to her face being coated with cum as the other scenes. Instead, the scene abruptly fades into black.

In summary, Cum For Cover 2 is definitely not for everyone since some will be turned off by the aggressive throatfucking that’s lightly reminiscent of the Gag Factor series where women have actually blown chunks from the extreme throatfucking. Although not as bad as Gag Factor, it may just turn people off. However, if you are a fan of blowbang videos with hot European ladies for the most part, then Cum For Cover 2 is to your liking. The dealbreaker for me was Alien’s and Black Angelica’s scene, which put this movie just over the threshold of a recommended rating.

RATING: Recommended 

For a detailed scene breakdown, click here!

  1. November 10th, 2008

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